2024 VW Jetta Changes, Interior, & Release Date

2024 VW Jetta Changes, Interior, & Release Date – The Volkswagen Jetta 2024 isn’t exactly what we’d call best-in-class, but it does have several attributes that make it one that should still be taken into consideration as an option. It boasts a very low beginning price, great fuel economy, a zippy engine, loads of room, and outstanding refinement, but the most attractive feature is probably its cheap starting price.

2024 VW Jetta Changes
2024 VW Jetta Changes

The cabin is boring, and the driving experience is designed with comfort rather than excitement in mind, both of which prevent us from including it among our favorites. But this refinement may be tempting to many consumers, and if you want some of that pleasure back, it provides an uncommon choice these days: a six-speed manual gearbox. This is something you won’t find on many modern vehicles.

The GLI trim level of the Jetta is the only one of its variants that offers any true sense of excitement. It has an engine that is noticeably more powerful, in addition to almost every comfort and convenience option that is currently on the market. It is put together to the point that it is almost as excellent as the GTI, but it does not have the frustrating infotainment system that the GTI has. Someone who desires the exhilaration of a Honda Civic Si or a Subaru WRX, but with a more grown-up style and better refinement than they provide, would be well-served to consider this vehicle as an alternative.


When fitted with an automatic gearbox, the standard Jetta is a sleek and economical commuting vehicle, although one that lacks inspiration. The little but torquey turbo engine is smooth and quiet, with only a trace of grumbling audibly when the accelerator pedal is held down. It does take the engine time to respond to adjustments to the throttle (as many Volkswagens do), but once it does, it is simple to maneuver and does not need you to wind it out. In addition, given how quickly the power is depleted, there is not a whole lot of use in giving it full throttle. And then there’s the fantastic efficiency when it comes to gas mileage.

The automatic transmission, which has eight speeds in all, is the choice that the vast majority of consumers will choose. It is not extraordinarily speedy, but it is smooth, and at a time when many of Jetta’s rivals have gone to buzzier CVTs (Civic, Corolla, Impreza, Elantra, etc.), it is really very welcome and lends to Jetta’s refined nature.

Now, if you choose a manual, not only will you save some money ($790), but you will really be receiving a great deal more enjoyment out of the experience. The six-speed transmission provides solid gate finding despite its fairly lengthy throws. The clutch has a pleasant feel and is quite lightweight; it is an excellent option for beginners. The Jetta is really a fairly exciting car to drive because of the additional control and engagement provided by the snappy engine. And considering that it comes with a brake-based limited-slip differential system that is adapted from the GLI, it is not a terrible choice for a performance fanatic who is on a restricted budget. However, it is unfortunate that the manual transmission is not available on higher model levels.

The ride quality and handling of the Volkswagen Jetta are geared more toward comfort than enjoyment. The tuning is not as mushy as it was when this version of the Jetta was first released; as a result, the car does not have the same unsettling feeling of bottoming out. Despite having a torsion beam in the back, it has a more composed feel over bumps and can even turn rather well.

The inside is quite quiet, with the exception of the thumps that the tires make as they pass over bigger pavement pockmarks. Because of this, the handling is also much better than it was in the past. The steering is a little on the sluggish side, but it does provide a touch of feedback and a respectable amount of heaviness. The Mazda3 and the Honda Civic both have handling that is noticeably lighter and more engaging, but they are not nearly as comfortable for extended trips and daily commutes. The Jetta has a very pleasant and well-balanced personality.

2024 VW Jetta Redesign
2024 VW Jetta Redesign


The Volkswagen Jetta and the Volkswagen GLI both received mid-cycle updates for the 2023 model year. Therefore, very nothing will have changed by the year 2024. The only change that is particularly noteworthy is the inclusion of a remote start for the SE trim level.

The cabin of the Jetta is designed in the traditional Volkswagen fashion. It is created to a cost, has a professional appearance, is straightforward, and is easy to use. The inside of the Jetta lacks the flair and luxury of the Mazda3, as well as the allure of the Civic’s design, but other than that, there is virtually nothing that could be considered offensive. It does not have the inside of the new GTI, which is something that we see as a positive. The GLI has enhanced upholstery, body-hugging sports seats, and a sport steering wheel, all of which contribute to the vehicle’s noticeably improved level of comfort.

The basic model comes with a touchscreen display that has size of 6.5 inches. Although this is a very tiny size, it is comparable to other base models of sedans. The upgrade to an 8-inch screen adds a significant amount of capability, although neither one is particularly difficult to operate. Touch haptic controls are really rather simple to use, and the usual wireless Apple CarPlay is incorporated quite well (wireless Android Auto is also featured). The addition of a physical volume knob is one of our favorite features, and the rest of the controls are simple and well-organized.

2024 VW Jetta Interior
2024 VW Jetta Interior


The GLI, which comes right above it, also has its very own information and entertainment system. It’s a touchscreen measuring 10 inches, but it works exactly the same as the screen measuring 8 inches that comes standard on the Jetta. The 2018 Jetta GLI comes standard with Volkswagen’s touch-controlled haptic steering wheel, the same one that can be found in the new GTI and Golf R models. The ordinary Jetta wheel is much easier to get used to than this one, despite the fact that this one is quite pleasant to use.

In addition, the GLI has several red interior details, which are shown in the image to the right. There is just one color available, which is black leather, and the red highlights go on into the perforations. Aside from that, the interior is almost identical to that of the Jetta SEL; the only differences are the addition of stainless steel pedals and lighted side sills.

On the exterior, the Jetta seems to be a “compact” vehicle, but on the interior, it is among the most spacious models. The Jetta is a wonderful alternative for families on a smaller budget (or simply those who genuinely don’t need even more space from increasingly larger midsize vehicles) due to a large amount of legroom available in the back seats as well as the simplicity with which rear-facing child seats can be installed. Its trunk has a volume of 14.1 cubic feet and is both broad and deep. However, it is not nearly as large as the trunks found in the Kia Forte or the Honda Civic. On paper, the rear room of the Jetta is comparable to that of Honda’s small sedan and hatchback, but Jetta’s seat is placed higher, so you’ll probably be more comfortable in the Volkswagen.


A turbocharged inline-four-cylinder engine of 1.5 liters is standard equipment for the 2023 Volkswagen Jetta. It has 158 horsepower, which is about average for the category, but the torque of 184 pound-feet that it puts to the front wheels is somewhat higher. The S and Sport trim levels both come equipped with a manual gearbox that has six speeds as standard. On all other vehicles, an eight-speed automatic transmission comes as standard. It is estimated that the manual transmission will get 29 miles per gallon in the city, 43 miles per gallon on the highway, and 34 miles per gallon overall. When you upgrade to the SE or SEL trim, you will see a decrease in fuel economy to 29/40/33 mpg from the basic automatic’s rating of 31/41/35 mpg.

The Jetta GLI takes things to a whole new level with a turbocharged inline-four engine that has a capacity of 2.0 liters and generates 228 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. It may be combined with either a manual gearbox with six speeds or Volkswagen’s DSG dual-clutch transmission with seven speeds. In addition to it, an electrically locking front differential has been included. The manual achieves an impressive 30 mpg combined fuel efficiency, with city ratings of 26 mpg, highway ratings of 37 mpg, and a combined rating of 30 mpg. On the interstate, the automatic transmission results in a lower mileage average of 36 mpg.

Release Date and Price

The 2024 VW Jetta is scheduled to be introduced in the autumn of 2023, and its base price is anticipated to be somewhere about $22,000.