2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid Changes: What Changes Are Coming In the 2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid?

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2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid Changes: What Changes Are Coming In the 2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid? The most recent version of the is a big improvement. Kia is expanding the look of its cars so that the powerful 2024 Sportage Hybrid SX Prestige looks quite different in comparison to the adorable, compact SUV that it is replacing. (Heck it’s not even recognizable as Kia’s .) Then, behind the wild design is a scrumptious brand-new hybrid powertrain that significantly improved cabin technology as well as the latest automaker driver assistance technology. 2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid Changes

2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid Design
2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid Design


The Sportage Hybrid was launched as a completely new model for 2023, it’s unlikely that we think we’ll see significant modifications in this Sportage Hybrid for 2024.

The reviewers we have spoken to have described the Kia Sportage as an attractive blend of style, class as well and tech. Dual 12.3-inch digital displays encased by an elongated sheet of glass are the main focus of first impressions however, that’s not all there is to it. The air vents with a curved design that surrounds the curvature of the display give it an industrial design. The center console is symmetrical, putting control buttons within the reach of drivers. When you’re not using it to store your beverage The cupholder’s area can be transformed into an additional container that can hold bigger objects. We are awestruck by the dual-purpose control panel. However, by using a knob to increase temperatures or volume based on the function, there’ll always add a bit more mental load.

The rear legroom is 41.3 inches. This is the best this segment can get. Kia is also claiming the best cargo space in class which is 39.5 cubic feet in the rear seat splits which is almost exactly the same size as the conventional Sportage. When you fold down the rear seats, it creates a massive cargo area measuring 73.7 cubic feet.

The hybrid model is available with LX, EX, and SX-Prestige trims. The LX features the standard front-wheel drive, or AWD as well, while EX and SX-Prestige versions come with AWD as standard. AWD. Its power is generated by an engine that is the engine that is turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, which is paired with a 1.49-kilowatt-hour battery and a 44-kilowatt electric motor. This gives a total output of 227 hp. This setup comes with an automatic six-speed transmission. (The hybrid version that is not hybrid uses the 187-hp 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that is paired with an 8-speed auto.)

The Sportage Hybrid’s quick acceleration is almost like an EV from the start; nearly immediate acceleration generated by the electric motor as well as the energy of the turbo engine makes an exciting and quick starting. The drive mode selector is up to Sport to get even more power when you take off, and there’s Eco mode as well that is the reverse, reducing response to help save on fuel. Particularly when you’re in Sport mode it’s a great experience. Sportage Hybrid feels as quick as that of the RAV4 Hybrid and much quicker than the CR-V Hybrid.

When driving on the road, the Sportage is a comfortable cruiser, thanks to smooth riding, unhurried shifting, and precise steering that provides good feedback. The choice of Sport mode gives a bit of heft to the steering, for those who prefer a more firm feeling. The car is quiet too Its engine noise is muted like the car’s electric sounding whirring that are characteristic of hybrids that can be a nuisance with other models, like those of the RAV4 Hybrid. The Sportage does not have the weird strong brake pedal sensation that is typical of hybrids’ regenerative brake systems The Sportage Hybrid’s brake action is smooth and has an unnatural pedal feeling.

The latest Sportage has more space than it did before it, measuring 183.5 inches from bumper to bumper which is 7.1 inches more than the previous model’s 3.4 inches between its wheels which brings the overall wheelbase up to 108.5 inches. The sharply creased shoulders, the more robust flanks, and the angled grille, as well as the front bumpers, give an illusion of having a wider stance despite the 73.4-inch broad SUV being only 0.4 inches wider than its predecessor. In general, the design is more refined and has an excellent ratio of proportions that is typical to contemporary vehicles in this category. It also has innovative and interesting design features that make heads turn everywhere the Sportage travels.

