2024 Ford Explorer Timberline: How Much Will the 2024 Ford Timberline Cost?

2024 Ford Explorer Timberline: How Much Will the 2024 Ford Timberline Cost? – Recent spy photos capture what is believed to be the upcoming 2024 Ford Explorer Timberline. It is a cool variant that, in many respects, may be comparable to the ST trim level. Regardless, the Timberline exudes an atmosphere that is instantly recognized as Raptor. The 2024MY Explorer, on the other hand, will get a few modifications while the 2023 Explorer will remain mostly untouched.

2024 Ford Explorer Timberline Design
2024 Ford Explorer Timberline Design

The most recent round of spy pictures clearly demonstrates that to be the case. It is interesting to note that more enhancements will be made to the Explorer model sold in China; nevertheless, this model in no way corresponds to the Explorer sold in the United States. In any event, the following will provide you with all the information you want about this new SUV.


Even though this specific prototype of the 2024 Ford Explorer Timberline is covered in deep camouflage, much like the ST variant that was seen in a prior sighting, there are various hints that suggest what may be hiding under the surface. To begin, the design of the wheels is quite comparable, if not exactly the same as the one seen on the present model. Additionally, in comparison to the ST prototype, the lower area of the front fascia and the front bumper has been modified, and the approach angle of the front bumper has been enhanced.

Aside from the fact that the front and rear fascias will probably be replaced, which is the most plausible explanation for the thick camouflage that is present in those places, it is tough to determine exactly what is going on here since all of the crossovers badging and trim is concealed. Regardless, it is important to point out that the Chinese Explorer has lately been outfitted with a full-width front LED light bar, which is a feature that is becoming more common on brand-new automobiles. According to a recent report, the all-electric variant of the Explorer is projected to make its debut in 2024, which is earlier than the introduction of the next generation of the Explorer, which is presently slated to take place in 2026.

After receiving a number of revisions for the 2022 model year, the Ford Explorer will remain unchanged for the 2023 model year. These revisions included the implementation of standard rear-wheel drive for the ST model, the introduction of the ST-Line trim, and a few other alterations of a more subtle nature.


It has been reported that a heavily camouflaged prototype of the 2024 Ford Explorer Timberline has been seen. On the other hand, some of the modifications are obvious at first look. This one will have comparable stylistic cues to the ST model, just as that one will. To begin, the wheels are also the same, and they are most likely similar to the wheels that were on the model that is being phased out. There will be certain modifications made to the front bumper, including an improved approach angle. In addition, the bottom fascia is extremely distinct, despite the camouflage that does an excellent job of concealing the drinks.

The badges will continue to have the same design. After all, this is a very recent iteration of the design. In any case, significant improvements are being made to the exterior appearance of the front and rear parts. It is interesting to note that the Chinese Explorer was outfitted with a front LED light bar, which makes the vehicle seem to be extremely contemporary. According to the latest rumors, the next-generation Explorer will debut in 2026. As a result, Ford will go on with somewhat unimportant and understated upgrades in the years to come.

2024 Ford Explorer Timberline Interior
2024 Ford Explorer Timberline Interior


The Ford Explorer Timberline from 2024 will have a cabin that has a contemporary and elegant appearance. Ford did a good job with everything, delivering a large number of technologically advanced conveniences as well as a high degree of comfort. The inside of the cabin is stocked with a good deal of upright supplies. The inside of vehicles equipped with the Timberline trim level has imitation leather and fabric details that are rather beautiful.

In case you were unaware, the XLT trim level serves as the foundation for the Timberline version of the vehicle. However, it does not have all of the luxury conveniences that are available on the higher trim levels. This includes a display that is bigger in size, a sound system that is of higher quality, and an overall increase in the number of standard features. Unfortunately, the most recent inside changes were not visible in the snoop images. Nonetheless, you may anticipate a number of delectable drinks inside the cabin.


The Ford Explorer sport-utility vehicle is offered with a total of three different engine choices. On the other hand, there is just one in the 2024 Ford Explorer Timberline. The engine has a capacity of 2.3 liters and is dependable. It is capable of producing up to 300 horsepower and around 310 pound-feet of torque. Expect a high level of ride quality and nimble handling from Blue Oval vehicles as they will once again offer an AWD system. That the Explorer Timberline can pull over 5,500 pounds behind it is a really nice feature of this vehicle.

Hill Descent Control and a 10-speed automatic gearbox are included in the package in addition to the aforementioned features. Because of the low probability of performance enhancements, the 2024MY will solely include improvements to the vehicle’s appearance and interior. Lastly, the combined fuel economy of this SUV is around 24 mpg.

2024 Ford Explorer Timberline
2024 Ford Explorer Timberline

When It Will Be Available and Its Cost

The base price of the 2024 Ford Explorer Timberline will remain at $48,300 as the starting point for the pricing range. You don’t need to go much farther if you want a stylish SUV with three rows of seating, more ground clearance, and some pleasant aesthetic upgrades. According to the latest rumors, production of the new model will begin in August of the following year.