2024 Kia Carnival Changes: What Are the Changes In the Carnival 2024?

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2024 Kia Carnival Changes: What Are the Changes In the Carnival 2024?Minivans deserve to be celebrated. Every vehicle type is more suited for carrying three rows of people and tons of cargo, with acceptable efficiency and civilized driving conduct, even three-row SUVs. Kia is celebrating by hosting an annual Carnival. 2024 Kia Carnival Changes

2024 Kia Carnival Concept
2024 Kia Carnival Concept


The Carnival was introduced just in the last two years, which means there won’t be any significant adjustments this year. The only difference is that the auto-up/down power windows for safety have been removed from The Carnival EX, and the Carnival EX Power Tailgate Delete option is no longer in use.

You can call it whatever you like or Kia. The Carnival isn’t a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) It’s a minivan and one that’s pretty good to boot. The striking, attractive design connects the Carnival to Kia’s attractive crossover SUVs. And the interior is a comfortable and beautiful place to relax. It’s loaded with technology and features for convenience, as well as innovative storage solutions that amplify the package.

The Carnival’s feature-per-dollar price helped to win our minivan test in four different ways However, that’s not the main strength. The minivan from Kia is enjoyable to drive. It has an impressive V-6 engine, a soft suspension that won’t compromise its body control, and a clever eight-speed automated.

However, the Carnival does not have any flaws. There’s a lot of capacitive touchscreen controls in the front. They look stunning however they don’t provide any tactile feedback, and may take your attention off the road. Kia does not provide hybrid or AWD models like its competition however the V-6 is a bit loud under heavy stress. Also, the model that was introduced prior to the 2024 Carnival does not have the IIHS rating for the safety of Honda and Toyota. As a unit, although Kia cannot identify what it’s called this Carnival is a great minivan.

The Carnival has only two minor adjustments to 2024. Both of them affect the EX trim, but not the EX. The trim that is mid-range does not have automatic up/down windows, however, it has a powered rear liftgate.

The Carnival comes in four trim levels, ranging from the budget-friendly LX up to the premium SX Prestige, but the EX offers the best balance between price and features. The EX trim is equipped with a variety of amenities that can help justify the expense of upgrading such as a powered rear liftgate as well as an in-cabin intercom and a voice-control system that allows back-seat passengers to give commands to the system’s information and entertainment.

2024 Kia Carnival Interior
2024 Kia Carnival Interior


The Carnival is incredibly large, with more first and second-row space than Toyota Sienna or Chrysler Pacifica. The Carnival also offers the largest storage room in the middle row of the segment in addition to the spacious cargo area with the entire seating area that folds down.

The Carnival was a 2022 IIHS Top Safety Pick at the time it was first introduced, however, it was only able to meet the standards of the institute only when you chose the most expensive SX Prestige trim and its top-quality LED headlights. Headlights that are standard on other trims received the lowest score of Poor because of lack of lighting on the left and also the Kia’s people-mover does not have the 2023 TSP or even TSP+. It is not being evaluated through the NHTSA.

The Driver Assistance options are even more attractive. Kia offers automatic emergency brakes and lane keeps assistance, blind-spot tracking and rear cross-traffic warning, and auto high beams in normal. The higher trims include an adaptive cruise controller, lane-centering as well as rear-automatic braking, and a 360-degree camera. The trim levels that have a digital instrument cluster provide a blind-spot camera feed in the event that the turn signal is activated.

The basic Carnival LX is fitted with the basic 8.0-inch touchscreen information system which includes Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The other trims have a 12.3-inch system, but they require the use of a mirroring cable for your smartphone. Six speakers are the audio configuration common, but the eight-speaker setup is available to the majority of trims. Additionally, the SX Prestige gets 12-speaker Bose audio. Both SX as well as the SX Prestige come with an instrument cluster that is digital.

Kia has Kia’s Carnival featuring three cabin layouts with a unique variant to The SX Prestige. The basic Carnival LX will be fitted with a standard three-row configuration featuring two seats in the front, two seats in the second row, and three seats in the back. Other trims will come with a configuration of eight seats that includes an additional bench in the second row. The most expensive trim is an SX Prestige Seat package as an optional option that switches the middle bench for two ultra-plush captain’s chairs. They’re cooled, and heated, and have a recline that is backward as well as footrests that can be extended similar to your favorite home lounger.

2024 Kia Carnival Price
2024 Kia Carnival Price


Each Carnival comes with a 3.5-liter V-6 engine, an 8-speed auto with FWD. Its engine produces 19/26 mpg on the highway and city this is more than the majority of three-row SUVs however it is among the least efficient for the minivan category. Contrary to other minivans (see Toyota Sienna and Chrysler Pacifica) it has neither AWD or hybrid choices as of yet, which is the same in 2024. The Carnival’s 290 horsepower V-6 engine will propel it to accelerate from the 0-60 mph mark in 7.5 minutes.

Its 2024 Kia Carnival comes with a V6 engine that produces 290 horsepower and is coupled with an eight-speed automated transmission, as well as front-wheel drive. It’s a fantastic powertrain offering enough off-line acceleration, as well as enough power to hit speed on the highway quickly. Its transmission is smooth and the shifts are swift but mostly invisible.

The 2024 Carnival is decent fuel efficiency for the minivan class, but it’s not a class-leading vehicle. The EPA estimates it to be 19 mpg for city driving as well as 26 mpg on the highway.

The Carnival is a great driver when compared with other competitors it has a well-weighted steering system and a good control of the body. Although it’s not sporty, however, it’s a comfortable ride. Carnival is stable and secure when driving. The suspension sits on the firm aspect, which could cause some bumps that can be transferred through the cabin. However, the minivan can handle most roads with ease. The brakes are strong and quick to will bring the Kia to an end.