2024 Lincoln Corsair: Where is the 2024 Lincoln Corsair Being Built?

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2024 Lincoln Corsair: Where is the 2024 Lincoln Corsair Being Built?The exterior of the most compact Lincoln SUV has been redesigned to reflect the latest version. This time, the emphasis is on the inside. There is also no need for changes beneath the hood. It has the petrol engine acting as the primary powertrain or you could opt for an electric hybrid. Therefore, the 2024 Lincoln Corsair is coming mostly unmodified, while the revamp will be announced in 2025.

2024 Lincoln Corsair
2024 Lincoln Corsair

Its starting price is greater than what is fair. This compact luxury crossover is just under $40,000. For that amount, it comes with an impressive engine that has 250 horsepower. The PHEV option is an excellent upgrade option that could be about $15k more expensive compared to the base model. However, it comes with a lot of other features. As an example, you’ll rarely find a quieter room. It is sometimes described as library-like.

Standard and Reserve are using petrol engines, whereas Grand Touring is a hybrid. Grand Touring is available with a plug-in hybrid. The Black Label packages are unavailable on the compact crossover. You’ll need Nautilus, Aviator, or Navigator to access unique themes for the interior. Too bad. A lot of fans want to have the cabins for Yacht and Flight or one of the options that are available for Corsair’s more powerful siblings.


In the underside of the 2024 Lincoln Corsair is a 2.0-liter turbo-four engine. It puts out 250 horsepower and is sent to the front wheels as standard. A four-wheel drive can be added for better performance and traction. The Corsair comes with 280 pounds of torque. Its gas mileage isn’t too poor at 25 mpg when combined and 24 mpg when you opt for the AWD. A transmission with eight speeds distributes energy from the engine to the axles.

Another alternative is a hybrid plug-in that will be available for 2024’s Lincoln Corsair Sport Touring package. The core of the system includes the 2.5-liter engine, and the assistance comes from two electric motors. The total output of this configuration is 266 horsepower. Its gas mileage increases to 33 mpg. It also has an outstanding city efficiency of 34 mpg. All-wheel drive is a standard feature on this. Additionally, it is the Corsair PHEV can travel a distance of 28 miles in fully electric mode. In the near future, Lincoln will start to produce EVs. The initial concept is in place the Lincoln Star is the first model to run on solely electric power.

2024 Lincoln Corsair Interior
2024 Lincoln Corsair Interior


There are three trim levels on 2024’s Lincoln Corsair: Standard, Reserve, and Grand Touring. For a high-end vehicle, it’s loaded with modern features already available in the basic model. This compact crossover comes with 18-inch wheels. The headlights are illuminated with LEDs as well as a power liftgate, dual-zone climate, and leather. Front buckets are heated and the driver’s seat features a memory setting function. The centerpiece of the multimedia setup is a huge 13-inch LCD. It also comes with 10-speaker audio and Wi-Fi connectivity services as well as Apple CarPlay/Android Auto.

Corsair Reserve Corsair Reserve can be described as a $4000 upgrade. You’re having larger wheels, distinctive illumination both inside and out, and premium leather upholstery. The safety features are outstanding. It is Co-Pilot360 version 2.1 which comes with forward collision warnings, auto brakes, lane-keep assist, and blind-spot alert, as well as adaptive cruise control and a handful of additional systems that are generally optional on all other cars.

It is the Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring is the most expensive version. The main change includes a PHEV motor. Instead of an eight-speed gearbox, There is a CVT as well as AWD. It also includes a panoramic sunroof, a unique adaptive suspension, and unique color options.

The Grand Touring sits at the highest of the line at present, until 2024 when the Lincoln Corsair Black Label shows out. Lincoln Corsair has launched several different themes for its larger cousins. The most famous, for instance, Navigator has now launched the Central Park theme. The theme is made up of green leather with wooden accents. Some of the older themes include Chalet, Yacht Club, and Invitation. A medium-sized Lincoln Aviator Black Label is offered in Destination, Chalet, and Flight designs. Additionally, Nautilus provides this option as its top-of-the-line alternative. Redwood theme was announced, to be available in 2024. We’re hoping it’s the same for 2024. Corsair Black Label is set to be launched with a few of these choices.

2024 Lincoln Corsair Changes
2024 Lincoln Corsair Changes


The basic version of 2024’s Corsair is priced at under $40,000. The MSRP could be some, but will not be above this price. The Reserve costs about $4000. For the Sport Touring is another $10,000 improvement, mostly due to the system of PHEV. The premium colors (Ceramic Pearl, Pristine White, Red Carpet, Asher Gray, Crystal Red, and Whisper Blue) cost $750. Additional packages include collections I (standard) as well as Collection II, and Collection III. The price of these bundles is based on the trim level you choose, as some of these choices are included in the Reserve or Sport Touring. Corsair Black Label Corsair Black Label will top each of the grades. If it does show up it will cost near to $60,000. This is quite high for a car with this kind of size and could be one of the reasons Lincoln hasn’t made the decision as of yet.

2024 Lincoln Nautilus production is set to commence from the Changan Ford Hangzhou Assembly plant located in China on the 6th of September, 2023, ahead of the planned North American launch early next year. As is the situation, this date could alter – and it very likely may change due to ongoing supply issues.