2024 VW Tiguan SEL R-Line: Reviews, Specs & Price

2024 VW Tiguan SEL R-Line: Reviews, Specs & Price – It is not difficult to see why the 2024 Volkswagen Tiguan is the company’s best-selling vehicle. The Volkswagen Tiguan fulfills a market need by catering to the American preference for large automobiles while still offering competitive pricing. In terms of design, it is not obnoxious but also not very adventurous. There is also an accessible third row, which is rather spacious, and every important piece of technology is either included as standard or is available as an option. Even while we’d rather be riding about in a GTI — utility be damned — there’s no doubt that the Tiguan is the correct match for a lot of different lifestyles. The Tiguan hits all the right buttons for consumers looking for a crossover here in the United States.

2024 VW Tiguan SEL R-Line Redesign
2024 VW Tiguan SEL R-Line Redesign

Despite this, we do not suggest the Tiguan as one of the best compact SUVs on the market today. The top vehicles in this category feature higher-quality interiors, more interior volume, and improved fuel economy, and some of them are also more interesting to look at or drive. The Tiguan is outclassed by a number of other hybrid SUVs, including the Honda CR-V Hybrid, the Mazda CX-50 Hybrid, the Hyundai Tucson Hybrid, and the Kia Sportage Hybrid. The Tiguan is in a tough position since there are even other Volkswagen SUVs that we would choose to purchase before shelling out the cash for this one.

The Taos is a nice surprise of an SUV, and despite the fact that it is closer to a “mid-compact” crossover, it is still astonishingly spacious and family-friendly in space (provided you don’t require a third row). The Taos is a pleasant surprise. To go even farther outside the box, there is an electric vehicle called the ID.4 that drives much better than a Tiguan and, as expected, does not use any fuel. Naturally, you would need to be comfortable making the switch to an electric vehicle (EV) and accepting the higher initial purchase price in comparison to a Tiguan.


Because Volkswagen performed a significant mid-cycle redesign on the Tiguan in 2023, modifications for 2024 are expected to be minor. The SE R-Line Black versions have been updated with new wheels measuring 19 inches, and the USB-C connectors have been enhanced to provide quicker charging rates. Other than that, nothing else has changed.

The cabin is done up in a traditional fashion, but the brand-new digital instrument panel that was introduced last year makes things more interesting for the driver. Everything is straightforward to use and simple to locate. The quality of the materials used in the Tiguan’s interior may vary somewhat depending on the configuration that you choose for the vehicle; nonetheless, you should be prepared to encounter some harsh plastics. Because of the low window sills and dashboard, as well as the tall roof, the driving position in a classically formed crossover is elevated, and vision is exceptional. This is the case even if the roof is rather low.

The Digital Cockpit is a digital instrument panel that comes standard on all Tiguans. However, the size of the display varies depending on the trim level and may be upgraded to 10 inches. When compared to the conventional HVAC settings that come standard in the S trim, the optional climate interface called “Climatronic Touch” with slider controls seems like a significant boost. Additionally, touch controls are included on the steering wheel of the highest trim level. We got used to them very quickly, and unlike the conventional buttons present on the S, using them is not a chore. This is in large part due to the haptic feedback that is provided by the buttons. The entry-level trims are equipped with a color touchscreen measuring 6.5 inches (shown on the left in the image below), while the SEL Premium R-Line receives an 8-inch infotainment system that includes a proximity sensor and voice control (shown on the right in the image below). In spite of the fact that these systems don’t have very eye-catching designs, using them is a breeze, especially in comparison to the frustrating controls that are included in VW’s ID.4.

2024 VW Tiguan SEL R-Line Interior
2024 VW Tiguan SEL R-Line Interior

Although the Volkswagen Tiguan is classified as a “compact” crossover, it is much larger than the majority of its rivals on the market today. It is very well suited for families, however the Honda CR-V, Nissan Rogue, Kia Sportage, and Hyundai Tucson all provide more space in the rear seats and the cargo area than this model does, while the Toyota RAV4 is on par with it. The ability to slide the rear seats in the Tiguan is one of the model’s selling points. This feature allows parents to move their children closer to them in the front seats (which is convenient for wiping noses) or to increase the amount of space available for cargo.

The Volkswagen Tiguan has even another strength up its sleeve, and that is the fact that it offers a standard third-row seat on all of its front-wheel-drive variants. It is not available as a choice for models with all-wheel drive anymore. Only the Mitsubishi Outlander and the somewhat bigger Kia Sorento provide three rows of seating in this general-size class. This is despite the fact that the third row is mainly designed for youngsters and is meant for rare usage. Take note that there is less room for goods when the third row of seats (shown below right) is in use.

The 4Motion models have a nervous feeling about jumping off the line. After a brief period of inactivity on your part, you are rewarded with the sensation of an immediate surge of torque when the Tiguan starts up. It is not very speedy, but it is also not extremely sluggish, and we do not really see a need for extra power in the majority of locations. In point of fact, the base turbocharged engine is more powerful and nimble than the majority of the standard powertrains in this class, the majority of which are normally aspirated (no turbo) and/or are burdened with a continuously variable gearbox. The turbocharged four-cylinder is more eager to propel the wheels of the front-drive models, but the S trim that we drove (above) did not have the same level of traction as the all-wheel-drive 2024 VW Tiguan SEL R-Line thanks to its stickier Pirelli tires. This leads to tire spin, and the subsequent involvement of traction control, which seems to delay the launch of the vehicle to the same extent as when the SEL R-Line is equipped with 4Motion.

Once you get going, driving the Tiguan isn’t as dull as its market class may lead you to believe. Surprisingly light-footed while traveling on roads with more challenging terrain. Although it has a mild steering feel with a numbness in the center that is typical of most Volkswagens, it is not completely devoid of delight when driven over a length of the pleasant pavement. The ride is a little bit on the plush side, which helps to smooth out some of the more severe humps along the road, but it doesn’t inhibit the Tiguan’s capacity for some light frolicking at all.

2024 VW Tiguan SEL R-Line
2024 VW Tiguan SEL R-Line


There is just one engine choice available, and it is a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four that produces 184 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque. That power is sent via an automatic gearbox with eight gears to either the front wheels or the 4Motion all-wheel-drive system, both of which are standard on all of the model levels. Even though there aren’t any shift paddles on the steering wheel, you may still choose your ratios manually by switching the gear lever to the manual mode.

When compared to the previous model year, the statistics for the vehicle’s fuel efficiency are around 1 mpg better. The S model with front-wheel drive achieves a city fuel economy of 24 miles per gallon, a highway fuel economy of 31 mpg, and a combined fuel economy of 27 mpg, while the other trims get somewhat lower fuel economies of 23/30/26 mpg. Both the S 4Motion and the SE 4Motion get a mileage rating of 22/29/25 miles per gallon. The R-Line 4Motion variant achieves poorer fuel economy, with 21/28/24 mpg respectively. These are lower than the results you would achieve with the basic engines of several of our rivals, some of which offer hybrids that are even more fuel efficient.

Cost and Time of Publication

At some point near the end of 2023, the new Volkswagen Tiguan should have its formal debut in front of the public. The final vehicle is anticipated to be on sale sometime in the early years of 2024. In terms of pricing, it is virtually guaranteed that it will be more expensive than the current model of the Tiguan. Starting price for this vehicle is £29,910.