2024 Kia Seltos S Features, Model & Specs

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2024 Kia Seltos S Features, Model & Specs A majority of midcycle car refreshes have a name and include minor changes that provide automakers with the chance to show their model a tiny amount of focus. However, this isn’t the case with the 2024 Kia Seltos. The first Kia Seltos generation was introduced in 2021, this 2024 model was given a brand new appearance, including another color of paint called Pluton Blue — and increased the power by 20 percent.

2024 Kia Seltos S Redesign
2024 Kia Seltos S Redesign

The Seltos is the entry-level model in between its siblings, the Soul as well as the Sportage, and is the ideal option for someone who is looking for an acceptable compact SUV. Kia offers a variety of amenities into their models which is why the Seltos isn’t any different. In addition to the standard equipment and a 10-year guarantee that’s quite a lot to enjoy if you’re on looking for a small crossover within the $20,000-$30,000 cost area.

Kia states that it developed the Seltos that have all-wheel drive because its dealers had requested a Soul equipped with this feature. Instead of adding all-wheel drive capabilities to the Soul, it decided to develop a brand entirely new model. The Seltos was introduced at the beginning of 2020 just before the globe was turned upside-down The Seltos is able to stand the test of the moment and continues to thrive in a highly competitive market.

What better place to try out the potential of an all-around crossover than on the roads in Newport, Rhode Island, as well as the rest of the area? We took in the Seltos across the state from Newport through Providence and then returned to find out the impact that an additional 20 horsepower could make.

Simply put, the 2024 Kia Seltos is an honest beginning-level car that’s far more powerful than it may appear and offers a remarkable price. The vehicle has upgraded performance, appearance, and security features, as well as bright color options for 2024.


Kia’s “Opposites United” design language which was first revealed in the forthcoming EV9 SUV, is now used on the 2024 Seltos in a way that may not be intuitive at first but it is apparent on closer examination.

The most notable changes on the front are an increased Tiger Nose grille, available projected LED headlights as well as “Star-map” signature grille lighting, and new front skid plating and vertical fog lamps. The rear of the 24 Seltos gets a fresh tailgate garnish and a new combination with LED taillights, and The Star-map signature lighting. The front and back bumpers have changed.

Two brand new 17-inch wheel designs are now available, in addition to an 18-inch wheel that is exclusively for the SX. Two different exterior colors, Valais Green and Pluton Blue can be purchased as choices.

The cabin updates come with a standard panorama display which blends the multimedia and instrument cluster screens into a single seamless screen. The component for the instrument cluster is 4.2 inches. The multimedia touchscreen measures 8.0 inches. However, both screens are also able to be increased up to 10.25 inches.

Kia has expanded the Seltos interior colors by adding navy (X-Line) as well as brown (EX, SX) and midnight green which is only available to SX (and only available in the United States, sorry Canada). The sunroof and front seats are ventilated. can be purchased as a package.

The update for 2024 doesn’t add an electrification option to the Seltos however, Kia has increased the output from this 1.6-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine (standard for SX as well as X-Line) to 175 to 195 horsepower however, its torque output remains the same at 195 lb-ft. It is coupled with an 8-speed auto transmission that will replace the previous 7-speed dual-clutch automated.

The power numbers for the base 2.0-liter naturally-aspirated four-cylinder engine that drives those in the LX, S, and EX classes remain the same with 146 HP and 130 lb-ft of torque. Like in the past, the 2.0-liter is equipped with a CVT, which Kia refers to as an Intelligent Variable Transmission. It is available on-demand and has a central-locking differential, which can divide engines torque equally between the front and rear wheels. can be found in S, EX, X-Line, and SX models.

In 2024, Kia is preparing to upgrade 2024’s Seltos with more common as well as available technology, such as the Smart Power Liftgate (standard on SX in the US; EX Premium and more in Canada) It is not a common feature in this segment. The most important feature of the liftgate is that it can be programmed to shut automatically whenever the fob of your key is located nearby.

In terms of connection, Kia Connect is standard for all trims beginning at the S within the US (EX Premium in Canada) it is compatible with the user’s mobile or another smart device (i.e. Apple Watch) in order to secure and unlock the vehicle, and also supports the use of a digital key (Key Two Touch) which is able to be used instead of a fob, which is shared to others by text message.

