Toyota 4Runner 2024 Release Date: When Is It Coming?

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Toyota 4Runner 2024 Release Date: When Is It Coming? – Before we go any further into the upcoming iteration of the 4Runner, let’s take a step back and examine the other new models that Toyota will be releasing within the next few months. The completely redesigned 2022 Toyota Tundra is now available for purchase. The new Tundra hybrid will be available for purchase very soon. Later on, in 2018, consumers will be able to purchase the all-new hybrid version of the 2023 Toyota Sequoia. Both of them make use of the brand-new platform and methodology offered by TNGA-F, which is frame-based.

Toyota 4Runner 2024 Design
Toyota 4Runner 2024 Design

Everything that we have heard so far, both officially and unofficially, points to the fact that the next-generation Toyota Tacoma and the 4Runner will both use this same platform, although on a scale that is more appropriate for “midsize” vehicles.

It would seem that the next-generation Toyota Tacoma will be the next model to hit the market, potentially in the year 2023. Take a look at the Tacoma prototypes that we found in the wild not too long ago. (the video is below). Because of this, the next-generation 4Runner will likely get a makeover following the introduction of the new Tacoma. In other words, the completely redesigned model of the Toyota 4Runner is most certainly going to be released in 2024.


Both the ubiquitous 2023 Prius “Hybrid Reborn,” which begins out at a considerably better MSRP of $27,450, and the new launches of Toyota, such as the 2023 Crown crossover sedan, are interesting vehicles that should be monitored. The 2023 Crown crossover sedan has a starting price of $39,950 and comes standard with a hybrid drivetrain.

Also, let us not forget about any of the typical suspects, such as the Corolla family, the best-selling Tacoma truck, or the innovative Sequoia SUV, which is geared toward families. In reference to the latter, the Tundra sibling may even be capable of producing progeny. Unfortunately, this only holds true in the fictitious world of digital automotive content providers; in the actual world, it does not apply at all.

To make a long story short, let’s start from the very beginning of everything. Therefore, according to the journal – and we can nearly guarantee our lunch-break pocket money that it is relying on loads of Toyota rumor mill whispers – the Japanese automobile manufacturer should wait until 2023 to finally provide us with the replacement of the much-loved SUV. This is the opinion held by the publication.

2024 Toyota 4Runner Interior
2024 Toyota 4Runner Interior

The closed version of the Toyota Hilux and Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks began its existence as a small sport utility vehicle (SUV) during its first and second generations (1983 and 1995, respectively), but it transitioned to the higher-end of the mid-size class for its third, fourth, and fifth generations (N180, N210, and N280), respectively. (2009).

It is possible to swiftly observe that Toyota has not been fast to launch a brand-new model of the 4Runner for a considerable amount of time. Now, envisioned for the 2024 model year, the sixth iteration retains the tough aesthetics of the existing model and only changes the design lines to seem like a smaller Tundra or Sequoia. This is not a departure from the look of the present model at all. Unfortunately, when it comes to propulsion, the engine that is housed under the hood is not of the unique 3.4-liter V35A-FTS twin-turbo kind that is seen in hybrid V6 engines.

Instead, it maintains its electrified credentials, and while 437 horsepower would be a touch excessive in comparison to its primary competitors, the Jeep Wrangler and the Ford Bronco, the unofficial 2024 Toyota 4Runner instead steals the spirit of the oblivious 2023 Crown. From there, it conceals a more compact 2.4-liter T24A-FTS turbo inline-four that is capable of producing 236 hybrid horsepower and is connected to an all-wheel drive system by means of an E-CVT box.

Toyota 4Runner 2024
Toyota 4Runner 2024

Release Date

Toyota 4Runner 2024 Release Date: We anticipate that the new 2024 4Runner will make its public debut in the year 2023, and it is quite possible that it will be constructed on the TNGA-F truck platform. This is the same kind of framework that will be used in the remodeled 2022 Tundra and the 2023 Sequoia.