2024 Subaru Legacy, It’s in Queue to Get a Redesign

Since the official announcement release of the 2023 Legacy, Subaru seems to be planning a 2024 Subaru Legacy soon. It is still uncertain whether the 2024 version will get a production share in the future.

Of course, it is not wrong to say the 2024 Subaru Legacy will be the most capable sedan in its class. However, some tweaks have to be introduced to it. The same supercharged V8 engine will likely still be used. It seems Subaru will rely on contemporary design changes to its exterior and interior to match the impressive 2024 Legacy performance indicators. 2024 Legacy will be more than enough to compete with competitors from other automakers, such as the AMG C63 Mercedes and M3 BMW.

New 2024 Subaru Legacy

What We May Expect

Well, you also need to know this mid-size sedan relies on top speed and a smooth engine. Both of these confirm the 2024 Subaru Legacy is one of the most powerful sports cars to be used on the streets of neighboring cities. To distinguish it from the 2023 model year, Subaru has to upgrade or change a lot. We can anticipate some of these things from Subaru, such as changing the chassis to make it more challenging, redesigning the exterior and interior to make it fresher, and using up-to-date support system features.

The news circulating says all production models have been recorded in the Subaru portfolio. That way, we can at least start guessing or anticipating what 2024 Legacy will be like. There are rumors this sedan will only be presented in one option for the sporty trim level. We certainly expect a smarter, more original design to produce the ultimate car.

A dual-disc clutch could also become standard in the 2024 Subaru Legacy. This system will make the torque slightly depressed to increase the pedal tread. Improvements in average performance may be realized with additional support or feature modifications. However, the trim level that Subaru will carry in the 2024 model is also still unclear. If we look at the 2023 trim level variant, it looks like Subaru will still use the six variants. There are trim level base, Sport, Premium, Limited, Limited XT, and Touring XT.

V8 seems to still be accompanying the 2024 Legacy. The 6.2-liter V8 engine that will produce around 668 HP makes this mid-size sedan look quite capable to compete in its class, especially if the machine is getting an upgrade. Rumor has it the engine, which has been upgraded, can accelerate Legacy 2024 from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 to 4 seconds.

New 2024 Subaru Legacy

The Exterior Design to Match Its Competitor

2024 Legacy must get quite a noticeable change in appearance to be different from the 2023 version, which until now has not been officially released on the market. The first way that Subaru can do this is to add a sophisticated impression by giving a more robust body outline. Secondly, Subaru may be able to make the 2024 Legacy lighter and wider than its competitors.

The Interior Part will be More Spacious

If we have to expect at 2024 Subaru Legacy’s interior, it looks like Subaru will follow the trend of today’s cars by providing a more spacious interior. Several upgrade options for the interior will also be tried by Subaru because besides the sporty trim level, Subaru will also present several other trim level variants. At the base trim level, for example, the embedded interior will refer to a friendly price because the base trim usually targets the lower-end market. On the other hand, for the higher trim level variants, Subaru offers heated and ventilated seats covered with organic and natural leather.

The Release Date and MSRP are Unclear

So far, the Subaru Legacy 2023 has not yet been marketed, let alone the Legacy 2024. If Legacy 2024 really enters the production stage, the most reasonable release date is in the middle of 2023. It is the same case with the estimated price. The curiosity of Subaru fans guesses what the possible prices will be pinned on the 2024 Legacy.

The MSRP for the base trim level of the 2024 Subaru Legacy is estimated at $22,745. This price will increase by $2,250 for Premium because of the wider infotainment screen size. MSRP $29,745 will be priced at Limited because of the exclusive leather material on the seats. As for the remaining three trim levels, the price is definitely far above the Limited MSRP since the features will be more complete.