2024 Ford Maverick Specs: What Engine will The 2024 Ford Maverick Have?

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2024 Ford Maverick Specs: What Engine will The 2024 Ford Maverick Have? – The daring Ford Maverick is prepared to assist you in blazing your own trail since it was designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of a brand-new category of truck buyers. The Maverick is delighted to provide a targeted EPA-estimated 40 MPG fuel efficiency rating in the city*. The Maverick is the very first standard hybrid pickup truck to be produced in the United States. In addition, the small platform helps improve mobility, increases the bed reach-in height, and does not sacrifice any of the internal room for up to five persons. Have a need for even more capability? Upgrade to the optional 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine, which generates 250 horsepower and is combined with a quick-shifting 8-speed automatic gearbox and an intelligent all-wheel drive system. Towing capability of the Maverick may be extended to an incredible 4,000 pounds when the optional 4K tow package is purchased.

2024 Ford Maverick Redesign
2024 Ford Maverick Redesign

The Maverick already has an amazing capacity for towing. The clever FLEXBED that comes standard on the Maverick was designed with the requirements of do-it-yourself enthusiasts in mind. It offers a variety of options for hauling freight right there in the bed of the truck. The inside of this little pickup truck is designed to strike a balance between comfort and ergonomics, and it also comes equipped with a selection of connection capabilities that will help you keep in contact with the people in your social circle. The Ford Maverick is the best option for the next generation of truck purchasers since it comes with a beginning price that is far lower than other trucks in its class.


After a successful debut the previous year, Ford is bringing back the Maverick in 2023 with a number of significant new features. The most important recent development is the launch of the brand-new Tremor package. You will get a variety of performance-focused enhancements, and you will only be able to get them if you have the XLT or Lariat trim level, along with the optional EcoBoost engine, and all-wheel drive. The Ford Trail Control system, a locking twin-clutch rear differential, a more robust all-wheel drive system, an extra inch of suspension height, an enhanced transmission cooler, and an upgraded gearbox are some of these upgrades. Customers have the option of purchasing the Tremor Appearance package, which includes black graphics for the body sides, gray paint for the mirror caps, and gray paint for the roof. Last but not least, the Maverick XL base model now comes equipped with cruise control as standard equipment.

The interior of the Ford Maverick is a smart, elegant area that is packed with ergonomic design elements. This space offers the ideal environment for you to pursue your passion for adventure. Ford has included an astounding number of high-tech amenities as standard equipment in all of the Maverick models. These features include an 8-inch central touch screen that is compatible with Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto®, and FordPassTM Connect with an inbuilt modem and Wi-Fi for up to 10 devices. You’ll have plenty of space for up to five people thanks to its roomy crew cab arrangement, and there are a number of creative storage bins and compartments for important goods like tall water bottles and tablet devices. A convenient under-seat storage compartment can be accessed by folding down the rear seat, which is a great way to hide away your valuables and other items that need to be kept out of sight. When you get behind the wheel of a Ford Maverick equipped with the complete suite of available Ford Co-Pilot360 technology, you’ll have access to a ground-breaking package of safety measures that are intended to keep you one step ahead of any hazards.

2024 Ford Maverick Interior
2024 Ford Maverick Interior

The Ford Maverick’s one-of-a-kind FLEXBEDTM is perhaps the most forward-thinking and functionally creative component of the vehicle. Stamped slots that are large enough to accommodate 2x4s or 2x6s provide this multipurpose truck bed with nearly limitless options for personalizing and securing freight in accordance with the user’s particular requirements. Because of this, you have the freedom to construct whatever else that your mind can conjure up, like higher cargo floors, segmented storage, bike and kayak racks, and more. Integrated threaded holes on the sidewalls of the bed, four D-rings, and two tie-downs are some of the additional cargo management features that are included within the bed. The Maverick comes with standard built-in 12-volt electrical power that is pre-wired to an easily detachable cover on both sides of the truck bed. This means that you won’t have to tamper with the factory wiring in order to meet your electrical requirements. Its 4.5-foot bed has a typical payload capacity of 1,500 pounds, which is comparable to 37 bags of mulch weighing 40 pounds each. The tailgate must be up for this capacity to be used. You won’t need to angle the panels if you open the multi-position tailgate since there will be space for as many as 18 sheets of plywood measuring 4 feet by 8 feet and having a thickness of three-quarters of an inch.


2024 Ford Maverick Specs: The Ford Maverick is a pickup truck that stands out from the competition because of its impressive combination of fuel economy and capability. The front wheels are driven by a clever 2.5-liter four-cylinder hybrid engine that generates 191 horsepower and 155 pound-feet of torque and is coupled to a continuously variable gearbox. The standard powertrain. In addition to its normal towing capability of 2,000 pounds, the Maverick offers an industry-leading 37 miles per gallon in the city and a range of 500 miles on a single tank of petrol (EPA estimates). Are you looking for increased strength? You may upgrade to the optional 2.0-liter EcoBoost gas engine, which comes with an 8-speed automatic gearbox and is capable of producing 250 horsepower and 277 lb-ft of torque. You also have the option of outfitting your Maverick with the peace of mind that comes with an intelligent all-wheel drive system, which is available as an add-on, along with a 4K Tow Package, which brings the conventional towing capability up to 4,000 pounds.