Other noteworthy tech features are three normal USB ports (one USB-C) and wireless charging of smartphones, and a dual-setting memory seat for the driver. Wired Apple CarPlay, as well as Android Auto, are also standard throughout the Seltos range.

2024 Kia Seltos S Interior
2024 Kia Seltos S Interior


The S is the only one that allows you to select an AWD drivetrain, however, it is possible to get it with AWD is offered. In addition, it’s a huge leap from the LX with regard to features and comforts. Its new features include automatic temperature control, an intelligent remote-controlled start feature, as well as a leather-wrapped steering wheel. It has the same cloth-covered upholstery however it upgrades to a 10-inch touchscreen, which includes voice control as well as navigation and SiriusXM. Outside visibility is increased through fog light projectors and daylight running lights.

The 2024 Seltos is available with the option of two engines. LX, S, and EX models come with the 146-horsepower four-cylinder engine as well as an automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT). X-Line and SX models come with a turbocharged four-cylinder that produces 195 horsepower as well as an automatic eight-speed transmission. S as well as EX models are equipped with front-wheel drive. all-wheel drive can be found. LX, X-Line, and SX models are available with all-wheel drive.

The basic four-cylinder has sufficient power to speed around the city, but it can run out of fuel when it gets close to highway speed. It’s a plus that it’s incredibly fuel-efficient. Turbo-fours with more power are more suited to highway travel and have a noticeably more powerful feel in the event of reversing from a standstill. Both of the transmissions are reliable with all-wheel drive, which provides added security traveling in adverse weather.

The 2024 Seltos has a higher-than-average gas mileage in the subcompact SUV category. Models equipped with a four-cylinder engine, and front-wheel drive achieve an estimated 28 mpg from the EPA in city traffic and 34 mpg when driving. All-wheel drive models have a combined mpg of 27/31 city/highway. Turbo-four models that are only with all-wheel drive have a fuel efficiency of 25/27, as per the EPA.

The Seltos is a comfortable automobile to drive but it’s not the most thrilling. Its handling is competent, and it has steering is well-weighted and has a short turn radius, which makes driving within tight urban areas easy. The Seltos is equipped with a stiff suspension that contributes to smoother handling and incredibly smooth (but generally fluid) riding. It can be a bit nervous when you drive on bumpy roads, however, Kia’s riding quality is at its best all the time. The brakes are dependable and will bring the tiny SUV quickly to a stop.

2024 Kia Seltos S Review
2024 Kia Seltos S Review


The Seltos comes with standard active driver aids like auto emergency braking that includes bicycle and pedestrian detection lane-keep assistance as well as automatic high beams.

The 2024 Kia Seltos S trim includes blind-spot recognition as well as a rear cross-traffic warning The SX trim comes with an upgraded system, which includes junction assist, adaptive cruise control stop-and-go, and lane-centering capabilities.

The IIHS gives Seltos the Top Safety Pick award. Seltos with the top safety Pick award, which comes with a poor score for all trims that are not SX’s headlights. NHTSA rates the Kia five-star rating in its overall score.

The base trim comes with an infotainment device that is controlled by an eight-inch touchscreen, which incorporates Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It also has four USB ports, as well as two outlets for 12V. The S and above trims have the 10.3-inch touchscreen, which is integrated into the gauge cluster that is digital and also comes with SiriusXM and remote connectivity. This new model is capable of receiving updates over the air.

Standard driver-assistance features include:

  • Rearview camera
  • Forward collision alert
  • Forward automatic emergency brake
  • Identification of cyclists and pedestrians
  • Lane-departure alert
  • Help with keeping track of the lane
  • Monitors the attention of drivers
  • Auto high-beam headlights
  • Rear seat alert (reminds you to look over the back seat for any children or animals prior to leaving the car)

Available driver-assistance features:

  • Control of the stop-and-go adaptive cruise
  • Highway Drive Assist (adaptive cruise control and the ability to center the lane)
  • Monitoring blind spots
  • Rear cross-traffic alert
  • Recognition of traffic-signs
  • Warnings for exiting vehicles (alerts for passengers who are exiting vehicles that are approaching from behind)