2024 GMC Canyon AT4X AEV Edition: Review, Specs & Price

2024 GMC Canyon AT4X AEV Edition: Review, Specs & Price – GM has been on a roll recently with the release of new off-road vehicles that are becoming progressively aggressive. The most recent event in which Chevy displayed a disguised Colorado was at the end of the 2023 Colorado ZR2 off-road drive. Based on the fact that the name “Bison” was found inscribed on the rear dampers of the vehicle, we are very convinced that the vehicle in question is the next-generation 2024 Colorado ZR2 Bison. During the 2023 Canyon AT4X drive, GMC teased what was unmistakably their interpretation of an American Expedition Vehicle (AEV) upfit Canyon AT4X. This was another sneaky maneuver on GMC’s part. Do you see how this ties together?

2024 GMC Canyon AT4X AEV Edition
2024 GMC Canyon AT4X AEV Edition


GMC has made an announcement that a 2024 GMC Canyon AT4X AEV Edition is in fact on its way, and that complete information will be unveiled on Thursday, July 6, 2023. This announcement makes it official that the vehicle will be released. Another teaser shot was provided for us to enjoy, and this one showed the front grille, suspension, and underbelly of the vehicle from a low perspective (as shown in the image to the right).

Although there is not much information available at this time, we do know that the Canyon AT4X AEV will be equipped with the upfitter’s Salta wheels. This information comes from the first teaser, in which GMC went to great measures to disguise practically the whole car by wrapping it in a complete body suit. It should come as no surprise that these wheels are also made available on the previously announced 2024 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty AT4X AEV Edition as well as the presently available 2023 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X AEV Edition. In addition, the wheels will be fitted with tires with a dimension of 35 inches and manufactured by Goodyear Wrangler Territory MT. In addition, there seemed to be full-length steel rocker guards, much like the ones that come standard on the AT4X.

The most recent and comprehensive sneak peek to date lends credence to a number of our earlier hypotheses. A high-clearance steel item manufactured by AEV will take the place of the regular front bumper that comes equipped on the Canyon AT4X. The Canyon AT4X First Edition has a Comeup electric recovery winch that is positioned under the bumper. This winch is presently one of the available options on the GMC Canyon. When we turn the vehicle over, we discover that the front bash plate has been upgraded and that skid plates have been installed for the engine, the transfer case, and the fuel tank. The question of whether or not these pieces of Boron steel were hot-stamped by AEV remains unanswered.

A rear differential skid, which will be included on the soon-to-be-released Colorado ZR2 Bison, is conspicuously lacking from this model. We also know that the truck’s suspension will be elevated somewhat beyond the already high-riding height of the AT4X in order to support the bigger rolling stock. This was done in part so that the truck could better navigate rough terrain. This new shot also provides evidence that the truck will retain its excellent Multimatic DSSV dampers, even if it is probable that the dampers would need some retuning in order to accommodate the higher tire mass.

Even though it is obscured from view from this angle of the front, we have a good feeling that the back of the truck will be adorned with an AEV steel bumper. It is anticipated that the full-size matching spare tire and wheel will be included. In addition, we are keeping our fingers crossed that we will have access to a snorkel or an air intake system.

2024 GMC Canyon AT4X AEV Edition Interior
2024 GMC Canyon AT4X AEV Edition Interior

Both Chevrolet and General Motors brand GMC revised their respective models of the Colorado and Canyon for the year 2023. The ZR2 is the trim level of the Colorado that offers the highest off-road capability, but on May 31 the ZR2 Bison will be released with additional off-road features that improve upon the ZR2.

The majority of a corporation known as American Expedition Vehicles is responsible for the production of those items. The list of upgrades begins with black-painted wheels that have been fitted with 35-inch rubber boots. In addition to this, the ZR2 Bison has been lifted by 5 inches.

Chevy has released a teaser image of its most competent midsize vehicle covered in camouflage. However, the camouflage does not conceal the steel rear bumper or the beefier underbody protection. Because there’s no reason not to, the front bumper has space for a winch as well as two red tow hooks.

Surprisingly, GMC also plans to include a winch provision and two red tow hooks on the Canyon AT4X AEV. Both of these features were a pleasant surprise. The teaser for the design displays a significant portion of the underbody of the 2024 model, including the drive shaft and the Multimatic DSSV dampers.

It seems that the tire size as well as the 5-inch lift have been maintained. Even if the Canyon AT4X AEV and the Colorado ZR2 Bison have a technically identical cousin in the form of the Bison, you can tell from this picture alone that GMC means a whole lot of business.

However, this is how General Motors approaches the construction of vehicles. The most successful of Detroit’s “Big Three” automakers is well aware that there is power in quantity, as shown by the fact that it produces two distinct brands as opposed to only one for both the Ford Motor Company and Stellantis’ Ram.

When we’re talking about numbers, do you have any idea how much this guy is going to set you back? We’re willing to wager twenty dollars that it’ll be more expensive than the Colorado ZR2 Bison, even if we have no clue as to how much more expensive it’ll be. As a point of comparison, the retail price of the AT4X is $56,995, whilst the price of the Colorado ZR2 is $48,295. Because the Bison/AEV combo easily adds $5,000 – if not more – to the total price, it seems like we’ll be getting not one but two absurdly expensive off-road vehicles.

The Canyon AT4X AEV is built on the 31XX-2 platform, which was adapted from the 31XX platform used in the previous generation. It comes standard with an eight-speed automatic transmission (Hydra-Matic 8Lxx series), as well as the high-output version of the L3B four-cylinder turbo. At 5,600 revolutions per minute, the 2.7-liter engine generates 310 horsepower, and at 3,000 revolutions per minute, it generates 430 pound-feet of torque (583 Nm). In contrast, the 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 engine found in the 2024 Ford Ranger Raptor is capable of producing 405 horsepower while maintaining a consistent level of torque.

According to the Instagram photo that is linked below, we are dealing with a pre-production vehicle that has been outfitted with the various options that are available. In the small print, it also says that the vehicle will be available in late 2023, which indicates that GMC dealerships all throughout the country will get it for MY24.

The mid-size truck market is getting ready to receive not just the Ranger Raptor, but also another off-road beast in the shape of the Tacoma TRD Pro for the model year 2024. The full-size Tundra’s TNGA-F platform serves as the foundation for the Tacoma TRD Pro, which has been rumored to have hybrid powertrain capabilities on many occasions. However, it is yet unknown if the internal combustion engine component of such a powertrain is a 2.4-liter turbocharged inline-four or a 3.4-liter twin-turbo V6.

2024 GMC Canyon AT4X AEV Edition Concept
2024 GMC Canyon AT4X AEV Edition Concept


You may anticipate that the powertrain of the truck will be the same as the one found in the ordinary array of 2023 Canyon vehicles, which will consist of a 2.7-liter turbocharged engine and a 10-speed automated gearbox. Because of the greater diameter of the Goodyear tires, the ground clearance of the vehicle will increase to about 8 inches at the differential and 11 inches at the body. Additionally, we anticipate improvements in the angles of approach, departure, and break over as well. On July 6, we will have definite information.

When It Will Be Available and Its Cost

On July 6, the all-new 2024 GMC Canyon AT4X AEV Edition is scheduled to make its public premiere. We anticipate that the price of the new model will be somewhat more than the price of the model that is now available for purchase, which begins at $56,995. The price will be reduced for the lesser trim levels.