2024 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE: Specs, Price & Release Date

2024 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE: Specs, Price & Release Date -The Toyota Camry is a staple in the market for midsize sedans, which in recent years has seen a decline in sales and new entrants due to the increasing popularity of SUVs throughout the globe. Despite the fact that the market has evolved over the last twenty years, the Camry has maintained its position as the model with the highest number of units sold among passenger vehicles to remain at the top of the sales lists. It has a reputation for dependability that has been well-earned, and it provides a hybridized version that achieves remarkable results in terms of fuel efficiency. The latest version of the Camry is on the verge of becoming attractive, particularly when optioned with the Nightshade package — which adds bronze wheels for 2024 — or the sporty-looking TRD trim level.

2024 Toyota Camry Hybrid
2024 Toyota Camry Hybrid


In 2024, the optional Nightshade package for the SE trim adds a black headlamp and taillight trim to match the black front grille, rear spoiler, mirror caps, and badges. Additionally, the Nightshade package also includes black badges. Additionally, the Nightshade receives matte bronze 19-inch wheels, which, strangely, do not make it appear out of place when mounted on the vehicle. You have the option of including the box in Midnight Black, White, or a brand new color called Reservoir Blue. Additional driver-assistance technology is being added to the remainder of the Camry series. This new technology includes automatic high beams and a forward-facing camera that can scan certain traffic signs and present them on a digital display.

We believe the 2024 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE is the model that most accurately depicts what the Camry is greatest at, which is acting as an easy-going family sedan that offers comforts that are virtually on par with those found in a Lexus. When driven carefully, it achieves a good ratio of power to fuel consumption. It has a comfortable ride, responsive steering, and an attractive, large, and well-appointed inside that comes standard with leather.

2024 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE Interior
2024 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE Interior


Both the high-end XLE and the more basic SE versions of the Camry have been put through their paces by our team. Both the LE and the XLE provide plenty of space and comfort, but the XLE takes things to a whole new level. However, there is a significant difference in the quality of the materials used in the entry-level models and the more costly variants. In addition, the design of the center portion of the dashboard was uninspiring, which caused several of us to be unimpressed.

The Camry is a spacious sedan, and when the back seats are folded down, there is plenty of cargo room and internal storage space available in both the trunk and the cabin of the vehicle. Even while it does not excel in all aspects of storage, it is nevertheless quite competitive in the market as a whole. As a result of moving the battery from the trunk to the area behind the rear seats in the Camry hybrid, Toyota eliminated the need for hybrid owners to make a compromise between carrying capacity and increased mileage.

The Entune 3.0 touchscreen infotainment system from Toyota is standard equipment across the board for the Camry series. Additionally, an upgraded version of this system is offered as an option. In our evaluations, Entune reacted well to the user inputs that were provided, and its compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto was a standard feature. Entune is packed full of features.


The base four-cylinder engine is mated to a slick eight-speed automatic transmission, but the car’s acceleration stats are less than impressive. The standard powertrain in the Camry is not much more fun to drive than the hybrid version, which is powered by a variant of that engine with fewer horsepower working in conjunction with a battery and two electric motors. The silky 301-horsepower V-6 that is available on the XLE and XSE variants as well as the TRD variation is the actual diamond of this range. It is available on all three trims.

We are also pleased to report that we have overcome our loathing of driving the Camry. It boasts a smooth and well-controlled ride, as well as handling that is surprisingly responsive. When you are turning corners, the steering has a nice weight to it and feels robust, but when you are navigating parking lots, it seems light. Even in the hybrid, in which it must combine friction braking with regenerative braking (in which the energy from braking is used to replenish the hybrid’s battery pack), we found the brake pedal of the Camry to be sensitive and not overly soft.

The whole array of Camrys fared quite well in the tests conducted by the EPA, and a model with four cylinders performed exceptionally well in the tests simulating driving on real-world highways that we conducted. The LE and SE models with the four-cylinder engine are the most fuel-efficient non-hybrid versions of the Camry; they received EPA estimates of 28 mpg in the city and 39 mpg on the interstate. In comparison, the basic LE hybrid got ratings of 51 mpg in the city and 53 mpg on the highway.

However, vehicles powered by the V-6 get ratings of 22 mpg in the city and up to 33 mpg on the highway, while the highest trims of the hybrid make certain efficiency concessions in order to provide a higher level of luxury. Our highway test with a four-cylinder Camry SE yielded 45 mpg, which is 6 mpg better than the EPA figure for that model. This makes the Camry the least expensive non-hybrid vehicle that we have ever evaluated. Even by one mile per gallon more than the Camry XLE hybrid that we examined, it was superior.

2024 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE Release Date
2024 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE Release Date

Release Date and Price

This summer marks the debut of the next-generation 2024 Toyota Camry. It is anticipated that the process of placing orders for the vehicle will begin in the month of May, and manufacturing is scheduled to begin on July 1st. The manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRPs) for the 2024 Camry might wind up being more than those of the present model if the redesign is more comprehensive. Prices for the Toyota Camry now vary anywhere from $27,040 to $37,465 when you factor in the destination.