2024 Nissan Z Customized Edition: Review & Price

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2024 Nissan Z Customized Edition: Review & PriceThe latest specifications of the 2024 Nissan Z NISMO were recently revealed, but Nissan has already ramped the excitement of Japan by launching a 2024 Nissan Fairlady Z “Customized Edition,” which is a direct descendent of the “Fairlady Z Customized Proto” which was unveiled in January 2022 during Tokyo Auto Salon. Tokyo Auto Salon.

2024 Nissan Z Customized Edition
2024 Nissan Z Customized Edition

A Nissan Genuine Accessory Package and the Customized Edition offer customers two additional options to personalize the 2024 Nissan Z. The most expensive one of two choices could transform the car’s new Z car into an exact representation of the custom Fairlady Z show car that Nissan showcased earlier in the year. It comes with exclusive 19-inch wheels, hood decals side decals, as well as a distinctive logo. This package is still able to get the retro-inspired looks of the original through the inclusion of a carbon-fiber rear spoiler, an updated front bumper, as well as an angled grille that features an emblem “Fairlady Z” emblem. According to Nissan the unique orange paint color for the body comes with black-colored paint for the hood, roof, and at the back of the vehicle to tribute to the iconic Fairlady Z432R.

To be able to refer, the images below depict the prototype of 2022, while the images above showcase the 2024 JDM-spec Nissan Z Customized Edition.

It is true that the Nissan Genuine Accessory Package is currently not available for purchase in the United States. Nissan claims it is trying to cut delivery times which means there’s some hope, however, production will be very limited. Indeed, Nissan temporarily suspended orders for JDM-approved Fairlady Z because of the long time to deliver.

2024 Nissan Z Customized Edition Interior
2024 Nissan Z Customized Edition Interior


The arrival of a super-fast Nismo model is one of the major announcements about the 2024 Z however the shift in model year adds a new feature. In Japan in Japan, where the rear-wheel drive coupe is referred to by the name of Fairlady Z, Nissan is unveiling a Customized Edition molded after the concept that was revealed in January 2022 during the Tokyo Auto Salon. It’s offered as an official Nissan Genuine Accessory Package and can be purchased in two varieties.

The cheapest package comes with a split grille that features its “Fairlady Z” emblem, an updated front bumper as well as a carbon-fiber rear spoiler. Upgrade to the premium package and Nissan can accurately recreate that Fairlady Z Customized Proto from the last TAS. The kit includes exclusive 19-inch wheels, decals for the hood, side stickers as well as a new logo. This is the vehicle that’s shown on the top picture as well as the gallery to the right. the model from 2022. So it’s almost the same.

In a related development, Nissan has temporarily suspended orders for JDM’s specifications of the Fairlady Z because of the long time to deliver. This effectively means that the recently released Nismo version can’t be bought, which is quite bizarre. However, customers who have an existing order with the standard model will be given the chance to upgrade to the Nismo. However, the production will be limited, and it is not likely that all customers will have the ability to change their order. The Japanese automaker is claiming that it could be required to conduct a drawing to determine which customers be able to switch their orders from the traditional Fairlady Z to the spicy Nismo.

In 2024, the JDM-spec Z received this Orange 432 paint in a reference at Z 432 (S30). Z 432 (S30) and some trim levels are now equipped that has a blue interior. As of now, all trims that are sold in Japan are now equipped with Amazon Alexa, which is available for the 2024 American-spec Z Performance and Nismo.

Nissan has announced 2024 Fairlady Z in its home market of Japan including the Nismo as well as Customized Edition variants into the lineup. The high-performance Nismo has a lot in common with the American-spec version, whereas its 2024 Nissan Z Customized Edition wears a redesigned body kit.

The Fairlady Z Customized Edition was shown in 2022 through a Proto Customized Concept before Nissan revealed the production version during the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon. It will be available in conjunction with the Nissan Genuine Accessory Package, with two different versions that will be available by the close of October. This entry-level model comes with a front bumper that features the split grille style and carbon rear spoiler. In addition, the complete package includes 19-inch alloy wheels, specific emblems, as well as black decals for the hood and on the profile.

The JDM spec Fairlady Z Nismo looks virtually exactly like the US-spec Nissan Z Nismo, featuring identical body kits that sport a sleeker intake for the bumper, and a more prominent aero component featuring red accents. The 19-inch glossy black alloy wheels are distinctive to the Nismo and are complemented by it’s Steel Grey / Super Black bi-tone exterior which is just among the five available colors for the body. Inside, there are Recaro sporting seats, which have perforated Alcantara as well as leather-upholstered seats.

2024 Nissan Z Customized Edition Design
2024 Nissan Z Customized Edition Design


In the Nismo version, this twin-turbo 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine has been altered to generate 414 horsepower (309 409 kW / 420 PS) and 525 Nm (383.5 lb-ft) of torque. This is in contrast to the 400 horsepower (298 kW, 405 PS) and 475 Nm (350 lb-ft) for the remainder of the Fairlady Z lineup. Like the American-spec Nismo model, this Japanese model is equipped with a 9-speed auto gearbox. In addition to the more aggressive design as well as the more powerful powertrain, it comes with a specific Nismo configuration with stiffer suspensions and a stiffer frame, more powerful brakes, a more precise steering system, and an added Sport+ driving mode.

Not to be forgotten, the standard Nissan Fairlady Z remains largely unchanged through 2024. Its new additions include Amazon Alexa compatibility across the model, the brand new 432 orange shade to the exterior that is an inspiration from the Z432 classic, and the blue interior for the T/ST grade.


The books of orders in the market in the country won’t be open until Nissan can find a solution to cut down on delivery time. For those in the Land of the Rising Sun, it is the Fairlady Z Nismo retails from 9,200,400 yen (about $64,500 with current exchange rates) The base model starts at 5,398,800 yen ($37,900). The firm’s North American division will reveal Nismo prices in October the time that the auto-only RWD model is set to launch. In the US the 2023 Z is priced at around $40,990 MSRP.