2024 Land Rover Defender Hybrid: Review, Interior & Price

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2024 Land Rover Defender Hybrid: Review, Interior & Price It was only natural that in the event that Land Rover is going to last the next decade to modernize its model lineup. This is why the latest Defender 4×4 will be the newest model to be the plug-in hybrid option under the “P400e” badge and it could be the best choice of options. Particularly if your preference is an urban Land Rover buyer.

2024 Land Rover Defender Hybrid
2024 Land Rover Defender Hybrid


From the interior – the entire car, honestly, there are few signs that you’re driving in a hybrid. The digital dials include charging and power meters, as well as an ordinary rev counter, there’s an EV-mode button in the center console and a separate info screen inside the infotainment system. It still is reminiscent of the Defender from where you’re sitting, with hefty cushioned seats and a completely functional, yet beautifully constructed interior. There are plenty of cubbies and sturdy materials that are complemented by softly padded areas, and exposed rivets everywhere.

Keep in mind, as well, the massive driving position as well as heavyweights on all controls. The e-power drive might be a bit daunting to begin initially, but once you’ve gotten used to the extra quality and smoothness at lower speed that electric power can provide on such a comfortable 4×4, cruising through adorable villages like the saints of the road.

If you’re looking to prove that electric power really improves performance, despite the Defender weighing over 2.5 tonnes without fuel the extra torque generated by its electric motors is an excellent advantage. In addition, since the electric motor is in the background before the gearbox, you can still feel the gear change when you’re in the e-mode. And – and this is an additional negative – you must wait for the gearbox to turn a gear once you tap on the pedal to go; there’s no instant e-torque from an inactive state and it compensates for this after cogs have been changed. When you’re quietly operating, you’re likely to be more aware of wind noise than when your engine’s turned on, especially over the mirrors on your door.

The engine is a matter of fact that is used, the petrol engine of 297bhp in this model isn’t the finest but it does not have the quality (mostly at slower speeds) which the electrical motor offers. It can sound a bit sluggish when you accelerate, but not in a rumbling-pleasing way, but it’s quiet enough to be a source of a nuisance.

There are three driving modes with the Powertrain of PHEV. The 2024 Land Rover Defender Hybrid always begins in Hybrid which means that the vehicle can manage the two power outputs effortlessly with EV mode, while Save and Save are a bit straightforward to understand. In our 60 miles of trial journey (that included motorway stretches as well as a quick trip through small villages and speedy B-roads) we clocked 44mpg – which is around 10mpg higher than the claimed fuel efficiency for the moderate hybrid petrol and diesel options in the Defender X-Dynamic spec (the baseline variant you can purchase the P400e Defender with).

The extra weight hasn’t affected the Defender’s nifty handling qualities not a bit as we’ve seen in the past. The steering is very easy for such a big car, and the ride remains an excellent balance between bouncy and sloppy.

A trait that usually infects plug-in hybrids is a difficult-to-modulate brake pedal; the brand’s own Range Rover and Range Rover Sport suffer from pillowy, inconsistent pedals when you apply pressure. Fortunately, Land Rover has dialed the majority of this out. It has about 1 inch of travel, without any resistance (or pressure from the brakes) The brake calipers start to flow with a consistent bite and consistency.

It’s a rational and sensible option for Defender, especially for those living in the suburbs who prefer an SUV that is more renowned because of its style and functionality and are able to commute for a short time to work.

The smooth and delicious straight-six diesels won’t just make your heart a bit higher than PHEV and offer an easier entry point for Defender ownership However, the P400e is among the most convincing hybrids from Land Rover and that’s because you can get better fuel efficiency than non-electric vehicles model if you’re able to charge regularly.

2024 Land Rover Defender Hybrid Interior
2024 Land Rover Defender Hybrid Interior

Engine and Performance

The Defender P400e is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo engine, which is connected by an electric motor, and a 19.2kWh battery, for an overall output of 398bhp as well as the hefty 472lb. The electric assistance ensures that the hybrid SUV is capable of delivering an impressive 5.6sec to 62mph – just a bit quicker than the coming Defender V8 – and an estimated electric range that extends to 27 miles. Land Rover claims 85.3mpg as the best figure for fuel efficiency and naturally, it is also the Defender with the smallest emissions.

