2024 Kia Carnival Colors: Exterior Colors & Interior Colors

2024 Kia Carnival Colors: Exterior Colors & Interior Colors We’d like to welcome everyone to this year’s Kia Carnival. The luxurious, moveable condo is proof that even if you choose an efficient minivan for hauling the family and other cargo isn’t a reason to not take advantage of a high-tech luxury cabin.

2024 Kia Carnival Release Date
2024 Kia Carnival Release Date

When we tested Kia Carnival, we were impressed with Kia Carnival in the top-of-the-line SX Prestige trim, we discovered it perfectly combines practicality, safety, and technology as well as an impressive interior. I believe it is the epitome of luxury minivans in the category. Alongside the excellent interior design, Kia also went to the greatest lengths to make the perfect minivan for driving and is able to keep pace with the traffic.


With the advent of SUVs and their plethora of options, it’s not difficult to dismiss the whole minivan market as one in which dreams and personalities are lost. The minivan industry has been experiencing an upswing in popularity as consumers are coming to the realization that there’s simply an easier way to relocate the family’s belongings and everything else. With the changing marketplace forces, minivans are getting more interesting and exciting and exciting, with Kia Carnival at the forefront. Kia Carnival is at the forefront.

You don’t get an experience like a sports car when you’re driving your huge people-mover however it doesn’t mean that the whole driving experience should be a complete bore. Kia Carnival Kia Carnival may offer the convenient sliding doors, as well as third-row accessibility that minivans offer However, it’s driven as an expensive SUV. You can have the convenience of a minivan and the experience of driving an inviting SUV.

Kia Carnival Kia Carnival may have a stunning exterior and drivetrain however, it’s its interior design that sets it apart from its competitors. With this premium SX Prestige trim, this Korean minivan is a cut above minivans in the category of luxurious and practical people-movers. This trim is the most luxurious and features a leather interior, with the three rows benefitting from this luxurious interior.

The captain’s chairs that are in the center give passengers comfort at an entirely new level thanks to the seats in the VIP Lounge. The seats are able to fully recline and feature a leather-trimmed footrest that you will not find in another minivan. These seats, which are a trick for middle seating, have power and can be as well cooled and heated. With all their design, they don’t significantly hamper their practicality. They are able to function as normal minivan seating. Additionally, they can accommodate a car seat, giving an ultimate double purpose.

The upholstery is not the only thing that’s used The interior of the Carnival is made up of smooth-feel plastics as well as unique aluminum trim. The biggest issue is the usage of black piano plastic, which is used within the areas of high traffic around the cabin. It may appear nice at first, but it’s not the best material for the interior of a minivan which is the preferred home of kids with sticky fingers. Even with these minor issues, it’s this Kia Carnival SX Prestige is the perfect floating couch.

2024 Kia Carnival Interior
2024 Kia Carnival Interior


The clever usage of technology helps it distinguish itself from other models and serve better for your family. In the SX Premium trim, there is the option of a gauge that is digital along with a centrally mounted 12.3-inch touchscreen. In the lower part of the screen, there are HVAC controls to control the tri-zone climate system, as well as haptic buttons that are used for common features.

The screen in the center allows the user to open up applications including Passenger View, which allows passengers to view the rear of the interior of the carnival through a camera on the roof. The view is projected on the central screen, so that you’ll be able to monitor the rear passengers, without taking your attention off the road.

Kia Carnival SX Prestige Kia Carnival SX Prestige offers an assortment of cameras outside that allow you to park your car in a snap because of the various views of the vehicle. They also are activated in the event that your turn signal is activated. You can click on the blinker and, depending on your direction, one of the gauges from the digital cluster will display an image of the camera’s location of blindness, which will help keep you in a safe place while merging. With night vision, you will be able to easily monitor the precious cargo you carry at all times of the day and evening.

For those who want to keep their rear-viewers entertained, to keep the rear passengers entertained, the Carnival has an available back-seat entertainment system with two screens mounted to the rear that are connected access to internet connectivity thanks to the Wi-Fi hotspot at the Carnival. This impressive technological feat of a van seamlessly integrates entertainment and safety technology to provide a place that is safe and enjoyable for the entire family.


All Kia Carnivals have the exact 3.5-liter V-6 engine that is paired with an 8-speed automated transmission that transmits only power to the front wheels. It’s one of the strongest minivans available for sale right now thanks to 262 pound-feet of torque. Our tests revealed that this V-6 is an exciting powerplant that could move this huge leather-lined van effortlessly and creates an amazing induction sound.

The 3.5-liter mill is equipped with Kia’s latest Smartstream fuel system, which incorporates both port fuel injectors and direct injectors. This allows you to profit from the increased efficiency of directly injected engines as well as low-end thrust as well as the lack of carbon build-up at the intake valve in a port-injected engine.

The Smartstream system improves general fuel efficiency and power output while removing carbon build-up caused by direct injection only automobiles, and this should contribute to lower costs over the long term of owning the vehicle. Kia Carnival 2023 Kia Carnival has an EPA-rated 19 mpg within the City and 26 MPG on the road which is a combination of 22 MPG. It is a step behind the more efficient rivals in Toyota’s Hybrid Sienna.

The V-6’s smoothness is combined with to an eight-speed auto transmission that is fast to take off shifts while blending into the background with its smooth performance. When speeds are high the quick-shifting auto will be eager to shift down one gear in order to aid in passing and also access the power curve of the V-6.

Kia Carnival Kia Carnival is front-wheel-drive only which puts it in the shadow of competitors such as that of Toyota Sienna and Chrysler Pacifica with all-wheel drive, both of which are available. However, it is clear that the Carnival is not a problem putting it to work, even though its performance on all weather surfaces could be over its all-wheel-drive competitors.

2024 Kia Carnival Price
2024 Kia Carnival Price


Its 2024 Kia Carnival starts at $33,200. The middle-priced EX trim is priced at $38,700. The top-of-the-line SX model starts at $41,900. The extravagant SX Prestige trim is priced at $46,300. 2024 Kia Carnival Colors

Exterior Colors

  • Snow White Pearl
  • Aurora Black Pearl
  • Ceramic Silver
  • Astra Blue
  • Deep Chroma Blue
  • Panthera Metal
  • Flare Red

Interior Colors

  • Gray
  • Tuscan Umber