2024 Ford Expedition Redesign: Is Ford Going to Redesign the Expedition?

2024 Ford Expedition Redesign: Is Ford Going to Redesign the Expedition? -According to the corporation, Ford is enjoying a successful year, and sales are up 27% when compared to the previous year. Yet, this implies that a significant number of its most popular models are no longer available for purchase. At a nearby dealer, you could have a chance of finding a 2022 Ford F-150 pickup truck, a Mustang Mach-E electric SUV, or the enormous Expedition; nevertheless, the selection is limited.

2024 Ford Expedition Redesign
2024 Ford Expedition Redesign

You are able to place an order for some kinds of trucks, such as the really well-liked Ford F-150 Lightning truck or the Maverick pickup, online right now. Ford will manufacture your vehicle based on the specifications that you choose online, including the colors, the trims, the powertrains, and more. When it comes to the Expedition, on the other hand, there is a straightforward form that must be completed in order to transmit your information to a neighborhood dealer. This ensures that you will get assistance in locating an Expedition as soon as it goes on sale. But, in contrast to other forms of order, you will need to engage in price haggling with the local dealer in your area.

The Ford Expedition had a comprehensive overhaul for the year 2022. Thus early in the product cycle, substantial modifications to all-new cars are not often released, therefore the SUV in question should be a carryover model. Pricing for the Expedition now begins at $53,375, and it is anticipated that the price will remain about the same until 2023. Ford has not disclosed any plans to upgrade the Expedition, although the automaker often discloses limited-edition trim packages, paint colors, and other options, such as the ST package, that are only available for a single model year.


There are up to eight seats available in the Ford Expedition. The 2022 Ford Expedition is standardly equipped with Ford’s user-friendly SYNC 4, and buyers have the option to upgrade to SYNC 4A, which has a 15.5-inch high-definition touch screen. The Expedition is also capable of receiving updates wirelessly using this mechanism. You have the option of ordering a Bang & Olufsen sound system and Amazon Fire TV for the vehicle’s rear-seat entertainment system.

Road Edge Detection, which functions similarly to lane-keep assist, and Intersection Assist, which utilizes the front camera to monitor cross traffic and may automatically apply the brakes if necessary, are also new driver safety features that come standard on the Expedition. In addition to that, it has a number of additional driver assistance features that might be useful on such an enormous Vehicle. It has a length of 18.5 feet, a width of 6.7 feet, and a total weight of 5,600 pounds for the Max (long) version. In addition, Max’s trunk has a capacity of 79.6 cubic feet, making it comparable in size to that of a cargo van, which has a capacity of 121.5 cubic feet.

The current Expedition is building on the strong foundation established by the first Expedition. After all, it is derived from the dependable Ford F-150 pickup truck. Therefore, Ford uses many of that truck’s features, such as its two-speed transfer case, to create the unique Timberline trim. This trim adds a ton of off-road goodies, such as 32-inch tires, premium off-road shocks, a factory lift, an electronic limited-slip differential, and hiss descent control, among other things. It has a starting price of $70,450, and if you see one in the wild, you can identify it by the protective steel coating and red tow hooks. 2024 Ford Expedition Redesign

2024 Ford Expedition Interior
2024 Ford Expedition Interior

The heavy-duty underbody skid plate from that vehicle is included with the Timberline. Also, it has a redesigned suspension and borrows the Trail Turn Assist system from the Bronco. This system will assist the huge Expedition to make tighter turns by applying brakes to the inner wheels while they are traveling over rough terrain. According to The Automobile Connection, even with that aid, the Honda Timberline is still too large to navigate its way through narrow terrain. It utilizes the same EcoBoost V6 engine with dual turbochargers and a capacity of 2.5 liters as the Raptor.

A makeover of the Ford Expedition is said to be coming for the 2024 model year, while it may not arrive until the 2025 model year. While Ford plans to release an updated Expedition in 2022, it is probable that the vehicle may undergo a complete redesign in 2024. The following is an outline of what we anticipate learning on the next expedition.

It is possible that the revised 2024 Ford Expedition may have a similar look to the recently updated Ford F-150 pickup truck; however, this is just a possibility. The makeover of the 2024 Expedition is expected to take place in the year 2024. At the moment, the front fascia of the huge SUV has a square grille with two trim pieces that go through it and cover the whole width of the front end. The headlights, which include daytime running lights in the form of a c, are similarly separated by the trim pieces. The SUV sports square taillights and an upright rear end, and a blacked-out D-pillar is an optional option for the back end of the vehicle.

Due to the fact that Ford already provides its cutting-edge, hands-free driver-assist system known as BlueCruise on the current Expedition, it is not anticipated that there will be many changes made to the vehicle’s safety features for the 2018 model year. We anticipate that there will be standard warnings for frontal collisions, automated emergency braking, lane-keeping assistance, lane departure warnings, blind spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alerts. BlueCruise, adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, lane centering aid, and a surround-view parking camera need should be among the available options.

2024 Ford Expedition Release Date
2024 Ford Expedition Release Date

When It Will Be Available and Its Cost?

As Ford has not provided any information on the planned makeover of the Expedition, we do not know when it will be released. It’s possible that we won’t see the SUV until the latter part of 2023 at the earliest. Price information won’t be made public until the Vehicle is very close to being made available. Because of the comprehensive overhaul, the base price of the 2024 Expedition will be more than that of the present model, which begins at $56,920 when the destination is included.