2024 Kia EV9 Pickup: How Much is the Kia EV9 Pickup Truck?

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2024 Kia EV9 Pickup: How Much is the Kia EV9 Pickup Truck? There’s an abundance of fully-electric, all-electric pickups available for you to choose from. If you’re willing to put in at least $60,000, you could get yourself the Ford F-150 Lightening, Rivian R1T, or even the stunning Hummer from GMC. They come with the power of an electric motor with a ton of cutting-edge technology included in the conventional form of a utility vehicle. However, if you’d prefer your electric pickup to feature a distinctive, modern design, then it’s possible to look forward to an upgrade to the Tesla Cybertruck that’s likely to be available by the end of this year. 2024 Kia EV9 Pickup

2024 Kia EV9 Pickup Review
2024 Kia EV9 Pickup Review

But Tesla isn’t the only EV maker known to cook up unconventional-looking cars. Kia is coming up with some strikingly stylish electric vehicles like the EV6. However, the EV9 SUV that was recently revealed absolutely knocks it out of the park. The clean and modern appearance is second to the rest. We are left wondering what an all-electric pickup made by Kia, the Korean company could appear like. Because Kia does not have plans to build one at this time We decided to design one for ourselves!

Our digital artist in-house Timothy Adry Emmanuel has created the most stunning illustration of what an electric pickup modeled on the Kia EV9 SUV from 2024 will be like. The striking design of the exterior makes the Tesla Cybertruck at the forefront. Let’s look at it more closely.


Kia intends to put eleven electric vehicles available for the market by 2026. The EV6 as well as the EV9 SUVs will be an integral part of the electrification plan. If the Korean company introduces the electric pickup that Emmanuel has created, it’ll make sense in its new range of vehicles. If Tesla unveils its Cybertruck that it is an electric pickup truck that is unique. If Kia was a pickup that resembled our digital imagination within its lineup and it was a sure thing, it’d be the Cybertruck’s most formidable rival.

The render draws an adolescent look of the EV9 SUV design and includes some of the styling features that are from the actual version. The truck’s face is striking. The headlights are exactly similar to what was seen in the concept originally created by Kia. However, the grille appears more aggressive as does the rear bumper. There are two air ducts that supply cool air to the brakes. Additionally, a large skid plate protrudes from under the car.

The sides are in line with the design of the production EV9 SUV. The large front and rear quarter panels appear cool and the highlight is black. The sleek wheel that has low profile tires, and the white brake calipers which rise from the side suggest that this is a model that performs that is fitted to the vehicle. Emmanuel is also giving these handles for the flush doors of this truck that look stunning.

The back profile has an edgier design. The taillights look exactly like that on the production EV9 SUV. The tailgate is sculpted style with a modern design as well as the rear bumper isn’t as imposing as the front. It has a bed that is 5 feet long and an EV9 double-cab configuration, the EV9 pickup is a great choice to carry cargo, and is efficient for carrying passengers!

Images leaked to the public reveal the Cybertruck will be a continuation of Tesla’s distinctive minimalist cabin. The Cybertruck will have a standard steering wheel, as well as a massive 17-inch touchscreen centrally located on the dashboard. Its design is contemporary and uncluttered, yet it’s been in use for too long and has begun to be a bit boring. The Cybertruck is equipped with features we normally encounter on Tesla. Tesla. This includes the Standard and Advanced Autopilot systems. Electric vehicle makers will include full-auto-driving capabilities in this model for an additional cost.

If Kia is able to design the pickup truck in this manner that it will load modern technology from the EV9 SUV, which is a production model. The truck will be built on Hyundai E-GMP, the group’s platform so it’s expected to have ample room in the cab, along with a great cargo space inside the truck’s bed. The truck could also include 360-degree swivel seats that are found in the SUV. This could be awestruck to have on a pickup.

The EV9 SUV has a massive 12.3-inch screen, which is split into two sections that are used for the instrument panel as well as the infotainment center. The layout of the dashboard is modern and clear, and Kia has also added buttons to control the climate. This setup is ideal for the pickup truck based on EV9. The Kia will also have the latest driver assistance system that can accomplish the majority of what can a Tesla autopilot is able to do.

2024 Kia EV9 Pickup
2024 Kia EV9 Pickup


The brand-new EV9 SUV will come with various choices for powertrains. Models starting with the base model have a single-motor rear-wheel drive option that comes with a 215-horsepower electric motor. The models can go from 0-60 miles per hour within 8.2 seconds. Extended Range versions have larger battery packs that have a motor of 201 horsepower as well as a slower 60 mph speed that is 9.4 seconds. Dual-motor models pack 379 horsepower. Kia states that it is able to reach 60 mph off of a stop within 5.3 minutes.

Tesla will also provide the Cybertruck with three different configurations that include a single motor, a dual motor, and the most powerful model which has three motors. Tesla hasn’t yet released the figures for power yet, however, it has stated that models equipped with one motor rear-wheel drive will be able to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour within 6.5 minutes. Trims equipped with dual motors and all-wheel drive can reduce the time to 4.5 minutes. The versions with three motors are the most powerful models of the Cybertruck which can hit 60 miles per hour within 2.9 seconds.

The EV9’s powertrain selection doesn’t cut it for the concept vehicle we’re developing for it to go toe against Cybertruck’s speed. Instead, we’d recommend an electric drivetrain that comes from the EV9 GT, which Kia has promised to launch in 2025. The details aren’t yet clear However, we’re sure that it will have a higher-powered model of the GT’s motor. The top-performing version of the medium-sized EV comes with a dual motor all-wheel drive system that has 576 horsepower as well as the ability to hit 60 speeds within 3.2 minutes.

Adding the EV9’s Burst Mode in this configuration and boosting the power output of the electric motors over a certain time period, is enough to let this pickup truck go up against the Cybertruck at dragstrips.

Release Date

The official price for the Kia EV9 hasn’t been figured released as of yet. However, we expect the Standard Range RWD model to be priced at $55,000 when the electric vehicle will be available for sale in late 2023. Kia is rumored to be an upgraded EV9 GT that will also be launched at a later time. We expect it will cost about $70,000. It’ll match up to rivals like that the Rivian R1S and beat out that of the Tesla Model X by a significant amount. If Kia develops an electric pickup truck that is based on the SUV, it’ll come with similar prices. This makes it an excellent alternative to electric pickups like those the F-150 Lightening, R1T, as well as Tesla Cybertruck. Tesla Cybertruck.