2024 Kia EV9 Range: How Much Range Will the Kia EV9 Have?

2024 Kia EV9 Range: How Much Range Will the Kia EV9 Have?In the past, We’ve been a bit dissatisfied when an exciting concept is revealed to be a smaller possibility when it is in production. However, that hasn’t been the case with the 3-row Kia EV9 electric crossover, which is largely in line with the bold design of Concept EV9. Concept EV9. Three-row electric crossovers are a rarity in the market, with one called the Tesla Model X being one of a handful, but the EV9 is expected to come with a better price tag as compared to. Based on the identical Electric Global Modular Platform as the EV6 and equipped with two motors that are dual-motor, the EV9 will also be easy for driving with much quicker acceleration than Kia’s well-known three-row Telluride. We take a closer look at Kia’s latest and most popular SUV.

2024 Kia EV9 News
2024 Kia EV9 News


It’s not a secret that there’s nothing tinny about the exterior style of the brand-new Kia EV9 SUV, which is able to successfully carry over some of the design cues that were used in the concept. As with its concept design, the current model sports chunky and line-like lines as well as an underlying polygonal theme. If the Kia Soul was a middle school pupil with a cool, cool father and a cool dad, then the EV9 is the father.

The distinct design is enhanced with intricate lighting both on the front and back. This is its Digital Tiger Face with dual groups of tiny cube lamps that are incorporated into the bodywork along with every headlamp. The majority of the great things are there and include the beltline which runs along the top in the middle row. Massive fenders as well as fitting door handles with flush fit define the front view. However, those rear-hinged doors from the original design have been substituted with traditional front doors.

These futuristic 21-inch wheels are encased with Michelin tires. These wheels feature off-center Kia logos. Another interesting design that is somehow compatible with the EV9. Kia says that wheel options vary from 19-inch models up to 21-inch ones we have in this photo. The blacked-out A-pillars provide the EV9 with the appearance of floating roofs with an attractive spoiler located in the rear. From the sides, you can also see that the roof overhangs aren’t as long and leave as much room as it is practical for the passenger’s area.

Two different models, one with traditional closed roofs and another with a dual sunroof were spotted. Also, we know about there is an EV9 GT-Line gets raised roof rails with exclusive wheels and tires with model-specific exterior characteristics.

A lot of information is yet to be determined, however, they include the color options that will be offered on Kia’s EV9. Kia mentions that there’ll be gloss and factory matte colors, however.

The dimensions for the Kia EV9 consist of a length that can go approximately 197.4 inches and the height is 70.1 inches and the width is 77.9 inches. This places it within the same category that Kia Telluride. Kia Telluride, although a little more spacious. The wheelbase of 122 inches would be similar to that of the production model.

The weight of the curb is not known, however, given its completely electric engine and its size the EV9 is expected to be the largest Kia version to date. When you consider that the Telluride already weighs nearly 4,500 pounds, even in the heaviest version and the 2024 EV9 could come with a weight of more than 5,000 pounds comfortably.

2024 Kia EV9 Interior
2024 Kia EV9 Interior


The improvements to the interior of the current Kia EV9 are more substantial than those on the outside, however, it’s not surprising since it was an unassuming design within. Seats inside the Kia EV9 will be able to hold up to seven or six people dependent on the trim, or the configuration, and the company promises to provide a comfortable space for every row.

In contrast to other vehicles with three rows, There is greater flexibility regarding how seats are placed. This is made possible by the E-GMP platform that has a floor with a flat surface as well as a long wheelbase. The people who sit in the two rows are able to recline their seats at the same time However, the swiveling second-row seats seen in the design won’t come to fruition in the production versions that are destined for the US. While it could make for a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere the design doesn’t conform to standards of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

The design of the dashboard that is floating modern and sleek, as well as the neutral and elegant colors that are used on the car shown in this gallery create a chic style. The maker is proud in declaring that it will only use “forward-thinking” materials will be utilized, including non-leather PU seats, BTX-free interior trim as well as recycled fabric, and other products that are animal-free as choices.

