2024 Nissan Rogue SV Price: How Much is the 2024 Nissan Rogue SV?

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2024 Nissan Rogue SV Price: How Much is the 2024 Nissan Rogue SV? In 2024, the Nissan Rogue is an outstanding all-around family hauler. It is helped by a clever design with a cost-effective and elegant three-cylinder engine and many thoughtful features, although it can be expensive at the top of its version.

2024 Nissan Rogue SV Design
2024 Nissan Rogue SV Design

In addition to other than a Midnight Edition blackout-trim package and accessible Amazon Alexa functionality, the Rogue remains the same for the model year 2024. It was designed from the beginning for 2022 as well and Nissan has replaced the naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine with an engine that was turbocharged for 2023.


Following two model years with significant changes, Nissan’s designers are stepping back. The 2024 model’s availability has been extended to Midnight Edition will be available. Midnight Edition has been expanded to SV trim. In addition to an incredibly small price hike of $210 2024 has been a smooth year for Nissan’s modern (and greatly enhanced) small-sized crossover.

The most appealing aspect that is unique to the Rogue is its interior it is on the top of the line in terms of design and performance. There are a variety of two-tone interior color options was provided as well and the all-black tester had weave-like designs to the leatherette seating that made things look more modern. The open-pore “wood” on the Platinum appears convincing even if it’s authentic. The top trim is embellished with contrasting stitching along the door as well as the dash, and seats. They are covered with semi-aniline leather. It also features Nissan’s extremely comfortable “Zero Gravity” seat design both in the front and back.

The dashboard and the center console comprise a pleasant mix of digital screens as well as physical control. A touchscreen for infotainment that measures 8 inches is normal, while the Platinum model has a larger 9-inch display. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both standard on both screens. However, the screen with 9 inches comes sporting Wireless Apple CarPlay. The lower grades have instruments that are analog, with a 7-inch screen in the middle (no complaints about the other) however, the Platinum version features a completely digital 12.3-inch panel that’s simple to read and navigates across the numerous screens and menus with ease using the buttons on the steering wheel. An impressive head-up display can be along with the digital instrument panel. Other features available include a panoramic roof, three-zone climate control, as well as a wireless charger for phones.

The Rogue is a good choice compared to other crossovers that are compact. It features one of the most comfortable rear seats available and is in good repute to those of the RAV4, CR-V, Tucson, and Sportage. It has ample space for rear-facing infant car seats and is among the only cars to have a LATCH anchor that can be placed in the middle position however, the anchors were too small to fit the Gracco clip for the car seat. Like always, we’d suggest bringing your own car seat for a testing ride.

The capacity of the maximum cargo (second row pulled down) can be as high as 74.1 cubic feet. This is an amount that is barely behind the best CR-V in class which is 76.5 cubes. The area behind the raised second row can be a whopping 31.6 cubic feet. That’s a number that was an extremely useful quantity. It’s just that it didn’t accommodate as many passengers as the Sportage, Tucson, Forester RAV4, or the latest CR-V during our tests. But, we did try the Rogue which didn’t have the unique and practical “Divide-N-Hide” cargo floor. In addition to increasing the cargo capacity from 36.5 cubic yards, the floor is comprised of two floorboards with movable legs put them on the floor for an even surface; move them to increase the depth, or set the floorboards in a stack in order to split the space into different sections. The new milk gallon container that sits in front of the wheels has been built inside the floor for the cargo area which means that your gallon of water, milk, or whatever will not eat away at all of your other items on your way back from your grocery store.

2024 Nissan Rogue SV Cabin
2024 Nissan Rogue SV Cabin


In the year Nissan revamped its Rogue in 2021, the car included a brand new 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that was fitted with the ability to continuously change the automatic transmission. Its power output was measured at the engine’s horsepower to be 181 hp at 6,000 RPM and 181 pound-feet torque at 3,600 RPM, and the brand new Rogue was similar to that of the original Rogue in terms of performance and sound.

One year and a year later, in 2022 Nissan changed the engine to the new turbocharged 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine. The Nissan Variable Compression engine uses the company’s proprietary technology that Nissan claims gives the engine strong performance when needed and good fuel efficiency all the time.

The VC-Turbo engine produces 5600 rpm, 201 horsepower, and 225 pound-feet of torque between 2,800 and 4000 rpm. This is an improvement of 20 horsepower and 44 pounds-feet can be obtained when the engine is operating at a lower speed. The official Environmental Protection Agency fuel-economy estimates for the turbo-three-cylinder engine in the Rogue are between 31 and 33 mpg when combined and the 28-30 mpg of the 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine of 2021’s Rogue. At the time of my testing, I was able to achieve 28.9 mpg using the latest engine, compared to 27.5 mpg for the previous model.

It wasn’t just that the 2024 Rogue better-performed by 1.4 milliliters per gallon, but it also felt significantly more powerful due to its increased force and torque. It also sounds more refined due to the 3-cylinder arrangement offering a better sound over the 4-cylinder. It also seems to cause an unusual shifting and vibrating sound on the accelerator pedal whenever you use it which is why I didn’t get comfortable with the shimmy and vibration.

In general, generally speaking, generally speaking, the Rogue is an enjoyable car. Acceleration is not a problem, and two brake-based technologies–Intelligent Trace Control and Active Ride Control–help provide a smooth ride and trustworthy handling. However, I have noticed that on uneven or uneven roads The suspension of the Rogue allows greater lateral and horizontal body movement would be ideal. 2024 Nissan Rogue SV Price

2024 Nissan Rogue SV Price
2024 Nissan Rogue SV Price


Nissan is offering an updated Midnight Edition of the 2024 Rogue SV. Nissan is charging a $4195 cost for the upgrade that’s quite high However, this Midnight Edition provides more than only a blacked-out look.

To pay for the hard-earned money, Nissan will install gloss black 18-inch aluminum wheels and black accents on the exterior, the black badge, and Nissan’s TailorFit faux leather seats. Midnight Edition Midnight Edition also has a double-panel sunroof with heated seats on the front and heated steering as well as rear window sunshades and a liftgate that can be operated from the rear.

The brand-new Rogue Midnight Edition should prove extremely popular starting with a cost of around $35,000 which includes the cost of shipping.