2024 Tesla Model 3: Release Date, Price & Performance

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2024 Tesla Model 3: Release Date, Price & PerformanceTesla’s Model 3 is getting a first-time update since it was introduced in 2017. The Model 3 has only seen its prices rise in the past few years, and the new update called “Highland”, aims to lower production costs without compromising on the features that buyers want. Tesla faces a much larger competition this time, including Hyundai’s Ioniq 6, and BMW i4 models. It will need to improve to remain competitive.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Changes
2024 Tesla Model 3 Changes


Tesla’s minimalist and simplified carmaking approach is reflected in the changes that will be made to the Model 3. We find so many parts which aren’t needed. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said at a November 2022 conference that the parts were placed there by accident or just to be safe. The approach would eliminate redundancies that are important, and hopefully, the savings will trickle down to consumers, not only the shareholders.

The Model 3 is also expected to incorporate the same updates as the Model S and Model Y update in 2021. All options are on the table: a high-performance Plaid version, an irritating yoke wheel, a longer range, upgrades to infotainment, interior improvements, etc. Expect slight visual tweaks, too.

Model 3’s refreshed version will undoubtedly offer Tesla’s Autopilot suite, which is inconsistent and referred to incorrectly as Autopilot. It may not deliver on its promises but “full self-driving” is still useful if monitored correctly. In the event of a collision, the Model 3 2024 will still retain the IIHS Top Safety Pick+ rating, provided it passes the new side tests that will be added to the TSP criteria in 2023.

Model 3’s original touchscreen was a large 15.0-inch screen-oriented landscape. Tesla could use the same hardware in its 2024 model, or it could fit the Model S’ and Model X’s 17.0-inch displays. Also, we’re crossing our fingers that the Model 3 gets the AMD chipset found in the Teslas with the higher price tag. This could allow console-level games to be played on your vehicle. Tesla won’t have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. You’ll need to use the Tesla-specific interface.

Tesla Model 3: The Gateway Drug. It’s the most affordable and accessible way to access the tech of the Tesla brand. Since its launch in 2017, the Tesla Model 3 has been a huge success, spurring competition and helping to make EVs more mainstream. What’s next for the Tesla Model 3 in 2024? Quite a lot, possibly. You could do nothing. Tesla is a world that you will love.

Tesla’s 3 has been updated over time, with improvements to its performance, range, and features. The general appearance and feel of this car haven’t really changed much since it was first introduced. Tesla is rumored to be reshaping the Model 3 for 2024 and adding other features.

It’s hard to say how much the Model 3 will change. Model 3 has a similar look to other Teslas, such as the Model S. It looks almost exactly like it did in its debut more than 10 years ago. Tesla is unlikely to change the iconic look of this car.

Tesla could introduce new battery technology or make structural modifications. Tesla’s 4680 battery cell technology, which is currently slated to be used in the Model Y and costs less, could debut. Tesla may pass on the savings made by this battery technology. Other possibilities include more power or range.

Tesla is Tesla and we won’t be expecting Apple CarPlay or Android Auto smartphone connectivity. Tesla is known for its fierce protection of proprietary information and refusal to share any data with Apple or Google. Tesla should make its in-house user interface easier to navigate, more intuitive, and capable of using more smartphone features. In 2024 it could also be able to offer its automated full self-driving capability.

Tesla has been doing their best to hide the new Model 3 as much as possible. But last week a picture of the vehicle codenamed “Project Highland” surfaced on the internet, sparking a lot of discussion.

Others felt the car lacked personality, but others thought it modernized it to make it fit with the other models. The photo which was circulated widely online consisted of little more than the front bumper.

Overall, it’s a really nice car. It looks sharper, and the new DRLs make it look more modern. The headlights are slimmer and have a DRL. The Model 3 isn’t getting a facelift, and some cars can have a life cycle of that many years.

The headlights are also positioned lower, which helps to reduce the visual height of the front, giving it a sportier, sleeker look. The bumper with its long horizontal lines and the lower intake help create this effect.

Sugar Chow did not render the interior of the vehicle — specifically the dashboard. The original image leaked by the company showed a small hump on the dashboard, which suggests that the Model 3 will finally get a gauge cluster.

We don’t know what Tesla will do with the rear end of the vehicle, but we hope to find out very soon. The new Model 3 is expected to enter production in September, with a Model Y that’s been updated the following year.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Interior
2024 Tesla Model 3 Interior


There won’t be any major changes made to the Model 3 in 2023 unless Tesla makes a significant change in its direction within the next few weeks. The new model is likely to offer specs and range that are very similar to those of the current Model 3, including:

  • The EV Range is between 272 (Base Range) and 358 (Long Range).
  • All-wheel-drive (Long-range/Performance or rear-wheel-drive (Base).
  • In as little as 3 seconds, you can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph.
  • Panorama glass roof
  • Heater for the front and back seats
  • Heated steering wheel
  • The 15-inch touchscreen system is a great way to keep up with the latest technology.
  • Fully loaded Tesla Model 3 includes features such as a premium 13-speaker sound system, carbon fiber rear spoiler and more.

The Tesla Model 3’s interior is unlike anything else on the road today. The interior is incredibly simple, and nearly all functions are controlled via the large touchscreen at the center of the dashboard. The steering wheel buttons control the side mirrors, the direction of the steering, and other things. We wish they were more conventional.

Tesla has a low and flat floor that creates a feeling of spaciousness. Although the front seats offer a lot of support and comfort, they are low in height and cramped. Adults will not be comfortable sitting for long periods. The 60/40 split folding rear seats are easy to fold and increase the size of the trunk. Seatbacks on the Model 3 fold down flat as well, allowing for a large cargo area. The Model 3 can accommodate 15 carry-on bags with the back seats folded. The cabin is also equipped with generously-sized cubbies and bins.

The Model 3 comes with navigation, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity, but oddly not SiriusXM or AM satellite radio. Standard is several internet streaming radios. Also, it cannot be fitted with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. The Model 3’s central screen offers a variety of entertainment features to make waiting at charging stations more enjoyable. These include Netflix, YouTube, and an array of arcade games.

2024 Tesla Model 3
2024 Tesla Model 3


Tesla has not yet announced whether it will maintain the current Model 3 lineup, which includes a single-motor RWD base variant and dual-motor performance, or Long Range AWD models. It would be great to see the Model 3 Performance replaced or refreshed. We have recorded it reaching 60 mph within 3.1 seconds. The Model 3 Performance is one of the most impressive electric sports sedans available today, though it’s not as luxurious as the BMW i4 M50. Tesla will have to compete with the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 6.

Model 3 was previously available in two different battery sizes: 54-kWh for the single-motor base model and 82-kWh for Model 3 Performance and long range. It wouldn’t surprise us if the Model 3’s smaller battery option was dropped to streamline production. However, we would prefer to keep it around so that the Model 3 can continue to be more affordable.

Tesla is sure to aim for an improvement in the current Model 3 range. Tesla’s pre-2024 models already had a longer range (272-358 mi) than the other competitors in the segment. However, Hyundai is offering a maximum of 340 miles with the Ioniq 6.

Release Date

The 2024 Tesla Model 3 is expected to debut in winter 2023. However, buyers won’t receive their electric luxury cars for several months.