2024 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring: Review, Specs & Price

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2024 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring: Review, Specs & PriceThe market for crossovers is vast, particularly in the smaller sub-category. Though most brands can be found in this niche some have been more successful over other brands. Certain players take advantage of their branding image to draw younger customers and others such as Lincoln have to think outside of the norm to get noticed.

2024 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring
2024 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring

Consider for instance the Lincoln Corsair, for instance, an SUV that is compact and based on Ford Escape bones, but that has a distinctive Lincoln style. At first glance, it appears that the compact luxury crossover does not have a similarity to its Dearborn sister, yet it has many elements with the cheaper version of the American large. Also, in contrast to most models in the segment, Corsair isn’t just a conventional SUV. Corsair comes with a PHEV electric drivetrain, which was the first to be announced in 2020.


In 2024, the low-end Lincoln will get a minor update to 2023. It’s nothing major, but it’s enough to keep customers interested. People who are already familiar with the Corsair can recognize the recognizable silhouette which has been part of the range since.

In front, an updated with a larger and bolder front grille marks the most significant improvement. This hybrid plug-in, known as the 2024 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring, variant features a sundown-colored satin metallic frame that has blue highlights. The daytime running lamps are shaped like wings. lights and new wheels as well. Other than these slight changes, however, the Corsair remains essentially identical, which is completely acceptable.

It’s actually not but the Corsair has been updated with two brand new interior designs, including elegant Smoked Truffle and sporty Eternal Red with the latter accentuated by exclusive aluminum accents. In terms of body colors, Crystal Red and Whisper Blue are brand new to the range of colors available.

The interior of the Lincoln Corsair features a very simple dashboard however, the center touchscreen expands to a staggering 13.2 inches and comes with SYNC 4 information as well as Lincoln Enhance software updates. A 12.3-inch electronic instrument cluster will be standard by 2024.

Designers have also cleared this control panel under the central air vents, shifting some HVAC features to the touchscreen. It’s got a little more room between front-row passengers now.

The next-generation Lincoln BlueCruise 1.2 hands-free system for driving

Technology is a must nowadays and in 2024, the Lincoln Corsair will take the comfort of the wheel to a whole new stage with the latest version 1.2 of Lincoln ActiveGlide hands-free driver assistance system. In fact, from now it will be referred to as BlueCruise similar to the system that is used in Ford automobiles.

BlueCruise is now able to add lane-changing the ability to position a vehicle in a lane and the ability to predict speed.

In addition to the newest options, the drivers are now able to do a hands-free lane switch whenever they touch the turn signal. However, the system will even recommend a lane change for traffic that is slow-moving. The system will automatically and gradually adjust speed when drivers are approaching an abrupt curve and will keep the Corsair in its lane whilst gently shifting it away from cars in the adjacent lane–as an ordinary driver would in similar situations.

In 2023, the Corsair is Lincoln’s very first car to come with BlueCruise 1.2 Expect the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus mid-sized SUV to include the latest tech.

Additional new technology features to be added in 2024 will include Intersection Assist 2.0 which helps to avoid possible collisions with pedestrians when driving, as well as Blind Spot Assist, which will notify the driver by flashing lights on the sideview mirror. It will also apply a gentle nudging to the steering wheel to warn against an unwise move even if drivers have missed prior warnings of the blind spot monitor system.

On this initial excursion, we tested the BlueCruise 1.2 system while driving to test its performance. The system was not smooth in certain situations (and was unable to function when we approached a steeper curve) however, it was to be a breeze in general.

The screen on near the wheel clearly shows which BlueCruise 1.2 is running and off. However, due to the raging traffic of the Big Apple and the crowded streets of New York, we decided to err on the safe side and remained vigilant. If our focus wandered off the roadway it was the system’s demand for us to get our hands back on the steering wheel. It’s cool however, an attentive driver is more efficient.

Ford and Lincoln cars are far from being able to drive in complete autonomy, without intervention by the driver. However, when you have dull and boring highway trips (like Toronto to Montreal on Highway 401), Blue Cruise 1.2 could partially take over and ease fatigue on the route.

2024 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Interior
2024 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Interior

Specs and Performance

In this test drive of the 2024 Corsair, Lincoln provided us with a Grand Touring trim. Inside the car is a naturally-aspirated 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that is paired up to an electric motor as well as a 14.4 million kWh of battery. Its power goes to wheels using the CVT transmission unit as well as and the all-wheel drive system is normal, in contrast to that of the Ford Escape, which features only front-wheel drive. Lincoln promises a no-emissions distance of around 27 miles, or 43 kilometers which is a little less than other competitors but sufficient to satisfy the everyday demands of a large number of motorists.

In the city of NYC in the city’s downtown, the 2024 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring took off in silence, as it were. It’s still making that sound when you’re driving at low speeds to let the driver know that they are completely electric. If the car starts to move at a more rapid pace and the sound is removed, it goes out. Downtown New York, the car’s cabin showed once more that it’s fairly well-insulated.

The engine’s ICE kicked in once when we tried an even more aggressive pass maneuver however, the cabin did not sound too loud, but it was. We’re not a fan of the CVT that rapidly revs the engine whenever acceleration is needed but everything settles once the vehicle reaches cruising speed.

Even though it rides on huge 20-inch wheels The 2024 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring is certainly not the most sporty or sharp crossover available However, we did find the experience fun. The steering provides enough feedback that drivers can be as comfortable as they want to be in the event of a twisty road. The suspension that is tuned for comfort can cause some body roll when pushing it to the limits. Its focus is on efficiency it is not realistic to believe that Corsair to be able to handle the same way. Corsair to perform like the Ford Mustang.

The EPA estimates that the EV mode is able to operate the crossover for about 28 miles. In Canada, it is 43 miles or virtually silent cruising. In terms of gas usage in Canada, the Corsair has a rating of 34 mpg within the city, and 32 mpg when on the highway. Then in Canada, Natural Resources Canada (NRC) rates Corsair Grand Touring at Corsair Grand Touring with the combined rate of 7.1 L/100 km, in hybrid mode.

Yes, mostly due to the upgraded inside, which includes that huge screen and the new BlueCruise 1.2 system. In general, the efficiency is fantastic and the driving is a bit sluggish. Perhaps it’s not as sporty as certain German rivals, but it’s not what Corsair’s latest style is.

The bottom line is that Lincoln’s new compact luxury SUV improves for 2024 across all areas. This shouldn’t come as a shock considering that the Corsair is Lincoln’s top-selling product in the highly aggressive segment for compact SUVs, in no way.

2024 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Review
2024 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Review


The most expensive model is the Grand Touring, kicking off at $53,385 and featuring an all-wheel drive and a plug-in hybrid motor.