This growth spurt allows for more space inside. This Sportage Hybrid now boasts more space than its predecessor, especially on the second row. the Sportage Hybrid has gained a 3.5-inch edge (41.3 inches as opposed to 37.8 inches). In spite of the battery pack consuming some cargo space in comparison to the conventional model, there’s still plenty of room. 39.5 cubic feet of storage space with the Sportage Hybrid’s free-hands-free liftgate (73.7 cubes when seats are folded flat) is still a lot for its class and beats that of the RAV4 Hybrid’s 37.5 cubic feet.

Although it’s called Shadow Matte Gray, this model’s exterior paint finish, which is optional at $595, has a more polished appearance than matte, which is, in my opinion, better-looking as a result. The highest SX Prestige spec feels like it was made to be a matte finish and is complemented by polished chrome accents for the grille as well as on the window frames well as contrasting with glossy black trim on the wheel arches as well as around the body. While it is true that the LX and EX versions feature machine-finished alloy 17 and 18-inch wheels as well, this SX Prestige features practically color-matched matte gray 18s and the 235/60 all-season tires.

2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid Interior
2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid Interior


Like the outside, nothing is different between the hybrid cabin and the gasoline-only model. The only thing that stands out is the gear selector. The dial is a rotary one in the hybrid model, whereas the gas-only models have a more typical lever.

On first inspection, it appears that the interior of the Sportage is normal, featuring a predictable design and a decent amount of soft and hard plastics. But the Sportage isn’t. Some cool things are happening: small developments combine to make an intelligently designed cabin that’s versatile and well-suited for taking people and things.

On the front, I loved the multiple cupholders, which can be enlarged to hold the size of a larger drink, or rearranged to fit a standard bottle or can. In addition, on the front is a large middle console storage container which was able to hold my entire family’s haul of road trip food items.

An idea from a mom created a second row that was comfortable for families. Kia made two coat hangers inside the head restraints on the front of the car However, I made use of them as tablet holders to make my own seat entertainment setup. (Use it in this manner at your own discretion, but Kia claims they were never intended to be used for holding tablets. ) The hangers below are joined by hooks to hang shopping bags or for the corral of charging cables, with pockets large enough to store additional items.

The back cargo area handles easily and quickly remove the seats to create a 60/40 split. A dual-level cargo floor can be an excellent option for securing small items. There’s also an underfloor storage space.

I was awed by the controls of the Sportage to the greatest extent. The base trim model has 8 inches of touchscreen, which includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration. The EX trim that I tried is, however, equipped with an even more expansive 12.3-inch screen that is paired with a new 12.3-inch gauge cluster screen They are a perfect combination of a clean design and a high-tech experience.

It could be a bit less high-tech with regard to the knobs beneath the screen. Although the touchscreen’s buttons, as well as menu structure, were simple and intuitive to use but the two knobs beneath the screen proved difficult to operate because they toggle between audio and temperature controls like the ones in the Kia’s electronic EV6 SUV. I’m all for sharing but only when it doesn’t seem to make sense. With the push of a paper airplane-shaped button, the left knob becomes volume control and the right knob changes the station or track. Hit the fan button and the knobs are now controlling temperatures in the cabin. Let me tell you the scenario that (comically) occurred many times throughout my journey The music is playing and I’m enjoying an album I enjoy. I’m looking to turn up the volume. Instead, I increased the cabin temperature to 80 degrees. This isn’t a major issue however it’s an oddity that has come up several times.

Another oddity, however, it’s only applicable to Android users The pairing of my phone to Android Auto was seamless, however, the interface could be improved. This Android Auto interface takes up approximately two-thirds of the display and has plenty of empty space to the right. Connect to an iPhone to the contrary it takes up all of the screen. This isn’t something to worry about, it’s just an oddity.

The latest Sportage is more spacious than its predecessor and is among the biggest small SUVs available in this category. This means the largest amount of cargo space and passenger space than its predecessor as well as its CR-V and RAV4 counterparts, according to the measurements provided by automakers.

