2024 VW Atlas Peak Edition: Price & Specs

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2024 VW Atlas Peak Edition: Price & Specs – Volkswagen will be offering a new aesthetic option for its Atlas seven-passenger midsize SUV that will give the impression that the vehicle is capable of taking risks behind the wheel. Bear in mind, though, that the car-based Atlas is still the basis for the 2024 VW Atlas Peak Edition, which debuted at the New York Auto Show wrapped in body armor to give it a more rugged, overland appearance.

New 2024 VW Atlas Peak Edition
New 2024 VW Atlas Peak Edition

The raised Basecamp Concept that was shown in 2019 served as an inspiration for the new trim. In order to keep your expectations realistic, we need to let you know that the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas Basecamp we tested did not perform very well. In an effort to put the SUV‘s robust modifications to the test, they had to have it pulled out of an area of the off-road course that was not very difficult. To be clear, the Basecamp was not an actual trim level of the Atlas; rather, it was an off-road-focused accessories package that included elements like false skid plates and was originally shown on the idea at the 2019 New York car show. It was technically similar to the rest of the Atlas range, and the additions actually reduced the departure angle, which is the space beneath the rear bumper that allows you to safely scramble off of steep inclines without dragging the tail.

The fact that the Basecamp is the Atlas Peak Edition’s spiritual ancestor makes for an unpromising beginning for the Atlas Peak Edition. In the same vein as the last play, this one is mostly about aesthetics, but with improved all-terrain tires. According to the Director of Product Marketing Serban Boldea, the Peak Edition is a more coherent getup with changes both inside and out than the Basecamp, which was a dealer-installed option for the model years 2021-2023.

Beginning in the summer of this year, Volkswagen will promote and sell the Peak Edition as a “trim,” but in reality, it will be an option package that may be added to two other trim levels. Details will be provided at a later time, but you can anticipate that the package will only be made available on the most popular trims and not on the R-Line, which is the most expensive option.

And if it ends out being successful, the Volkswagen Taos, which is a more compact model, may be next in line to receive the Peak Edition treatment.

2024 VW Atlas Peak Edition Interior
2024 VW Atlas Peak Edition Interior


The Peak Edition is differentiated from the rest of the Atlas family by having a more rugged front fascia and silver underbody cladding than the other models in the family. You may remember the gloss black “X” pattern that runs across the lower fascia from the Atlas Sport, which seats five passengers; nevertheless, this design is exclusive to the three-row, non-Sport version of the Atlas Peak Edition, which seats just four.

The Peak Edition has some blacked-out details and, yes, it comes with its own badging, which is a black badge on the front quarter panel that features an orange and chrome Peak Edition logo. This badge is perhaps the most eye-catching part of the package. In addition to that, it has black-painted aluminum wheels that are 18 inches in diameter and 255/60 all-terrain tires (whereas the Basecamp only had 17s). Black and silver are used for the side sills, and the motif of blacking out is carried over to the mirror caps, wheel arches, roof rails, and the area surrounding the windows. You probably guessed correctly that the strip on the tailgate is black, and the Peak Edition has a diffuser that is black and silver with chrome exhaust bezels.

Black leatherette lines the inside, although there are elements of gray and orange stitching throughout. The dashboard and the door both have a design that looks like a black metallic checkerboard, and the Peak Edition emblem is seen once again, this time on the steering wheel. The 30-color ambient lighting has a backlit dashboard design that features the words “Peak Edition.”

Boldea explains that Volkswagen intended to give the Atlas series a style that was more rugged and adventurous. VW saw the growing interest in off-road competitions and made the decision to enter the market.

The team looked at more aggressive methods to make it off-road ready, but they did not want to sacrifice the on-road experience by making the suspension more rigid or increasing tire noise since the vast majority of consumers would only drive on paved roads. Therefore, Volkswagen decided to go with a cosmetic package that included new tires, wheels, and an all-wheel drive system as standard equipment.

After first being launched for the 2017 model year, the Atlas range will have its four- and six-cylinder engines replaced with a single new turbocharged four-cylinder engine for the 2024 model year. This engine will create 269 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque, and it will be intended to deliver faster acceleration while increasing fuel efficiency.

According to Boldea, the 2024 series answers customer desires for a more luxurious interior by providing finer materials and more displays than previous models. The new electrical architecture makes it feasible to offer Volkswagen’s IQ Drive as standard equipment, which may assist in avoiding crashes with vehicles traveling in the opposite direction.

The Atlas Peak Edition is powered by the same 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four engine that is used to power the rest of the Atlas series. An eight-speed automatic gearbox is used to transmit this engine’s 269 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque to the vehicle. Volkswagen is adding all-wheel drive a standard feature on all Peak Edition versions, with the intention of providing the Atlas Peak Edition with further assistance off-road.

2024 VW Atlas Peak Edition
2024 VW Atlas Peak Edition


Volkswagen has said that the new models would begin arriving in showrooms during the summer of this year, although the prices have not yet been established. Because of the all-wheel-drive system, it is expected that this Peak Edition will have a price that is comparable to that of the Atlas SEL, which has a base price of $46,630 for the 2023 model year. Nevertheless, given that 2024 models are going to be released, it is virtually certain that the price will go up.