2024 VW Tiguan: What Are the Updates For the Tiguan 2024

2024 VW Tiguan: What Are the Updates For the Tiguan 2024 – Although Volkswagen gave its best-selling small SUV, the Tiguan, a facelift for the 2022 model year, a more significant redesign of the Tiguan is planned for the 2024 model year. This year, Volkswagen will show an all-new third-generation edition of the high-rise family car that was initially introduced in 2007 and is currently the brand’s most popular vehicle. The last update was only a facelift, but this year VW will unveil an all-new model.

2024 VW Tiguan
2024 VW Tiguan


The existing car’s angular exterior and pronounced horizontal lines will be replaced with a softer, more curvy style in the next generation of the Tiguan, as seen by these photographs. The SUV gives the impression of being larger and more luxurious than it really is because of the flared fenders located both in front of and behind the vehicle, much like its larger Touareg sibling. We can also bet that the tape measure will demonstrate that the appearance of being larger than usual is not the result of an optical illusion.

The regular five-seat Tiguan will have a wheelbase that is somewhat longer than the present car’s 105.6 inches (2,681 millimeters), which will allow for slightly more room inside the vehicle. However, this most likely won’t be enough to sate the appetites of consumers in the United States who are interested in purchasing the Tiguan with the longer wheelbase (109.9 inches or 2,791 millimeters), which is known as the Tiguan Allspace in other countries and comes with the option of a third row of seating. Another two-tier lineup looks to be the most probable outcome unless Volkswagen can achieve some kind of packing miracle or significantly lengthen the basic model.

What we are able to state with absolute confidence is that the front grille and the rear bumper will not appear at all like what you are led to imagine they would look like based on these photographs. This prototype uses a crafty tape disguise to imitate the design of the grille and bumper on the current Tiguan, but we have it on good authority that the actual grille will be significantly narrower, giving the face an appearance that is comparable to that of the Golf Mk8, and the lower bumper will include more painted surfaces.

The cabin will also finally catch up with other Volkswagen vehicles and contain a tablet touchscreen as well as a separate digital instrument cluster. However, the standalone tablet will be larger and more square-shaped than the one that is now installed on the ID.4, and ID. Buzz. However, if you wish to be able to use electric power, you will still need to choose an ID model. The Volkswagen Tiguan will continue to offer the same recognizable combination of gasoline, diesel, and hybrid powertrains, and consumers should still have the option to choose front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive gearboxes.

2024 VW Tiguan Interior
2024 VW Tiguan Interior


The cheaper, more compact, and less powerful Volkswagen Taos is the model most closely connected to the 2024 VW Tiguan. The inside maintains the same understated and uncluttered design as the exterior, with front-wheel-drive models featuring more compact third-row seating options. Under the hood is a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four engine that generates 184 horsepower and works in harmony with the 8-speed automatic gearbox. The Volkswagen Tiguan is designed to have a compliant and smooth ride; but, the R-Line models, which have bigger wheels, may have a more tense feel. However, with combined fuel economy estimates of either 25 or 26 mpg, this compact crossover is towards the bottom of its class in terms of efficiency.

On the positive side, the inside of the Tiguan is rather roomy, and it has excellent sitting in the second row as well as a huge cargo space. Its straightforward dashboard has an easy-to-use entertainment system that comes standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and wireless capability may be added as an option. The Tiguan has been awarded the Top Safety Pick+ grade from the IIHS, in addition to having a comprehensive list of crash-avoidance systems that come standard.


Every 2024 VW Tiguan is equipped with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that generates 184 horsepower. Front-wheel drive comes standard, but all-wheel drive in the form of Volkswagen’s 4Motion technology may be purchased as an option. This sport utility vehicle has a refined and willing engine as well as a well-coordinated automatic gearbox, and it’s a lot of fun to drive. It is not very quick, but it makes up for its lack of speed with a firm ride, snappy handling, and sensitive steering, much like the majority of the vehicles in its class. There is a hint of sportiness about this that makes me think of Volkswagen’s well-respected GTI hot hatchback.

The action of the brake pedal in the Volkswagen Tiguan is mushy, especially in comparison to the hard and progressive pedals seen in other members of the Volkswagen family tree. The Volkswagen Tiguan’s acceleration from zero to sixty miles per hour took 9.1 seconds at our testing facility. However, when driven on public roads, the Volkswagen Tiguan does not seem nearly as sluggish as its test results would suggest. It has sufficient low-end oomph to make it feel peppy in urban environments. It’s possible that the only moment you’ll wish the Volkswagen Tiguan had a little bit more power is when you’re merging onto the highway.

According to the estimations provided by the EPA, the model with front-wheel drive will be the most fuel-efficient, with ratings of up to 24 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway. When equipped with all-wheel drive, fuel economy reduces to 22 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the interstate. The highest-end SEL R-Line comes with ratings that are 1 mpg less in both categories than those of the base model. This article will be updated with the findings of our highway fuel economy test at 75 miles per hour once we get the opportunity to evaluate the Tiguan.

2024 VW Tiguan Design
2024 VW Tiguan Design

Cost and Time of Publication

When it was first introduced in 2023, the Tiguan range had a starting price of around $28,000 or approximately $30,000 with an all-wheel drive. There is a good chance that prices will go up in 2024.

Most people should be satisfied with the basic trim; however, families are likely to like the easy-to-clean synthetic leather upholstery that is available on the SE model, which comes standard with all-wheel drive and costs around $33,000 in 2023. This also involves the incorporation of wireless smartphone connectivity and automated temperature control for two zones.

Volkswagen is currently working on Tiguan’s third-generation model, which is scheduled to be released in the latter half of 2024. And if appearances are any indication, the sport utility vehicle is getting very near to the point when it will be manufactured.