Kia states that the screens are dual 12.3-inch touchscreens. This is atypical since the screen in front of the driver’s screen normally isn’t a touchscreen display. The screens come with a five-inch segment display. There are also hard controls to control the temperature and adjustment of the volume below the vents. However, the air is not a problem there is a tri-zone climate controller that is standard.

The EV9 is also able to be used as a source of power It also has an integrated charging control unit and outlets that are able to charge additional gadgets. The most notable debut of the EV9 is the lidar-based technology that it offers. Advanced Highway Driving Assist and Lane Following Assist, which we believe will be an optional feature or available on higher models. We are aware it will be available on top trims. Highway Driving Assist 2 will come with the entire model. The full suite of safety functions and driver assistance will come standard together with 10 airbags.

In terms of cargo capacity in the Kia EV9 20.2 cubic feet is the standard in the third row with the largest volume of cargo of 81.9 cubes once the rows fold down. To give you an example, the similar lengthy Telluride features 21,050 cubic feet of storage space in the middle row. Kia was also announcing the large center console storage area. 2024 Kia EV9 Range

Engine and Range

Though it has been confirmed that it rides using similar Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) as the EV6’s smaller model and EV9 models, the EV9 will be the first vehicle from the manufacturer to feature fourth-gen batteries. It is available with two different powertrain options. One is a basic 76.1-kWh battery that has 215 horsepower that is sent through the rear wheels. Or an option upgrade to a 99.8-kWh battery that comes with one motor, or a dual motor setup. Two motors will get 379 hp as well as 516 lb-ft of torque, as and torque vectoring for all-wheel drive. The specifications for the single motor configuration are not yet available, but Kia has proved that the most efficient dual-motor setups are designed to have an 0-60mph sprint time that is five minutes. Basic models could require nearly twice that time to finish the test.

Although it may be somewhat disappointing in a vehicle that is electric, however, we are pleased that Kia has reportedly invested in a standard model in order to make the price at a level that is acceptable. In addition, it’s an affordable family car and not a sport automobile.

The model that is the base appears to not be rated for towing however, the manufacturer states it has the capacity for towing up to 5,000 pounds “available” in the range which we presume to be with the strongest powertrain and AWD. The second figure is located within the Telluride area, but it will decrease the range substantially.

It was reported that the Concept EV9 promised a range that could reach 300 miles. Kia claims that, for the actual production EV9 it will have a 99.8-kWh battery with a single motor configuration that will be able to match this. The latest leak of information suggests that the final EV9 has an endurance of between 220 to 229 miles. It’s reasonable to believe that two-motor variants will have an extended range that is more in line with the earlier number.

The battery is able to be recharged by 10 to 88% in less than 25 minutes thanks to its electrical design of 800V. The EV6 is the same charge speed, but it takes faster 18 minutes to recharge its battery to a level of 10-80%. Obviously, it is due to the fact that the EV9 has a bigger battery.

It’s been reported that the Concept EV9 has a hood venting duct that has solar panels that recover a tiny amount of energy. However, it’s not clear what the actual version of the car will include this feature. EPA scores are still a little away, and the MPGe specifications remain unknown. But, the heavy electric vehicles aren’t particularly efficient according to the BMW iX’s top mpg rating of 86 MPGe when combined. Three-row Tesla Model X is a superior reference point to Kia to strive for, which is 102 MPGe in total.

2024 Kia EV9 Review
2024 Kia EV9 Review

Release Date and Price

The launch date of Kia EV9 is set for the fourth quarter of 2023. Kia EV9 is set for the 4th quarter of 2023. This is when it is available in the USA however production in the US will begin in 2024, allowing those to get tax-free rebates. It is expected that the 2024 Kia EV9 to be priced around $55,000. If fully loaded, it will be priced at $70,000.