2024 Jeep Recon Size: How Big is the Jeep Recon 2024?

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2024 Jeep Recon Size: How Big is the Jeep Recon 2024?So it starts. Jeep, a company that’s been riding on the backs of off-road solid-axle vehicles since 1941, is going to need to find a solution, as electric cars without solid axles are just not a good idea right now. The 2024 Jeep Recon will not replace the Jeep Wrangler. It is, however, Jeep’s first ever “true” electric off-roader. The Jeep Recon is shown for the first time.

2024 Jeep Recon Changes
2024 Jeep Recon Changes

The Wrangler is one of the most capable vehicles. Christian Meunier, CEO of Jeep Brand said at yesterday’s press conference that the Wrangler was “most capable”. After I had asked if the Recon was going to replace the Wrangler and Stellantis designer Ralph Gilles said that this question showed his team did their job well, I got the answer. He said that the Recon was inspired by the Wrangler and this can be seen in its design with the squared-off greenhouse, the rear-mounted spare tire, and the removable doors.

My question was not asked because I thought the Recon would be able to fill in the Wrangler shoes on the off-road, and I didn’t believe Jeep would give up its Wrangler moniker. But I think that the Wrangler we have today is not going to make a good EV. Especially not soon. If the Wrangler goes EV, it could look like something similar to this Recon. Let me explain that to you in a moment, but let me first tell you about what I do know (which is not much) about the Recon.

According to Jeep, it’s an off-road electric vehicle that can cross the Rubicon Trail. The vehicle will also have an aggressive off-road tire, skid plate, tow hooks, and an electronic lock. It’ll come equipped with a sliding roof, doors that can be removed, a frunk, and removable glass. This last part is interesting. Check out the photo below showing that the glass has been removed from the Recon cargo area.

Stellantis claims that the Recon is a “Reinvention” of the American modern icon. It sits alongside the Wagoneer EV on the Stella Large, about which I will write in just a few moments. You can read more here about STLA or the “Stella”, platforms that will drive Stellantis into the future. Recon will be available for customers to reserve in early 2023. The vehicle is expected to hit the market by 2024. 2024 Jeep Recon Size

2024 Jeep Recon
2024 Jeep Recon


Although we don’t know the exact dimensions, those who are in the industry say that the Jeep Recon is similar to the Wrangler. It has similar measurements despite being an entirely different package. Jeep Wrangler 4xe measures 188.4 in. in length, 73.8 in. in width, and just above 73.5 in. in height.

Wrangler’s 4xe is around 5100 pounds, and the Recon will be at least as heavy, if not heavier, due to its electric battery.

Jeep is now officially on board with the electric-powered future of motoring. The automaker declared September 8, 4xe Day, and unveiled its three new, electric SUVs, which will be produced in two years. Jeep will unveil four new electric vehicles for North America, Europe, and Asia by 2025 as part of an electrification shift. Jeep’s electric vehicles will reach a total of 50 percent in the United States and Europe by 2030.

Jeep Recon, Jeep Wagoneer S, and Jeep Avenger are available for the global market and for Europe. Jeep has only provided a small amount of information on each SUV, even though they have all technically been released. Consider this a brief introduction to what Jeep will be offering in the future.

The Recon is probably the most attention-grabbing of the three EVs. Jeep doesn’t hesitate to compare it with the Wrangler in terms of both design and performance off-road. The cabin can be opened with the power of a single touch. It has removable doors and an e-locker axle tech. Jeep claims that it is capable of trail driving thanks to Jeep Selec Terrain traction control, locker axle technology, and large off-road rubber. The Stellantis STLA platform is the only thing that’s mentioned. No other details are given about batteries, performance, or motor arrangements.

Christian Meunier, CEO of Jeep Brand, told journalists at the 4xe Day press conference that the Recon was not intended to replace the Wrangler despite their obvious similarities. The Recon will be produced in the United States, with production expected to begin in 2024. It will also be available at launch with an array of off-road accessories. Recon reservations will be available in 2023.

Now that you’ve heard the little I know about the Recon let’s discuss the current situation Jeep finds itself in.

Jeep Wrangler is the solid-axle, off-road Jeep that inspires or emulates all others in one way or another. It has huge, knobby, rubber tires with tons of clearance and an aerodynamic shape of a shed. The Jeep Wrangler’s attributes are not ideal for an electric car, as they result in a high amount of Vehicle Demand Energy. The energy required to push the vehicle along the road is quite high. The Wrangler, in other words, is not an efficient machine by design. Gas Wranglers can now achieve MPGs in the mid-20s. Gas is cheap, it’s easy to blow-mold a tank so that more fuel can be added, and customers can easily fill up their tanks in just two minutes.

