2024 Kia Forte Release Date: Is There Going to Be a 2024 Kia Forte?

2024 Kia Forte Release Date: Is There Going to Be a 2024 Kia Forte? There is speculation that a new design is anticipated for 2024 of the Kia Forte but its gas-only two engines are likely to be the sole engine option. The Forte Hybrid is produced in China However, it’s unlikely Kia is planning to launch this hybrid vehicle within the U.S. It is believed that the South Korean automaker has vowed to launch eight electric vehicle models in America by 2029. U.S. by 2029, although we’re not sure if the Forte electric vehicle could be in the works.

2024 Kia Forte Review
2024 Kia Forte Review


The last refresh was in 2021. The Forte currently is available in four trims. We anticipate that they will remain until the revamp. The redesign is anticipated by the publication that covers industry news Automotive News, and we expect some new options to be added along with it. The new model could include more regular safety features and connectivity options to the standard LX trim, however, it’s not confirmed as of yet.

The latest Kia Forte includes auto emergency braking, pedestrian detection lane-keeping aid, and high beam assistance. It is necessary to upgrade one or two trim levels for LED daytime run lighting, blind-spot recognition and reverse auto braking as well as a warning for safe exit. The 2023 Forte features a touchscreen of 8 inches that comes with Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto as well as a USB port and an AUX connector.

We’re hoping for Kia to bring the Forte on the same level as models they’re showing, that have slim, aggressive-looking headlights, and a sleek grill with a wider frontal fascia. The Forte revamp could see more smooth designs and more contemporary rear parts.

Kia’s Forte was given a more aggressive front end just two years ago. The Hyundai Sonata will get an all-width “Seamless Horizon Lamp” LED illumination signature on the front of the vehicle for next year. With Kia’s desire to keep up with Toyota’s more aggressive design, The Forte may be modern. The DRL could provide its 2024 Kia Forte with an innovative Tron style.

In other words, it’s likely to have minor changes made to the exterior of the vehicle. As an example, Kia could add even sharper edges to the style around the sides, front and back.

Hyundai will start using the new Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA) feature on the Sonata and expect it to be available by 2024 in the Kia Forte. RSPA allows drivers to park their cars and then exit parking spaces by remote reverse forwarding using the use of a “smart key” from outside the vehicle. In addition, a newly developed rear occupant warning system can ensure that children don’t get lost on the rear of the vehicle which is a feature that’s becoming more popular on the latest sedans.

Similar to Toyota, “next level” software updates over the air could be available to Kia. Kia vehicle. These updates will permit Forte owners to stay away from going to dealers for fixes to software. Furthermore, constant wireless updates allow drivers to receive real-time traffic info. If it’s offered in the future, it’s likely to be limited to the most expensive GT-Line or GT-level trims.

With a refreshing refresh scheduled for 2023, The Kia Forte is a carry-over model that will be available in 2024 with it to be removed from its GT Technology Package option. It came with FCA Fusion, a mix of driver assistance technologies. It can now be found as standard for Forte GT models equipped with the automatic dual-clutch transmission that is free of charge.

The GT model we recommend is a stronger and more athletic GT model. It swaps the standard auto transmission (CVT) to go with the seven-speed dual-clutch or a manual with six speeds. The stick shift is due to its increased driving engagement, however, it’s $800 more costly than the dual-clutch. There aren’t many additional features as, aside from the 201-hp turbocharged four-cylinder, which provides faster acceleration, the Forte GT comes with numerous attractive features, like 18-inch wheels as well as sport seats, ambient lighting inside, and a wireless charging pad for smartphones.

2024 Kia Forte Interior
2024 Kia Forte Interior


The 2024 Forte gets praise for its stylish and contemporary interior. It’s built well, but the vast amount of hard plastics impedes the cabin’s aesthetic appeal.

The Forte’s information system is an absolute highlight in the cabin of the car. It’s user-friendly, featuring well-placed, responsive displays with plenty of physical buttons that are redundant. The 8-inch touchscreen is equipped with the wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto however, the more expansive touchscreen is the ability to connect wirelessly to smartphones.

The standard infotainment system includes an 8-inch touch screen, the ability to wirelessly connect Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as a USB port, USB connection, Bluetooth, and a four-speaker audio system.

The available infotainment system includes a 10.25-inch touchscreen with connected Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and navigation. It also has a wireless charge for devices satellite radio HD Radio, a six-speaker audio system, and an 8-speaker Harman Kardon premium audio system as well as additional USB ports.

Other options include two-zone climate control that is automatic and push-button starting remote as well as proximity keyless entry. the sunroof

The Forte can seat at least five persons. The front row provides ample space for the car as well and the seats are comfortable across the two rows. The rear row is spacious enough to provide legroom and headroom for adults. Kia is a small vehicle, so don’t anticipate having a lot of room.


The present Forte is available only in front-wheel drive. In the absence of any changes to engine choices in 2024, the Kia Forte is expected to have the same engine that powers the present Forte that is available. The Forte has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine which produces 150 horsepower and 132 lb-ft of torque. The engine’s base model is coupled with the continuously variable transmission.

The top-of-the-line GT trim offers a 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder motor that creates 201 HP and a torque of 195 lb-ft. It is paired with an eight-speed dual-clutch that has paddle shifters, or a 6-speed manual transmission.

Even with the positive additions, Kia could be taking some important aspects away from the Forte. In the 2024 model year, Hyundai dropped the peppy 1.6-liter turbo-four engine from Sonata’s engine lineup. So, Forte customers are keeping bated anticipation to know if the most powerful GT’s Gamma-series engine is gone.

The Base Fortes come with a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter engine that produces 147 horsepower as well and the torque is 132 lbs. It is powered by a somewhat un-fined continuously variable auto transmission. With the smoky engine, owners have the option between a paddle-shifting seven-speed dual-clutch system or a decent old six-speed manual. The latter is a great choice for putting its power of 201 horsepower as well as 195 pounds of torque on the road via one of the wheels on its front. 2024 Kia Forte Release Date

2024 Kia Forte Price
2024 Kia Forte Price

Release Date and Price

If it is redesigned that has been completed, the Forte will cost slightly more than its current model which has an MSRP between $20,585 and $28,285. Based on previous release cycles, we anticipate the new 2024 Kia Forte to launch in the fall of next year, but there is no set date for the release.