In contrast to similarly to the Evoque P300e where the engine is driven by the front, and the e-motor is driving back axles, Defender’s electric motor is located between the gearbox and the engine. Adam Southgate, vehicle dynamics director for JLR explained to us that the Defender’s use of electric power is designed to not alter the off-road capabilities.

Its Defender P400e is one of the very few PHEVs that have integrated rapid charging (most will only take around 22kW from a Type 2 socket’ in Europe) The 50kW of charging power can allow the Defender’s battery to be charged with up to 80 percent within a half hour, or fully charged within two hours.

Land Rover says only the Defender 110 will benefit from the PHEV option. 90s’s sliced platform is not long enough to be able to accommodate a battery. The practicality is not a problem when the hybrid switch is fitted to the 110. Space in the boot with all back seats set suffers an adversity when the floor of the boot is raised. A ‘normal 110 can accommodate 1075 liters of space, however, the P400e comes with a capacity of 853 liters. In other places, you are able to haul up to 3000kg, and still get the option of a six-seater.

It is renowned for its power and strength The Defender 110 now features an electric hybrid plug-in powertrain. The P400e is a powerful machine when coupled with the electric motor of 105kW and its 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine delivers up to 398bhp and 640NM offering a 0-60mph time of 5.4 seconds.

Its 19.2kWh lithium-ion battery included in the P400e gives you an up-to 27-mile electric range, which makes the typical urban trip entirely electric, meaning there won’t be any emissions from the tailpipe when you’re in the EV mode.

If you want to charge the Plug-In Electric Hybrid Defender 110 you can get an 80% charge within 30 minutes with the 50kW fast charging unit. While a wall-mounted home appliance that is 7kW will be able to charge as high as 80 percent in just two hours. Like the other Plug-In Electrics from Land Rover devices, you can track the charge progress of your vehicle’s status by using The InControl App.

2024 Land Rover Defender Hybrid Design
2024 Land Rover Defender Hybrid Design


The prize-winning Land Rover Defender line-up has been updated for the model year 2024 There are some variations that have been eliminated while others are added, and a number of price increases applied across the 24MY line-up The first examples are expected to arrive Down Under in November.

The order books for the new off-road SUVs are now available, and prices start at $90,400 (plus costs for road travel) for the 3-door Defender 90 P300. P300 “shorty” model, which represents an improvement of $8445 over the deleted Defender 90 P300s in comparison to the more spacious five-door Defender 110S P300 is now priced at $92,800, plus ORCs as well as an increase of $8450.

A few new models are now available in the existing 13 grade 2024 Defender range, led by the very first Defender plug-in hybrid – called the Defender 110 P400e. It is a $139,300 model that claims to consume fuel at a low cost of 3.4L/100km.

It pumps out 397 kW and 640 Nm of force with its petrol engine with four cylinders and an electric motor It’s capable of speeding up to speeds of 100km/h within 5.6 seconds, and it can reach 52km with only an electric motor.

It is also possible to engage gearing with a low ratio in the EV mode to allow for quiet off-roading. It can also tow a trailer that weighs up to 3,000 kg.

On the other side of the spectrum is the most powerful part of the Defender family which is the 5-metre-long, eight-seat Defender 130 P500 ($237,900 plus ORCs) that is powered by a thunderous 5.0-litre supercharged V8 petrol (368kW/610Nm) that may make Mercedes-AMG G 63 buyers some time to think.

It can reach 100km/h in the brisk 5.7sec however the massive beast is available only for sale in Santorini Black as well as Carpathian Grey exterior colours. It’s equipped with a striking quad exhaust system V8 badges, as well as large 22-inch dark grey satin alloy wheels.

Land Rover has also added an extravagant adventure version of the Defender 130 model in the model of an Outbound P400, which deletes the eight-seat configuration and features five seats with a luxuriously upholstered Windsor leather or tough Resist fabric. The vehicle has 1329 liters of space in the boot (rising up to a whopping 2516-liter capacity when the rear seats can be stowed) and a host of storage options for gear that is suitable for adventures.

The third model to be included in the 2024 Defender range into 2023, is called The Defender 110 Hard Top D250 ($110,000 plus ORCs) The Defender 110 Hard Top D250 can be described as being a “practical commercial version of the off-road legend with world-class towing capabilities.