Legroom and headroom for the second row of seats can comfortably accommodate two adults And the seats are comfortable and supportive. When we conducted the Car Seat Check, the Sportage Hybrid easily accommodated two car seats due to an ample backseat, and easily accessible Latch anchors. The high-back boosters fit perfectly and I was only required to unclip the head restraints so that their boosters were in a flush position against the back of the seat. They did require some assistance in buckling up in the end, but. Outboard buckles are short and difficult to grasp and locate The middle buckle is quite floppy, and could be difficult for children to manage by themselves.

The cargo space is large and large, easily absorbing one week’s worth of my family’s baggage. Kia states that it’s the Sportage Hybrid has 39.6 cubic feet of room behind the back seat which is about nine cubic feet larger than the old Sportage as well as more than hybrid models that include RAV4 and CR-V (33.2). CR-V (33.2) or RAV4 (37.5). Bear in mind, however, that manufacturer-provided specs aren’t always a direct comparison because not every automaker measures cargo volume the same way.

New 2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid
New 2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid

Engine and Performance

The 2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid is powered by a hybrid motor that has 227 horses coupled with a six-speed automated transmission, as well as front or rear-wheel drive. The Sportage Hybrid is not only more efficient as the gas-only Sportage but it’s also faster and also more powerful. The electric-gas interplay isn’t quite so smooth and refined as the CR-V Hybrid, however. There is some slop during braking and acceleration especially noticeable while driving through town, but the difference isn’t too significant. When driving We’ve noticed that the cabin is quite quiet, and the drive is pleasant, due because of the large wheelbase.

We’ve spent many hours driving around and looking at the latest range of hybrid SUVs. This includes the Kia Sportage Hybrid.

Front-wheel drive is available. The Sportage Hybrid is rated to achieve 43 mpg during mixed highway and city driving. A non-hybrid version of the Sportage is listed as 28 mpg. Based on the assumptions of common sense, this is an increase of around 15 Gallons each month. At a rate of $3 per gallon, this is a saving of around $45 as well as a trip to the fuel station monthly.

It’s a great car. Sportage Hybrid does, however, have its flaws, and one of them was the biggest issue during my testing which was the poor fuel efficiency in real-world conditions during a long road trip. The Sportage Hybrid has an EPA rating of 42/44/43 mpg city/highway/combined with FWD. AWD can significantly impact the figures and reduce its total mileage by 38 miles per gallon. But in reality, I fell less than these numbers.

On a 4-08-mile trip using the EX AWD car that I drove, I averaged 33.8 mpg in the combined. The conditions, however, weren’t optimal and my journey included a lot of fuel-guzzling mitigating elements: The trip was the majority of highway driving at higher speeds and there were not many chances to use regenerative braking which improves effectiveness. The temperatures in the air were high, and the AC was turned up to slow down the effectiveness. In addition, the vehicle was full of equipment and people including Two adults and two children as well as a storage area that was filled with.

The only AWD 2023 Honda CR-V has an EPA score of 40/35/38 mpg along with a better-performing redesigned version due in 2024. In 165 miles of road and city driving I clocked an average of 40.9 mpg with the CR-V Hybrid. Similar results can be seen with the only AWD Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, which beat its 41/38/40 EPA scores in return for the average figure of 44.2 milliliters per mile on the 165 miles of our loop. It’s true that the driving conditions varied on that distance drive than my own on the Sportage Hybrid: one occupant without luggage and lower general speeds due to the mix of urban traffic, slow suburban roads, and more efficient interstate highways.

It’s not possible to use an electric motor that would allow the Sportage to operate solely on electricity however, better fuel efficiency is in the near future. Plug-in hybrid versions of the Sportage are expected to be released in 2023 and will have the potential for 32 miles of electric-only range. Should it be anything similar to that charming and powerful plug-in hybrid Sorento the model that’s coming might be the perfect variant of the Sportage.