2024 Kia Seltos Review: What Are the Improvements to The 2024 Seltos?

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2024 Kia Seltos Review: What Are the Improvements to The 2024 Seltos? – We’ve had the pleasure of living with a Kia Seltos for about a time in our ongoing test fleet, this is a compact crossover that we’ve experienced and love. However, that was the model of 2021, and 2024 introduced a significant refresh of the Seltos. The list of changes are more striking looks, improved technology, and, for models equipped with turbocharged engines with more power, and an upgraded transmission.

2024 Kia Seltos Design
2024 Kia Seltos Design

We took the 2024 Seltos SX, the range-topper that has all upgrades to test to determine if these improvements would allow us to love the vehicle further. 2024 Kia Seltos Review


The Seltos will get a new look in its interior and exterior style in 2024. The grille has been redesigned and the lighting components elevate the vehicle’s appearance, as do the latest wheel designs as well as the rear bar of light connecting to the rear lamps. Inside, the cabin has been updated with an information panel that has two big screens. The current model’s classic shift lever appears to be being replaced with the rotary control. The Seltos’ turbo 1.6-liter four-cylinder produces the 195-horsepower, which is up 20 horsepower over last year’s version and comes with an eight-speed auto transmission, replacing the earlier seven-speed one. An X-Line version with a rugged appearance is available and has distinct exterior styling.

The most value is with Seltos’s EX trim. Its SX version comes with everything you need, however, the EX is also well-equipped but is also much more affordable. It comes with faux leather upholstery, a 10-way power-adjustable driver’s seat, and heated front seats. It also comes with an in-car charging pad for mobile phones and the latest dual-screen information system that includes the navigation system in the dashboard. All-wheel drive is also available to people who require it.

Since the Seltos was brand new two years ago, the new design for 2024’s model year is more gradual than groundbreaking. Many customers will not even know that the Seltos features a new exterior design unless the two models are compared side-by-side.

The wider grille, complemented by full-projection LED headlights is perhaps the most obvious change to the exterior. Kia has added “Star Map” LED lighting which connects the headlights grille, and running lights as well as giving the Seltos a unique look and feel at night. Vertical fog lights are integrated more seamlessly into the bumper and the upgraded lower bumper offers the Seltos with more attractive look.

On the back, Kia updated the taillights using a horizontal design. linked by a light bar that runs across the rear of the car and gives the Seltos an aggressive look. Reflectors for the rear and backup lights on the bumper resemble the design and shape of the fog lamps in front.

To complete the new look, Kia has introduced modern geometric wheel designs that aid in distinguishing the grades of the trims. Kia provides Seltos in three new colors. Seltos in three fresh colors: Pluton Blue, Fusion Black as well as Valais Green. The car was painted in Pluton Blue, my test car drew lots of interest from people who were unsure of the car but loved the hue.

2024 Kia Seltos Interior
2024 Kia Seltos Interior


Kia has updated the 2024 Seltos with a brand new panorama display which displays informational and driver display in one place. The other Kia models also use this style as well, and it’s great to see it made to be integrated into more affordable vehicles.

The base trims come with eight inches of infotainment as well as the 4.2-inch instrument cluster. On the other hand, more expensive trims feature two 10.25-inch displays. The two versions are on the same display. The new screen is more connected than the earlier version, with improved design and interior style, providing the Seltos the look of luxury.

The Kia infotainment technology is one of the top available It works effectively with the new 10.25-inch display. It is simple to navigate the system and the display is simple to read thanks to huge, sharp icons that are responsive to a touch. Kia makes climate control separate so that they are easy to reach, and the knobs that are physical for the volume and tune are always appreciated.

Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto connectivity is standard for all trim levels of 2024 Seltos however, this feature requires wired connectivity. I connected with my Samsung Galaxy S21 with no difficulties as Android Auto started up immediately. Android Auto works well, however, with its full control of the screen, it is necessary to go to the menu in order to quit Android Auto to access the Kia native Kia capabilities.