Off-road packages are some of my favorites to drive around the city because off-road suspensions often handle bumps and potholes extremely well. The Maverick Tremor is not an exception to this rule, and it is one of the reasons why off-road packages are among my favorites. Although standard Mavericks have problems with the roughness of impacts, the off-road suspension and Falken Wildpeak A/T tires found on the Tremor give a substantial increase in the amount of cushioning available for the driver and passengers. The additional ride height also provides for a more confident driver sitting position — not by much, of course, but I didn’t feel dwarfed by tiny SUVs the way that I occasionally do in our long-term Maverick Lariat hybrid. This is a result of the increased ride height.

New 2024 Ford Maverick
New 2024 Ford Maverick

The handling does not feel much different from that of a standard Maverick. The Maverick Tremor is not as precise as a sports car, but it is not as vague as other small SUVs that I have driven, and it is not vaguer than a standard Maverick. This is something that may be an issue with off-road versions of trucks or older pickups. There is a little bit more body roll in the Tremor as a result of its increased ride height and suspension, but the alterations aren’t so significant that the Tremor wallows from side to side in the same manner that an F-150 Raptor with all of its extra suspension travel is able to do.

As I was trying two front-wheel-drive Mavericks, I had the impression that AWD variants of the Maverick would have a better start from a stop. This was validated when I drove the AWD version of the Maverick Tremor. While FWD Mavericks don’t have a lot of torque steer, which is when the vehicle pulls to the left or right during acceleration, they struggle to manage sudden power delivery with wheelspin when unloaded. This AWD Maverick, on the other hand, doesn’t have this problem. During the acceleration tests, a loaded four-wheel-drive EcoBoost Maverick also exhibited an alarming degree of wheel hop. I don’t think a Maverick Tremor would be the quickest Maverick in the lineup because of its additional weight and less street-oriented tires, and I’m not even sure an AWD Maverick EcoBoost without any off-road package would be quicker than an FWD one because of the weight, but I enjoyed the cleaner launches more than I did the FWD ones.

We’ve referred to the Maverick Tremor as a Bronco Sport Badlands with a bed since it shares the AWD system of the SUV, but it also has an advantage over the Bronco Sport Badlands: a larger wheelbase. I navigated a section of the bumpy road in a Maverick Tremor that, when I traveled it in a Bronco Sport Badlands, almost caused me to be thrown out of my seat. I felt every bump in the Asphalt, yet despite them, the truck never lost its composure. While I am unable to attribute all of that to the Maverick Tremor’s 16-inch-longer wheelbase, I can say that it does contribute to an improvement in the ride quality when compared to Ford’s other off-road product that is priced similarly.

Driving about town in the Maverick Tremor presents the driver with three significant challenges. To begin, the turbocharged four-cylinder engine is not the sort of engine that I find to have a very pleasant sound, and more cheap cars, like the Maverick, often have less sound deadening than other turbocharged four-cylinder vehicles. Second, the knobby tires make more noise and vibrations than the street tires on other Mavericks; this isn’t uncommon for off-road trims, and it’s not as loud as bigger off-road cars, but it’s still noticeable. While it’s not as noisy as larger off-road vehicles, it’s still noticeable. Last but not least, the Maverick Tremor does not excel in terms of its fuel efficiency: The observed fuel efficiency in city-leaning mixed driving conditions with temperatures ranging from the upper 20s to the low 30s ranged somewhere in the middle to the high teens. Yet, when I got into the truck with the almost full tank, it indicated that I had just over 300 miles of driving range. This is despite the fact that more city driving would result in worse fuel efficiency. The EPA gives the EcoBoost-powered 2022 Mavericks with all-wheel drive a rating of 22/29/25 mpg in the city, highway, and combined driving, but the agency has not yet published ratings for the 2023 Maverick. There is a possibility that purchasers are not worried about the vehicle’s fuel economy; but, after seeing the exceptional fuel economy of our FWD hybrid Maverick, statistics like these are disheartening.

To dispel the notion that the Maverick Tremor is merely a lift kit, it also features Tremor-exclusive upgrades such as a transmission cooler designed for heavier-duty applications, upgraded half-shafts, off-road-specific drive modes for mud, sand, and snow, and a new all-wheel drive (AWD) system with a rear differential that can send nearly all of the torque to the right or left wheel, or lock the rear wheels, for maximum traction. In addition to this, the front design has been updated, which brings the approach angle up to 30.7 degrees from 21.6 degrees before. While I did not get the opportunity to test the Maverick Tremor’s off-road capabilities, it is equipped with the necessary components. In the same manner that the Maverick can perform enough “truck” tasks like towing and hauling for most people, it seems as if the Maverick Tremor will be able to handle the majority of off-road circumstances.

In connection with the topic of trucks, one additional effect of the Maverick Tremor is that the truck’s cargo capacity is diminished to some degree. The maximum capacity that Ford specifies for the Maverick is 1,200 pounds, which is lower than the maximum capacity of other Mavericks, which is 1,500 pounds. The maximum capacity that Ford claims for our test vehicle, which includes the weight of its passengers, is 1,225 pounds. Towing capability is likewise capped at 2,000 pounds, the same as a basic Maverick. Non-Tremor AWD Mavericks may buy a towing kit that increases capacity to 4,000 pounds, but the Tremor Off-Road Package does not have this option.