2025 Kia Cerato: What We Know So Far

2025 Kia Cerato: What We Know So FarThe 2025 model that will be the next generation of Kia Cerato has been spied on taking a test for the very first time in sedan style ahead of an anticipated Australian debut by the middle of this year. Images posted on Naver on the South Korean Naver forum show a highly-detailed model of the first Cerato in 5 years. It is what is believed to be a ‘liftback’ or sedan body design.

2025 Kia Cerato Design
2025 Kia Cerato Design


There are only a few angles of the vehicle, as well as it’s completely disguised but it does appear to have inherited elements from Kia’s EV5 mid-size, and larger EV9 electric SUVs and the forthcoming revamp of the Kia Picanto city-oriented hatch.

The headlights, which are set vertically and stacked look like that of EV9 and Picanto as they look like they are connected to the front through a strip of trim that covers the front grille.

The taillights are shaped in an L that is similar to those of the latest Kia Seltos small SUV, as well as a unique back window pillar that is located where the back of the window on the side meets the body horizontally.

The “CL4” marking on the tire represents the codename used for the new-generation Cerato and confirms the identity of this model.

It’s unclear what the Cerato shown in these photos is a sedan or “liftback” that is similar to the Audi A5 or Kia Stinger. The traditional style of hatchback is available within the current Kia Cerato range – is not yet taken.

2025 Kia Cerato Interior
2025 Kia Cerato Interior

According to reports, the 2025 Kia Cerato is undergoing a revamp. Kia Cerato is set to debut sometime in the next year. This will be ahead of Australian arrivals at the end of the year. The design is Based on documents that are publicly available and published by a Kia manufacturer supplier.

Kia is committed to the class of small cars that is petrol despite the fact that Cerato sales have fallen by 62 percent in comparison to a similar period in 2022 due to shortages of stocks – as well as 31 percent for the overall small-car class (excluding luxurious models).

The question of whether ‘the next Cerato is actually called Cerato remains in debate. reports suggest Kia is looking to unite the worldwide identity of its small vehicle.

Presently, it is the Cerato brand is being used to describe the Cerato brand in Australia, New Zealand, Russia as well as South America – but Kia’s country of South Korea knows it as the K3 while within the vast North American market it has been sporting the Forte badge.

The subtly updated model of the Cerato is available across the UK as the Ceed which is available with the five-door wagon and hatch as well as the more jacked-up XCeed as well and the more athletic ProCeed which was previously the two-door sedan that is popular in Australia, and now offered as a “shooting brake” similar to a wagon version of the 5 door hatch, which is a tapered version sold in Australia in the UK as it is known as the Cerato hatch.

2025 Kia Cerato
2025 Kia Cerato

However, like Toyota has done when it eliminated the European-style Auris label in favor of Corolla as well as when Hyundai unification of its i30 as well as the Elantra badges (albeit just in Australia at the moment) The expectation is that Cerato’s successor will bring globally brand alignment.

The exact name remains unknown beyond Kia however it is probable that the enormous North American market to have greater than a small influence over the choice.