2025 Kia K3: What We Know So Far

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2025 Kia K3: What We Know So Far Kia revealed a compact car that appears like it could be a successor to the smaller Rio. Its name, however, is K3, we think it could replace the compact Forte, which is available by Kia in Korea as the K3 label.

2025 Kia K3 Concept
2025 Kia K3 Concept

Although we do not yet know if the K3 model will soon be available in the U.S., we do have confirmation that the K3 will be manufactured in Mexico within the same facility that is currently producing the Rio Forte and the Rio Forte. Kia has already registered a trademark application for the K3 designation within the U.S. The name change will align this entry-level model to the name of the bigger K5 mid-sized sedan.

The K3 incorporates several design cues from Kia’s modern design elements, including LED accent lights that run beneath the headlights like the EV9 electric SUV. It also offers a contemporary dashboard featuring a large gauge, as well as infotainment screens. The steering wheel has been adapted from the EV6 and the interior has interesting designs on the dashboard and door panel trim.


In the same way that Kia is moving ahead by launching their EV9 three-row SUV as well as an entirely new Sportage, as well as its award-winning Telluride It’s not difficult to allow the smaller products of the company to go unnoticed. Kia’s Canadian site shows that there’s a 2023 Rio hatchback as well as Forte and Forte5 sedans as well as a hatchback. The announcement that Kia is building the new K3 small-sized sedan. Maybe Kia will combine these three vehicles into a single one.

In Korea, The K3 is Kia’s compact model and some have suggested the K3 could make it onto North American roads, now also having brand consistency as a vehicle. This is a fascinating proposition in particular due to the fact that the K3 is being manufactured in Mexico within the exact factory that produces the Rio Forte and the Rio Forte. Are you looking for more information to digest? Kia’s registered a trademark to the “K3 name” within the U.S., and with the K5 car already in the market and the K5 sedan already here, they’ll keep the naming pattern consistent.

The engine is standard, a 1.6-litre inline four-cylinder that has 120 horsepower. This is the Rio’s standard U.S. engine. A GT Line trim will see an increase in power through the 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder that has 150 horsepower. We are of the opinion that the 2.0-liter engine will be the preferred alternative in this model. U.S.-market K3.

Making use of the existing design style, the K3 features angled LEDs, the two-panel infotainment unit has an electronic instrument cluster configuration as well as a steering wheel that’s taken from the EV6 as well as other parts as well as pieces that can be found in modern Kias. It’s odd that it’s been relegated to an SUV over a sedan in light of the fact that sedan sales aren’t seeing the same growth as any vehicle with a liftback crossover, or hatchback SUV shapes has seen in recent years.

2025 Kia K3 Interior
2025 Kia K3 Interior

The K3 will be available in showrooms from September 2023 and December 2023 in certain markets. This could indicate if and when it makes its way to North America – that it may be within North America as soon as the beginning of 2024. The point is that consolidating extras is usually a good decision. In the case of Kia, this should help free resources that will allow Kia to keep up EV improvement across all its products.

Kia Rio and the Kia Forte as well as the Kia Rio were Kia’s only compact cars in the US since they debuted in mid-2000. In the present, Kia has released a smaller sedan that is aimed at Mexico known as K3. However, as Kia revamps and rebrands its US line-up, will the K3 be a replacement for all of Kia’s existing small vehicles?

When it comes to size In terms of sizing, the K3 fits perfectly between the smaller Rio as well as the more compact Forte. It measures 178.9 inches in length (4,545 millimeters) which makes it more spacious than it’s predecessor, the Rio (172.6 inches) but slightly smaller than the small Forte (182.7 inches). It’s also got 19.2 cubic feet (544 liters) in comparison with its Rio automobile’s 13.4 and Forte’s 15.3 cubes.

If the newly released 2025 Kia K3 looks familiar, this is because it shares many features on the exterior with the bigger K5. The headlights that are framed by Kia’s iconic Tiger Nose grille are familiar with the full-width taillight bar at the rear. Similar to the larger K5 (even somewhat similar to the EV6) The compact K3 features a “fastback-style” silhouette.

The interior also is in keeping with all of the Kia collection. The K3 is a combination of a 4.2-inch touchscreen for the instrument cluster along with a 10.3-inch screen under one piece of glass which extends across the front of the car towards the center console. In addition, it comes with Wireless Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto is standard.

As we said, the brand Kia K3 has been announced as the brand’s new Kia K3 debuted in Mexico in the country where it is expected to be manufactured. There are a number of questions regarding the compact car including whether it’s going to be available in the US in the form of a Forte replacement.

However, considering the fact that Kia has sold the new Forte under the name of K3 in other markets than the US as well as the recent change in the Optima/K5 brand it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see this car come to America using the same brand model. Kia will release further information within the next few months.


Kia states that the base powertrain will include a 1.6-liter inline four with 121 horsepower and is currently Rio’s default engine within the U.S. In addition, the GT Line model will have an engine with 150 horsepower 2.0-liter inline-four engine, while a 1.4-liter engine is available in some market segments. We believe that the 2.0-liter engine is the best option for K3 in the U.S.-market market.

2025 Kia K3 Review
2025 Kia K3 Review

Release Date

It’s not clear if there will be a U.S.-specific date, however, we believe we’ll be hearing more information regarding the K3 shortly. Kia claims that the car will be available in certain markets during the fourth quarter of the year. This suggests it may be within the U.S. as soon as the model year 2025.