2025 Jeep Grand Cherokee L: What We Know So Far

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2025 Jeep Grand Cherokee L: What We Know So Far – Next-gen Jeep Cherokee SUVs will be bigger, according to reports. But don’t look for it anytime soon. Morrison confirmed that Jeep would not unveil the new sixth-generation model to replace the current Cherokee launched in 2013.

2025 Jeep Grand Cherokee L
2025 Jeep Grand Cherokee L


Jeep has just released the price and specifications for its Grand Cherokee 4xe Plug-in Hybrid mid-size SUV unibody for Australia. Because they only sell the top-of-the-line Summit Reserve 4xe, the price is higher than the US MSRP.

It was expected since the Grand Cherokee plug-in hybrid SUV costs $60,360 at home. Bringing one of these luxury SUVs home will also be expensive.

Jeep has a very interesting approach, particularly since the Grand Cherokee line is now in a completely different market than it was a few short years ago. The 707-horsepower Trackhawk was the king of high-performance SUVs back then. Now, even the Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat has more power and signals the end to the Hemi V8 age with its family-oriented, seven-seat layout. The fifth-generation Grand Cherokee is also available as a bigger L version.

What could come next? 2025 Jeep Grand Cherokee L, for families, Grand Cherokee 4-xe-PHEVs, for eco-conscious customers – and what else is in the pipeline? If we’re not sure about the future of the car industry, then the creative minds behind digital content are probably more prepared to provide an answer.

As per his tradition, the author does not provide any details about the hypothetical designs he has created. Therefore, We must extract the hints we need from the rendered images in the embedded video. This looks just like any presentation for a mid-life refresh. The 2025 Jeep Grand Cherokee will be a bit boxier. It’s a beautiful portrayal of an upcoming digital facelift, but everyone needs to take it with salt until Stellantis confirms the news.

If we look closely, the grille with the seven slats is fake and the air that’s needed to power the engine only comes from the bottom. The rear also does not show any exhaust system, leading us to believe the designer either forgot to tell us that this was a hybrid facelift and full-EV model or that it is just a way to test if people are paying attention. Should we worry about a Grand Cherokee that is fully electric?

2025 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Interior
2025 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Interior


Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer were the largest Jeeps in history, but they have already grown bigger thanks to new L-versions with long wheelbases. These models introduced a turbocharged I-6 to replace the V-8s used in shorter versions. The 4xe Plug-in Hybrid Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer will be released soon. They are likely to use that same 6-cylinder engine. The fully-electric model will be available by 2025.

The biggest Jeeps are also among the lowest fuel-economy models in the line, but their timing coincides with inflation concerns and rising gas prices. This is an unintentional marketing point for the electric future model. The electrified Grand Wagoneer, which was already in development before the flurry of news broke in 2018, was first teased in 2021 at a big “EV Day”, an event organized by Stellantis for its parent company. Jeep CEO said the EV would only be available in the Grand Wagoneer version, and not on the less upscale “regular” Wagoneer. This makes sense, given that the EV is expected to cost more.

Grand Wagoneer EV looks similar to gas-powered models but has special details, such as what seems to be a closed-off grille and sportier bumper styling.

These styling changes are a way to differentiate between the Grand Wagoneer electric and the gasoline versions. They could also be an indication that the Grand Wagoneer will not be exactly a Grand Wagoneer under the hood. It’s unlikely that Jeep would rework the Ram frame to accommodate batteries and a different powertrain. Instead, the STLA Frame architecture will likely be used. This will also be the same STLA Frame as the Ram 1500 EV.

The jeep could keep the Grand Wagoneer top hat intact by mounting it on the electric frame. Or, it could change it more substantially, perhaps in a sportier direction. The details of battery size, power output, and other factors are not yet clear, but the Grand Wagoneer has plenty of room for batteries.

2025 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Release Date
2025 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Release Date

Release Date

The exact release date and price of the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2025 have yet to be revealed, but it’s expected to arrive before 2024.