The seats don’t have any changes to 2024’s model year, they are elegant and comfortable with adequate assistance. The seats on the front are quite comfy, even after a few hours at the wheel.

It has ample storage in the front by having two cup holders as well as an enclosed center console. The wireless charging pad as well as numerous USB ports in the reach of drivers keep the devices fully running. Controls for heating the seat are near the gear selection located in the middle.

The Seltos isn’t a huge crossover. The rear seat is quite spacious, with ample head and leg room. The space is even adequate for a middle-sized passenger however the seat’s bottom as well as the seatback can be quite hard and may cause discomfort for a longer journey. Two USB ports are accessible to passengers in the rear.

With over 26 cubic feet of storage area behind the back seats, the Seltos has a good degree of convenience. It has plenty of room for just a handful of luggage or a few bags of grocery items. When you fold the back seats, it increases the space to 62.8 cubic feet.

2024 Kia Seltos Concept
2024 Kia Seltos Concept


The Seltos with its turbocharged engine is able to move 1.6 milliliters and generates the equivalent of 195 lb-ft, but in 2024 it increases by 20 horsepower (now at 195 horsepower) due to enhancements in the turbocharger’s cooling circuit. In contrast to the past, it’s coupled to an eight-speed traditional auto transmission, instead of a 7-speed dual-clutch auto. Seltos models that have this turbocharged engine feature an all-wheel drive feature in the normal.

This power boost took this 2024 Seltos from 0-60 speed in 7.3 seconds, which is the exact same speed as the 2021 Seltos equipped with the engine. Actually, two of the 2021 Seltos models we’ve tested could reach 60 mph within 7.4 or 6.9 seconds. In addition, the model’s additional power didn’t improve its quarter-mile time: 15.7 seconds at 90.1 mph doesn’t seem to be any better than prior.

The non-existent gains in performance are unsettling for Kia given that the increased power can negatively impact fuel efficiency. currently rated by the EPA at 25/27 mpg for highways and cities in comparison to 25/30 mpg in the previous year.

If you are driving it regularly it is said that the Seltos can keep up with the moving traffic well despite the power system that is sluggish. The engine starts to kick in with low-intensity surges and is heavily dependent on its turbocharger to offset the small amount of capacity. Although it is very quick while stepping into the pedal for merging and pass over the freeway. Except for high-rpm moments, it is quiet as the engine spins in the background.

The latest transmission shifts smoothly but it does take time. This means that things seem a bit slow on the move the gearbox might be quicker in dropping gears in order to have power accessible. In the meantime, waiting for the automatic to shift down and for the engine to discover the boost is a problem in situations when rapid acceleration is required.

In contrast to the acceleration, this 2024 SUV has set a Seltos the fastest braking speed at 60-0mph even though it was only two feet. It came to a halt within 113 feet, which isn’t bad at all. Not to be overlooked is the way the brake pedal is. Soft at the top but never abrasive the pedal builds strength in a smooth gradual manner.

The Seltos has a good overall refinement of the chassis, which is an outstanding feature in the small SUV segment. The way it rides allows for a connection to the road in addition to minimizing rough terrain as well as abrupt collisions The Seltos has the sophistication of its rivals.

There’s a bit of body roll as well as a sluggish, non-committal steering that the Seltos isn’t able to move with enough force to encourage drivers to take a more extended path along a scenic roadway. It is, however, astonished by its sturdiness even with its small wheelbase which reinforces the idea that it was created initially to be the perfect everyday vehicle.


Although the Seltos 2024 updates don’t seem revolutionary, or evident on the road, it’s an attractive small SUV worth a look. The number of features included in this particular test vehicle’s $32,000 (such as heated and cooled front seats, numerous functional drivers aids, multiple-color ambient lighting, and the sunroof) is a lot, and it’s a great thing that the Seltos performance overall can be found in lower versions, too. The smaller SUVs could seem like boxes of punishment however that’s definitely not the case for this 2024 Kia Seltos.