2024 Ford Bronco Pickup: Release Date & Specs

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2024 Ford Bronco Pickup: Release Date & Specs – Just released, the 2021 Ford Bronco is already shaping up to be an enormous success, according to practically all reports. Yet, it’s possible that Ford has more improvements in store for the Bronco. A lot more.

2024 Ford Bronco Pickup
2024 Ford Bronco Pickup

It’s probably best to go with a hybrid drivetrain. In addition to that, we have seen what seems to be a high-performance variant that may be called the Warthog undergoing testing as a prototype. There is now a discussion of a pickup body type being added as an option.

The official concept drawings for a Bronco pickup were noticed by a member of the Bronco6G forum in a film that was broadcast by Ford in November of last year. Around the 1:58 minute, several concepts are shown that depict the Bronco with its back door open and a tailgate that can be down.

One of the designers in the video explains that the designs are for brainstorming, characterizing them as “very loose and generic.” Ford has not announced any plans for a Bronco truck, and the designer also notes that Ford has not confirmed any plans for a Bronco pickup.

However, Automobile reported last summer, citing sources close to the project, that a Bronco pickup is locked in but the arrival is only pegged for mid-2024. This is possibly so that it doesn’t clash with a redesigned Ranger pickup which debuts later this year. The redesigned Ranger pickup is scheduled to debut later this year (the new Ranger and Bronco are platform-mates).

Expect any Bronco pickup to adopt the four-door body design of the Bronco SUV if it is going to compete with the Jeep Gladiator, which is naturally going to be the primary target. If the Bronco truck continued to include four doors, it would also become a spiritual successor to the Ford Explorer SportTrac that was produced in the early 2000s. The question now is, what about the Ranger? The Bronco pickup would be targeted more toward the lifestyle market, while the Ranger, which in its next-generation version would employ the same improved T6 platform that is featured in the Bronco, would be marketed toward business purchasers. 2024 Ford Bronco Pickup

It is quite probable that any future Bronco pickup will share its powertrains with the Bronco SUV. This translates to the option of a 2.3-liter turbocharged inline-4 or a 2.7-liter twin-turbocharged V-6 in normal trim, and most likely a high-performance V-6 in the aforementioned Warthog variant. Both engines are capable of producing a maximum output of 275 horsepower.

What kind of price range might one anticipate paying for a Bronco pickup? The pricing of the Bronco SUV starts at $29,995 right now, which includes the destination charge. We anticipate that the Bronco pickup will be priced in a range that is comparable to that of the Gladiator, which begins at around $35,000.

2024 Ford Bronco Pickup Design
2024 Ford Bronco Pickup Design


Fans of the Ford Bronco have been dealing with a string of misfortunes as of late, ranging from faulty hardtops and troublesome delivery to yet another delay in Bronco manufacturing that is expected to stretch until October.

It would seem that the 2021 Ford Bronco is doomed to fail, despite the fact that there is a great deal of interest in the vehicle from buyers and that it has received stellar evaluations from a variety of publications. Despite the fact that the material isn’t being disseminated via official means, there is, unfortunately, still a little bit more unfortunate news of a different type coming from Ford.

Ford has apparently decided not to go through with the much-awaited Ford Bronco Pickup, as the company has abandoned the project. Fans had a significant amount of interest in this version of the vehicle even before it was scheduled to be produced in 2024, which is when the Bronco Pickup was anticipated to be made available to the public.

Fans were able to get a peek of a Bronco Pickup sketch in one of the advertising trailers for the 2021 Bronco almost as soon as the normal 2021 Bronco was made available to the public. Ford has never acknowledged or rejected rumors that it was developing such a model, but it is clear that the company’s design staff wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to investigate the feasibility of developing such a vehicle.

After all, the introduction of a Bronco Pickup would be analogous to the Bronco’s early history and would be very much in line with the company’s present strategy, which entails moving away from producing passenger cars and sedans in favor of sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks.

When it was initially introduced as a model in 1966, the original Ford Bronco was offered in three distinct configurations, one of which was a pickup truck variant known as the Half Cab. It turned out that the Half Cab was a very popular model, and it was often put to work as a commercial vehicle or a tow truck. It was produced under factory code U14 until 1972 when it was discontinued after a total of more than 17,000 units had been sent out to customers.

All of the next models of the Ford Bronco were designed with detachable hardtops, and buyers had the option of converting their vehicles into short-bed trucks on their own. Classic U14 Broncos are very valuable among collectors and may command a premium price when found in good condition.

A time jump of 55 years brings us to the present when there has been speculation of a new Bronco pickup that would have a strong similarity to the original, with the market becoming even more enthused about its comeback. It was evident that work on the Bronco truck had already started, despite the fact that Ford never publicly admitted that the company was contemplating manufacturing a Bronco truck. This was not only due to the fact that we caught a glimpse of one in a promotional film; rather, it was due to the fact that Ford actually purchased a Jeep Gladiator and took it to its facility to benchmark.

Nevertheless, the project cannot be salvaged at this point. The information that preparations for this variant of the Bronco would be discontinued came from industry insiders as well as suppliers, who were the original sources of the story. Since the Bronco Pickup was never officially confirmed, it is impossible for Ford to publicly discontinue the model at this time; thus, you should not anticipate hearing any news from the company.

So, why was this variant of the model that looked so fantastic and had the potential to be so popular scrapped in the first place? It’s not the price of development, however, since a prospective Bronco truck would borrow the majority of its parts and chassis from the current model. It is not a matter of the difficulty of the project, as converting a body-on-frame SUV into a truck is a task that can be accomplished with just a moderate amount of effort. Since everyone is aware that a Bronco Pickup would be a sales hit and the only current real challenger to the Gladiator, there is no need to be concerned about the potential size of its client base.

Here is where the difficulty rests. Cannibalizing sales of Ford’s other truck lines, particularly the Ranger but also the F-150 and the recently released Maverick, is a concern for Ford because of the potential for the Bronco vehicle to be successful in the marketplace.

In point of fact, the number of reservations for the Maverick, which is built on a platform that is comparable to that of the Bronco Sport, has just surpassed 100,000. A fourth truck in Ford’s model lineup would certainly be a bit too much, and its success would come at the expense of Ford’s other truck offerings. Despite the fact that we would love to see the Bronco Pickup, we can understand Ford’s decision not to produce it. A fourth truck in Ford’s model lineup would definitely be a bit too much.

It would seem that the rebirth of the Bronco U14 was a case of too good to be true and that the current automotive business just does not have any capacity for such a vehicle. We are convinced that independent tuning firms will take advantage of this chance to provide properly tailored Broncos to customers who are prepared to pay for one and who have a strong desire for a Bronco pickup. Because of this, the Bronco Pickup will continue to exist in some capacity, even if it is not in a form that is manufactured or sanctioned by Ford.

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As was said before, we anticipate that Ford will introduce the Bronco truck around the middle of 2024, and it will go on sale later that same year as a 2025 model. Additionally as was said, sources claim that Ford is striving to minimize the delay if it can, but that the earliest feasible arrival date is somewhere in 2022. This suggests that a sales debut of a production Bronco pickup may not occur until the 2023 model year at the earliest.