2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid SX Prestige: Release Date & Price

2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid SX Prestige: Release Date & Price The 2024 Kia Sportage was completely redesigned to be ready for 2024’s model year. And for the first time ever, it’s a hybrid option available. This is the third model from Kia’s hybrid SUV that sits above the more compact hybrid Niro and just below the more spacious Sorento Hybrid. If you take a look, many would not consider it to be a Sportage since it doesn’t look similar to the model before it and the interior features are significantly better than that of the previous model. It’s a larger compact SUV providing more space for passengers as well as storage space. Its cargo area is larger than Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and Honda CR-V Hybrid.

2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid SX Prestige Design
2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid SX Prestige Design


This is where the Sportage Hybrid really excels. It has 39.5 cubic feet of storage space between the rows, and 73.7 cubes when that row is folded down it is the Sportage Hybrid that is one of the biggest crossovers that compete in this category, the hybrid model or not? In contrast to its competitors and competitors, it is the only one that Sportage Hybrid loses no space in comparison to the non-hybrid version. The floor for the load is large and smooth, while the rear seats are able to be removed from the hatch. The seats in the rear have LATCH car seat anchors and have enough room for bigger car seats.

The storage in the cabin is also excellent. The console in the center has an enclosed bin that is small in the middle of the shifter. It includes USB ports and a wireless pad. However, it’s big enough for more than a cellphone. The cupholders look great and can be put away for a second bin, and then put back in place with the touch of a button. It is a great option if you frequently use a cupholder for the phone or your sunglasses.

The top trim in the range is EX Premium. EX Premium package, and includes these tech and luxury options:

  • New LED headlights
  • LED foglights
  • Heating the windshield and windshield washer sprayers
  • Black exterior trim
  • New digital instrument panel
  • Leather that has been upgraded
  • A front passenger seat that can be adjusted with power.
  • Memory function for the driver’s seat
  • Front seats that are ventilated
  • Eight-speaker Harman Kardon audio system
  • Sensors for front parking
  • The adaptive cruise control, which is based on navigation (adjusts speed to ensure a consistent distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead, and can adjust to road signs as well as set the speed. It may also reduce speed for road curves)
  • Highway Driver Assistance (combines the adaptive cruise controller with the lane-keeping system designed for highway driving)
  • Rear automatic brakes (applies brakes in a controlled manner to prevent a collision with an object in front of the vehicle)
  • Camera system with surround-view (gives an up-close view of the Sportage Hybrid and its surroundings for parking tight spaces)
  • Remote parking assistance (lets drivers use their key fob to guide the car into or out of parking spaces)
  • Monitor for blind spots (when the turn signal is activated, the car’s blind spot is displayed in the instrument panel’s digital display)

This 2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid SX Prestige trim isn’t available in any packages that are optional, however, all models are fitted with these features on their own:

  • Mirror auto-dimming in the rearview
  • Cargo cover
  • Crossbars
  • Ambient lighting in the interior
  • Steps to the side
  • Tow hitch that has wire harness (Prestige SX trim only)
2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid SX Prestige Interior
2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid SX Prestige Interior


The Sportage Hybrid packs a handsome and tidy interior. The driver’s seat offers a good range of adjustability both for the seat as well as the steering wheel. It also has ample space for passengers on both rows, including for adults who are taller. It’s relatively straightforward to get in and out of with the accessible Smart Park feature, even when it’s an oddity.

The controls are simple to access and relatively simple to use when you locate switches that switch between the climate control and the navigation and media controls. The driving position gives you an adequate range of adjustments in terms of the wheel and the seat are concerned. The infotainment display and the other controls are directed toward the driver. Therefore, there is no problem to use or press. Mirrors and windows provide adequate visibility. This is further enhanced by the blind-spot camera. The heated windshield available will aid in winter weather too.

What’s the technology? Similar to most crossovers of this category, Kia offers loads of technology in its cars and also driver aids through Sportage. The standard features are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (though neither are wireless) along with a variety of USB-C and USB ports across the two rows. The test car was outfitted with a wireless charging pad in addition to 12.3-inch screens for both the cluster of instruments and the infotainment system. Navigation is easy to use as you are able to use vocal commands to dictate directions or switch stations on the radio.

The Sportage has a wide range of aids for drivers, such as adaptive cruise control blind spot monitoring, a surround-view display as well as parking assistance. We love how everything performs in the real world. The adaptive cruise can hold good gaps, without continuously tapping the brakes. Additionally, we did not experience false alarms for one of the collision sensors. Smart Park will pull the Sportage away or to an available parking space using its key fob. It’s an interesting way to entertain guests.

Engine and Range

The Sportage Hybrid with all-wheel drive is EPA-estimated to have a fuel economy of 38 mpg for city, highway, and combined. The front-wheel drive model that comes with it is even more efficient, with 43 miles per gallon combined. The Sportage Hybrid mixes a turbocharged 1.6-liter four-gas engine and an electric motor that produces a total of 226 horsepower and is combined with front- and all-wheel drive. It also has an all-wheel drive-only plug-in hybrid which has a gasoline engine that is shared with the standard hybrid but has an even more powerful electric motor and a larger battery to produce a combined 261 horsepower.

The hybrid’s additional strength and lower-end boost by the electric motor make the car feel more responsive than the regular Sportage version. We tested the hybrid with a plug-in and it was able to reach 60 speed within 6.9 seconds on our test track. The Sportage runs on a different platform that has a wider wheelbase and the ride quality can be improved due to this. A new set of trims that are rugged like the X-Line offers the compact ute the look of off-road, however, there is no added off-road capabilities. Consider the X-Pro models of the hybrid model. They actually come with certain equipment that can help you take on the rough terrain.

2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid SX Prestige
2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid SX Prestige

Release Date and Price

The 2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid starts at around $28,000. To give you an idea the model in 2023 begins at $27,490. When you consider the EX trim The Sportage Hybrid is priced about $3000 more than the gasoline-only version.

  • Sportage Hybrid LX $28,000
  • Sportage Hybrid EX $32,000
  • Sportage Hybrid SX Prestige $37,000

On the basis of the launch of the complete redesign of the Sportage, We expect the 2024 Kia Sportage to arrive at the beginning of the 2023 quarter.