Inefficient vehicle designs that cater to off-road capabilities work as ICEs, but they can cause all kinds of problems in EVs. Due to the high energy required to drive down the road, and because of aerodynamic issues like sharp turns and high ground clearances due to inefficient tires, the range will decrease just as it would on a gasoline car. It’s expensive and difficult to increase the size of an EV “tank”. It’s possible to calculate the approximate size of a battery needed to achieve 250 miles on a Jeep Wrangler by using ABC coefficients. (I would have to make some assumptions). The vehicle will have to be heavy, expensive, and full of precious metals.

Jeep isn’t going to abandon the current Wrangler, despite its high price. It’s not a complicated vehicle, with the same transmission and engine as every other Chrysler.

Another issue concerns the Wrangler’s solid axle. This is an important component that makes it the best vehicle for low-speed, uneven terrain off-roading. The 4×4 Museum in UAE includes only solid-axle cars. And, despite the fact that the Ford Bronco has a great off-road performance, tests show that Jeeps still have an advantage. Solid axles have always been the trump cards of the Jeep Wrangler (especially because they make lifting easier than independent suspension).

2024 Jeep Recon New
2024 Jeep Recon New


The Recon is designed to capture the heart of off-roaders. However, the Wagoneer S looks more like an insane Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. Jeep executives have said this when discussing its performance. Like the Recon’s battery and motors, no details are available. Jeep claims a sprint from 0-60mph in just 3.5 seconds and an estimated 400-mile range per charge.

It also uses the STLA Large Platform, but despite wearing a Wagoneer badge its appearance is closer to that of the Grand Cherokee. Jeep promises generous interior space in the Wagoneer, which fits into the segment of midsize SUVs. The Wagoneer S will be produced in 2024 and built in America. Reservations can begin as early as next year.

Spy shots of this little Jeep have been circulating in the last few months. It will be marketed in Europe, Japan, and South Korea. The Jeep Renegade is the model below it. Jeep hasn’t released any details about the Wagoneer S and Recon but will release them before their larger siblings.

Jeep announced that four new EVs will be launched in Europe and North America before 2025. We know about three of them, but we don’t have any information on the fourth. Jeep did mention that an announcement was to be made at the Detroit Auto Show. Jim Morrison, the CEO of Jeep North America teased that a Grand Wagoneer 4xe Hybrid with a range estimated at 500 miles would be available. The exact date of the SUV’s arrival is not known, but media days at the Detroit Auto Show are less than one week away. Expect more details soon.

The Wrangler will continue to be available with gasoline, diesel, and plug-in powertrains. This compromise allows for some EV driving in the Wrangler while still maintaining JL’s rugged and capable drivetrain. Jeep showed a Magneto Concept Car at the Easter Jeep Safari. It was a Wrangler but with an electric motor connected to the transmission. This crude design would not work in a production car, because it compromises the battery’s packaging.

Pricing and Release Date

Jeep’s legendary Wrangler has had a major influence on the 2024 Jeep Recon. The Recon may not be a replacement for the Wrangler, but it shares much of the iconic off-roader’s design. The Recon is unabashedly boxy. Many SUVs today are shaped to be sleeker and more curved, but the Recon has a straighter, angular design. The model was created in the Wrangler design studio. The Recon features a new interpretation of the seven-slot iconic grille that now includes LED backlighting. The chunky bumpers and two-box design, as well as the rugged, high-profile tires, are also part of its influence.

Jeep has yet to announce the retail price of Recon. The Wrangler’s price structure may provide some insight, however, due to its strong ties with the Recon. We can assume that the Recon will be more expensive, as EVs tend to cost more than those with Internal Combustion Engines. Wrangler’s entry-level model starts just below $32,000 and goes up to $84,290 in the Rubicon 392 range. The best way to gauge the future of electric vehicles is by looking at the PHEV models, which combine the power of combustion engines with the power from electricity. Sahara 4xe, which is the cheapest model, starts at $58,640. Rubicon 4xe, with a higher specification, costs $62,380. The Recon will likely start at a higher price than the hybrid due to the additional development and production costs of a completely electric powertrain.

Jeep plans to unveil its production Recon by 2023. Jeep will take reservations in early 2023 and production of the Recon will begin in 2024. Jeep plans to sell 50% of electric vehicles by 2030. This should be a key factor in the plan.