2024 VW Tiguan Reviews, Specs & Interior

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2024 VW Tiguan Reviews, Specs & Interior – In spite of this, the mid-size crossover that is being developed by the Wolfsburg brand has been seen again, and the prototype seems to be exactly the same as the one that was seen a few weeks ago. The wheels and the location of the camouflage on the front and back ends, which are both intended to make it seem that it is the same as its predecessor, are identical.

2024 VW Tiguan
2024 VW Tiguan


The candidate was seen in Scandinavia carrying out its duties despite the freezing temperatures, and it is already shaping up to be a strong contender. Because the carmaker does not want to meddle with a successful formula, you should not anticipate any significant changes to the vehicle’s exterior style. The same holds true for the interior, which, according to earlier reports, will have an updated infotainment system in the form of a tablet that will be positioned in the center of the dashboard. This system will be used to handle the majority of the vehicle’s features, including the climate control system and, on higher grades, seat heating, and ventilation.

As in the past, it will come with a variety of gasoline engines, some of which will be partly electric, as well as a variety of transmission choices, including front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. A plug-in hybrid, or even two of them, should be a member of the powertrain family, and you shouldn’t act too startled if you see at least one diesel in Europe since new vehicle purchasers in that region still find oil burners to be rather popular. Because it would cut into sales of other models in the ID family, Volkswagen has no plans to introduce a zero-emissions version of the ID, so you shouldn’t get your hopes up about it happening anytime soon. Those who are looking for an all-electric crossover with the VW logo on it will have to make do with the ID.4.

There is a good likelihood that Volkswagen will release the all-new Tiguan in the United States as a 2024 model year automobile when the vehicle is ultimately brought there. When compared to its predecessor, it should become somewhat more expensive because of all of the new features, which include the design both on the inside and the outside, the extra technological elements, and potentially more active and passive safety gear.

The latter model is also the one that comes with the most standard features and options, including leather upholstery, front seats that are heated and ventilated, premium audio with a subwoofer, 20-inch alloy wheels with all-season tires, a light bar that is incorporated into the grille, and an electronically operated tailgate. Even the cheapest model comes standard with heated front seats, a digital cockpit with an 8-inch display, LED headlights with a dusk-sensing function, LED taillights, keyless entry with push-button start, second-row air vents, three rows of seating, and a wide variety of safety features.

2024 VW Tiguan Interior
2024 VW Tiguan Interior


The Tiguan’s cabin is designed in a manner that is characteristically Volkswagen, that is to say, it is simple and purposeful but without any sense of flair. The Tiguan is one of the few cars in its class that may be purchased with space for seven passengers, although others in the class provide additional legroom in the second row of seats. The Tiguan’s front seats may be adjusted electrically to a certain degree, and the basic seating material is fabric.

If you choose the more costly models, you may get features like a panoramic sunroof, upholstery that looks like leather, and complete power adjustments for the driver. Due to the fact that there are only 12 cubic feet of cargo space behind the third row when it is accessible, the Tiguan cannot be used as a carrying vehicle when all three rows are occupied. The cargo measurements of the Volkswagen Tiguan, with the third row folded down, place it about in the center of its class when it comes to raw space. Even with all of the seats folding down, we were only able to fit 19 of our carry-on boxes inside the Tiguan. This is less than we were able to put inside of important competitors such as the Honda CR-V.

The infotainment system offered by Volkswagen has a sophisticated appearance but is challenging to use due to the presence of touch-sensitive buttons incorporated into a huge glass panel. Wi-Fi hotspots are common, and the system is equipped as standard with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This is good news for drivers who would rather use the interface that is already known to them on their smartphones rather than Volkswagen’s system. Only the top trims provide audiophiles the opportunity to purchase a Fender sound system with nine speakers and 480 watts of power. Every model comes included with either an 8.0- or 10.3-inch digital gauge display that can be reprogrammed to show a wide range of information in a number of formats.


According to the estimations provided by the EPA, the model with front-wheel drive will be the most fuel-efficient, with ratings of up to 24 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway. When equipped with all-wheel drive, fuel economy reduces to 22 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the interstate. The highest-end SEL R-Line comes with ratings that are 1 mpg less in both categories than those of the base model. This article will be updated with the findings of our highway fuel economy test at 75 miles per hour once we get the opportunity to evaluate the Tiguan.

Every 2024 VW Tiguan is equipped with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that generates 184 horsepower. Front-wheel drive comes standard, while all-wheel drive in the form of Volkswagen’s 4Motion technology may be purchased as an option. This sport utility vehicle has a refined and willing engine as well as a well-coordinated automatic gearbox, and it’s a lot of fun to drive. It is not very quick, but it makes up for its lack of speed with a firm ride, snappy handling, and sensitive steering, much like the majority of the vehicles in its class. There is a hint of sportiness about this that makes me think of Volkswagen’s well-respected GTI hot hatchback.

The action of the brake pedal in the Volkswagen Tiguan is mushy, especially in comparison to the hard and progressive pedals seen in other members of the Volkswagen family tree. The Volkswagen Tiguan’s acceleration from zero to sixty miles per hour took 9.1 seconds at our testing facility. However, when driven on public roads, the Volkswagen Tiguan does not seem nearly as sluggish as its test results would suggest. It has sufficient low-end oomph to make it feel peppy in urban environments. It’s possible that the only moment you’ll wish the Volkswagen Tiguan had a little bit more power is when you’re merging onto the highway.

2024 VW Tiguan Changes
2024 VW Tiguan Changes


The current generation of the Tiguan is available in our market with the S trim level, the SE trim level, the SE R-Line Black trim level, and the SEL R-Line trim level. The MSRPs for these trim levels are as follows: $26,950, $30,580, $33,310, and $37,680 respectively.