2024 Ford F-150 Lariat: What Is New in 2024 F-150 Lariat?

2024 Ford F-150 Lariat: What Is New in 2024 F-150 Lariat? – Ford is making significant progress toward the mid-cycle facelift of the F-150. Another black prototype was seen on tape by our undercover team in Detroit; this one was in crew cab configuration. Despite the fact that the front and back are still covered in heavy camouflage, the photographs catch a few fascinating elements.

2024 Ford F-150 Lariat Design
2024 Ford F-150 Lariat Design


To begin, we believe that this vehicle is a 2024 Ford F-150 Lariat that has been upgraded with the sport look package. Take note of the side steps and the sliding rear glass; none of these features were present in our first sighting of the updated F-150 back in early December. This test vehicle sits on a separate set of wheels, and a careful inspection of the front bumper reveals what seems to be a body-colored bumper hidden behind the white wrap. This would be consistent with a sport package, but it’s also possible that it’s just the reality of a test car that’s all black.

If we continue to focus on the front of the truck, it seems that the headlights will be quite similar to those seen on the truck that is now in production. A dual-lamp arrangement that incorporates amber turn signals in the center is plainly discernible, although it is possible that the C-shaped housings will be subject to modification in the future. It’s possible that the grille will become bigger and extend farther into the bumper. A distinct line in the white camouflage material gives the impression that the aperture of the grille is lower than it really is; nonetheless, to Ford’s credit, the details are effectively covered.

To our good fortune, the driver applies the brakes as they go in front of the camera. This gives us a sneak peek at a new design for the taillights, which has a vertical line that curves forward at the lens’s top. It is in no way similar to the F-150 that is now in production, although it does have some similarities with the taillights of the electric F-150 Lightning. It is not known whether the overall form of the taillights will be altered, but the components found within will most definitely be modified. According to our sources, the black covers really conceal a tailgate that has a number of different functions.

There is as of yet no information on the many powerplant alternatives that will be made available. As this is a mid-cycle redesign, there is no reason to suppose that the F-150 won’t continue to offer its present choice of engine options. The same can be said about the inside, despite the fact that there is always the prospect of a bigger touchscreen and some small design tweaks.

2024 Ford F-150 Lariat
2024 Ford F-150 Lariat


It was revealed back in September that the Ford F-150 is anticipated to get a mid-cycle update in 2023 for the 2024 model year. This is likely to fall exactly within the average timeframe for the perennially best-selling truck after it was given a makeover for the 2021 model year. This would give it a normal product cycle of six years, which would be three years for the model that comes before the refresh and three years for the pickup that comes after the refresh, much as the previous generation did. A prototype of the 2024 Ford F-150 was discovered for the very first time earlier this month, and now, we have photographic evidence that a 2024 Ford F-150 Lariat equipped with the Sport Appearance Package is also undergoing testing.

Both the front and the back of this 2024 Ford F-150 Lariat are covered in extensive camouflage, as was the case with the prototype that was seen before, and this is likely to hide any alterations that may have been made to the vehicle. In spite of this, the general appearance of this 2024 Ford F-150 prototype is rather comparable to that of the existing model. This is something that should be anticipated from a fundamental redesign. It would seem that the next external modifications will be restricted to the front and back ends of the pickup truck, given that the pickup’s central part has been exposed and will remain essentially untouched.

It is quite possible that the cabin of the 2024 Ford F-150 will also undergo some alterations in addition to getting new front and back fascias. This may include the installation of a brand-new entertainment system that is driven by Google, which has not yet made its appearance but is anticipated to do so in the not-too-distant future. According to Ford, the probable Sync 4 replacement was supposed to debut on the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning; however, this did not end up occurring.

As for the Lariat model, it occupies a position in the current F-150 portfolio that places it above the XL and XLT models, but below the more opulent King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited models. This pickup is equipped with the Sport Appearance Package, which is currently only available on Lariat Mid and High models. This package includes a variety of features, such as body-color bumpers, accent color step bars, a box side decal (except when equipped with the FX4 Off-Road Package), a single-tip chrome exhaust, a dark two-bar grille, an 18- or 20-inch six-spoke wheels, and a distinctive interior with bucket seats, a flow- Upgrades such as extensible running boards with a dark gray accent that measure six inches and motorized running boards are available as options.

It is not apparent at this time whether or not the Ford F-150 Lightning will be updated at the same time as the ICE F-150. Ford CEO Jim Farley recently stated that the second-generation Lightning will not utilize the gasoline pickup’s platform. This statement may potentially hint at a shorter lifespan for the fully electric variant, which follows its own timeline apart from its counterpart which is powered by an internal combustion engine.

2024 Ford F-150 Lariat Interior
2024 Ford F-150 Lariat Interior


Two years ago, Ford conducted substantial surgery on the dashboard of the F-150 in order to make room for what is effectively a tiny television that is available in higher trim levels. The end result is a very unified center stack that lacks the aesthetic attractiveness of the one seen in the Ram 1500 as well as the much upgraded Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra.

This is particularly the case when discussing the higher trim levels, but at least the models up to and including the Platinum (shown at the top) make up for it by including buttery leather, open-pore wood trim, and attractively textured metal-look trim. Yet, even the base XLT model comes with high-quality materials and a unique trim piece that is debossed with a map of Detroit. This is a really cool feature (pictured below, bottom left)

When it comes to the massive 12-inch screen, we are unable to claim that it contributes anything lot to the Sync 4 user experience beyond the fact that it is much larger than the original 8-inch device. That is certainly still a benefit (who wants a smaller screen? ), but unlike the Ram portrait-style upgrade and GM’s widescreen unit (plus the Lightning’s portrait-style Sync 4A screen), the larger screen does not maximize its extra acreage with rearranged or extra-large icons that greatly improve functionality.

This is a disadvantage of the larger screen. Regardless of the size of the screen, it has a greater reach than the information that is contained in the RAM. On the other hand, the all-digital instrument panel that is an available option is vivid and clear, and the sufficient information and entertainment feature content can’t be criticized in any way.

We conducted an in-depth analysis of the six-passenger interior of a Ford F-250 SuperCrew, the seating of which is almost identical to that of a Ford F-150 from the year ’22, including the front middle seat and the fold-down console. The center console of the F-150 with seating for five passengers has a unique armrest lid that can be folded forward to form a flat surface suitable for placing a laptop computer, documents, or even a roadside picnic.

This origami is only feasible because of a one-of-a-kind motor that moves the shifter forward into a recess when the vehicle is parked (pictured below). We are intrigued to learn the extent to which owners have really taken use of and valued the availability of this option. Ford also significantly increased the amount of tilt and telescopic motion available on the steering wheel, which created a driving posture that was much more comfortable and resembled that of an SUV.

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At this moment, we estimate that the updated pickup truck will make its debut around halfway through the year 2023, and it will go on sale as a 2024 model the following year.