2024 Lincoln Mark-E: Review, Specs & Price

2024 Lincoln Mark-E: Review, Specs & PriceRecent years have noticed an increased demand for fully electric automobiles, such as SUVs and trucks. One of the most exciting vehicles is the 2024 Lincoln Mark-E. This anticipated model is expected to earn considerable popularity among consumers, because of its distinct position as a fully electric vehicle in the SUV category.

2024 Lincoln Mark-E Design
2024 Lincoln Mark-E Design

Given that it’s a Lincoln and Lincoln, we can anticipate a high-end electric SUV that has a lot to give. However, it appears to be that the EV version is the only option available. So, it is possible to forget about diesel, gasoline, and even hybrid powertrains. There isn’t any information from the official sources about this vehicle. But, there are many credible articles regarding this SUV and this is what we have learned to date about it.


Details about the design and appearance of the upcoming 2024 Lincoln Mark-E SUV have surfaced via a rendering circulated. It is generally believed that the Mark-E design will be similar to the Nautilus SUV, however, it appears more modern and futuristic. Certain components, like the fog light and headlights, have seen major modifications with the headlights becoming more angular and compact.

The model is expected to be based on a skateboard-style modern design and will likely be inspired by some of the concepts from the brand. We don’t know about the car’s style currently.

Lincoln has announced that it will become fully electric by 2030. However, the Ford-owned company currently does not have an electric vehicle on its menu.

The situation will be different next year when Lincoln unveils its first electric vehicle that is all-electric it will be an SUV similar to the Nautilus it is thought to be dubbed Mark E. Back in June, when it revealed the plans to fully electrify, Lincoln dropped a teaser that showed the front-lighting design and a few screens of the digital cluster, including one that showed a 380-mile range reading at about the 80% mark of charge.

In comparison to the Zephyr Reflection, though, the headlights are a bit larger as well and the front bumper is slightly higher for greater ride height as well as a greater angle of approach.

This render appears to be an extremely realistic representation of Lincoln’s front side when we compare it with the teaser official. It’s still a mystery until now, but we can expect the Zephyr Reflection effect to affect the EV’s rear design too. Taillights that are horizontal and joined through a strip of light are most likely, however, it is still unclear whether the rear end will be influenced by the Mustang Mach-E’s cross-over coupe design or opt for an older-style design.

In the case of the Mach-E Mach-E, it will serve as a donor of powertrain to Lincoln EV. Lincoln EV, given that it’s being made by the same company situated in Cuautitlan, Mexico. Based on reports to date the electric Lincoln is expected to be powered by an altered version or improvement of Mach-E’s RWD/AWD system.

Alongside the model due to launch in 2022’s date, Lincoln offers three more electric versions that are in development which are all based on “rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive battery electric flexible architecture.”

The Lincoln’s next major product will be a reliable and luxurious electric vehicle. Although it’s being offered by the brand’s 102-year-old owner it’s expected to be manufactured by Rivian which is an 11-year-old company. The name has yet to be decided, but it’s clear that there’s a heritage that could be adapted by Mark E.

As Rivian’s top-of-the-line R1S SUV is more costly Mark E likely will have an electric motor that is dedicated to each wheel, and a total performance exceeding 700 horsepower. We believe that Lincoln is likely to offer a less robust dual motor setup, but with a greater duration, as well. The lithium-ion battery pack will come in various capacities, too.

Imagine this project as a glimpse of tie-ups between automakers and automobile development to come in the near future. When electric powertrains become an everyday commodity, the desire to pool mechanical parts across businesses and brands is going to grow even more than today. Ford recently made a $500 million investment in Rivian which gave them access to its skateboard design. We’re aware that the platform includes air springs as well as the hydraulic roll control that is similar to the one used in McLaren’s 720S. McLaren 720S.

2024 Lincoln Mark-E New
2024 Lincoln Mark-E New


Inside, it’s likely that the interior of the 2024 Lincoln Mark-E will look like the classic Lincoln version. It could feature the exact infotainment screen like that of the Ford Mustang Mach-E crossover. A unique interior design is anticipated, and the Mark-E model comes with a variety of luxurious interior features. Additionally, levels of comfort are impressive.

We anticipate a five-seat, two-row configuration with ample space for the passengers. One of the most impressive features will be Ford’s Blue Cruise hands-free driving system. Additionally, Mark-E will offer several driving options, such as options like Conserve as well as Deep Sand.

Specs and Powertrain

The engine of the 2024 Lincoln Mark-E will be all-electric as per news reports. It is believed that Rivian is currently offering a great choice for the all-new Mark-E SUV. The situation, however, has been rearranged as Lincoln is now choosing to develop the engine independently. For a better understanding of the engine’s performance, you can make a connection between the brand-new electric vehicle and the other models built around the same timeframe.

In the list of possible contenders that could be compared The Mustang Mach E stands out as an ideal option. It is a perfect choice due to the ties with Lincoln and Ford and their respective models falling within the same category. However, the fully electric vehicle will generate plenty of power, possibly more than 500 horsepower. Additionally, its impressive drive range is an absolute must.

2024 Lincoln Mark-E Concept
2024 Lincoln Mark-E Concept

Release Date and Price

The 2024 Lincoln Mark-E will reportedly arrive during the very first quarter of 2024. The date isn’t yet confirmed however, numerous reports suggest the release dates to occur at the start of the next year. It will cost a minimum of $65,000.