2024 VW Atlas Colors: Exterior and Interior Colors

2024 VW Atlas Colors: Exterior and Interior Colors – Three-row SUVs, such as the Volkswagen Atlas, provide a response to the requirements of families of all sizes by providing room, comfort, and towing capacity without the nerdy power-sliding doors that are typical of minivans. The seven-passenger capacity of the Atlas makes it an ideal vehicle for the comfortable transportation of adults, thanks in large part to the generous third-row space. When the second and third-row seats are pulled down, the Atlas’s interior becomes much larger, transforming it into a practical instrument for transporting freight. The engine is a turbocharged inline-four producing 269 horsepower and is attached to an eight-speed automated transmission. Drivetrains with front-wheel drive are standard, however, the all-wheel drive may be purchased as an upgrade.

New 2024 VW Atlas
New 2024 VW Atlas


In 2024, Volkswagen will refresh the look of the Atlas while also adding an extensive list of brand-new features as standard equipment. The most noticeable change is the redesigned appearance of the Atlas. For model levels higher than SE, a redesigned front fascia along with new headlights is on the way. All of the models in the range, including the R-Line vehicles with their 21-inch wheels, have been updated with new wheel designs.

Instead of offering the Atlas with the 276-horsepower V-6 that was formerly an option, Volkswagen now only provides it with the 269-horsepower turbocharged inline-four powerplant. Despite the fact that the powertrains are different, the maximum amount of weight that can be towed does not change; it is still 5000 pounds, and the vehicle comes standard with an eight-speed gearbox and front-wheel drive. There is still the option of all-wheel drive. In the cabin, the redesigned Atlas has a heap of new, more expensive trim tossed into its otherwise plastic basket. This upgrade is for the driver’s seat.

Volkswagen will also make a heated steering wheel and ventilated front seats standard equipment beginning in the year 2024. In addition, there is a brand-new infotainment screen that measures 12.0 inches, which is a significant improvement over the old device, which was 8.0 inches. VW has also included the Atlas Peak Edition aesthetic package, which comes in two distinct paint colors (Avocado Green and Pure Gray) and gives the vehicle an overall more rugged and outdoorsy appearance.

To further enhance the performance of the Atlas SE with Technology, we suggest upgrading to 4Motion all-wheel drive. This grants the ability to start the vehicle remotely and adds USB charging connections for the third row. In addition to that, we would recommend the second-row captain’s seats and the tow hitch, which enables the Atlas to pull up to 5,000 pounds at its full capacity.

2024 VW Atlas Interior
2024 VW Atlas Interior


Even when compared to its very practical contemporaries, the Volkswagen Atlas stands out as a particularly sensible option because of its interior’s accommodating arrangement for families, its uncomplicated control layout, and its plethora of cupholders. In addition, it is a considerable advantage to have a third row of seats that are roomy enough to accommodate people of full size.

The Atlas has a straightforward and functional interior design that is ideal for families but less appealing to fashionistas, despite the fact that there has been a discernible increase in the quality of the cabin materials for 2024. The Atlas should be able to handle almost everything a suburban family might throw at it, and there are lots of storage recesses that have been cleverly designed to stow away smaller goods. The Volkswagen Atlas wowed us during our baggage tests by having the ability to put four carry-on bags behind the third row and 38 behind the first, which is the same amount of space as the gigantic Honda Pilot.

The Volkswagen Atlas arrives well-connected and ready to entertain irrespective of the trim level that you choose. Standard equipment includes a 12.0-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system that is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a sound system with six speakers, a wireless charging pad for mobile devices, and six USB-C connections with 45 watts of charging capacity each. Regrettably, it does not come with the volume and tuning knobs that would have made working the radio system simpler.

2024 VW Atlas Changes
2024 VW Atlas Changes


Now, each and every Atlas is equipped with the same engine, which is a turbocharged four-cylinder producing 269 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque. It is combined with an automatic gearbox that has eight speeds and either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Since we have not yet had the opportunity to test drive an Atlas equipped with this new engine, we are unable to comment on whether or not it imparts a livelier driving experience than the old turbo-four did in the large SUV. When we finally get behind the wheel, we will update this article to include our observations as well as the test results obtained from our rigorous testing process.

Because of our prior experiences with the Atlas, we are certain that it will continue to react attentively to steering inputs and will never have a clunky feel to it. On the highway, it should keep its composure, and in the city, it should be moderately agile, with a ride that is typically smooth over most potholes but rough over the worst of them. We have our doubts that the Atlas will be as much pleasure to drive as the aged but still agile Mazda CX-9 since there are no evident improvements being made to the chassis for 2024.

Every single Volkswagen Atlas has the ability to pull a maximum of 5000 pounds. That is on par with the quality of a Toyota 4Runner or a Subaru Ascent.

We will keep this section up to date with any new information on the EPA rating that has been assigned to the updated Atlas as soon as it becomes available. As part of our exhaustive testing process, after we have experienced the new powertrain, we will also acquire statistics on the fuel economy obtained from a real-world route traveling at 75 miles per hour. Visit the website of the EPA for more details on the Atlas’s efficiency in terms of fuel use. 2024 VW Atlas Colors

Exterior Colors

  • Dep Black Pearl
  • Platinum Gray Metallic
  • Pure White
  • Pyrite Silver Metallic
  • Tourmaline Blue Metallic
  • Aurora Red Metallic

Interior Colors

  • Mauro Brown
  • Shetland Beige
  • Titan Black