2024 Chrysler E8 Exterior Tweaking Process, Result, and Impact on the Brand

The 2024 Chrysler E8 makes the company the most visible automobile brand throughout Logan’s (2017) movie. Read below to get more details about it.

The 2017 blockbuster Logan is the type of movie that satisfies not only cinephiles but also automobile enthusiasts by offering some insights about how the future vehicles, particularly in 2029 where the film is set—will look like. Appearing as an iconic element of the movie that it might as well serve as a character on its own is the dubbed 2024 Chrysler E8. Do you know that it actually a tweaked version of the 300, though? To learn more about the car model, dig further below.

2024 Chrysler E8
2024 Chrysler E8

What is the 2024 Chrysler E8?

Wolverine 3, also commonly referred to as Logan, is the 10th installment of the X-Men Series which hit the cinema in 2017. It brings the typical essentials of the other X-Men movies with a new huddle of mutants. Similar to other DC or Marvel films, it also features a few attention-grabbing automobiles.

The main “car” character of the movie is the one ridden by Logan while trying to remain under the radar, which serves as the key in various scenes across the movie length. It was said that the exact car model is the 2024 Chrysler E8, which drew inspiration from the Cadillac limousine. The fictional vehicle model was actually an extended version of the Chrysler 300.

The Chrysler E8 Visual Appearance

On the surface, the muscular limo seems to resemble a shaved version of the Caddy limo used by the U.S. President. In essence, the interior underneath the futuristic-looking outer appearance stays untouched. It is simply just clothed in a modified skin.

This allows Logan’s production team to switch the car’s body panwhichhat would showcase damage as required to follow the plot. Automobile panels could be scrapped, battered, and even shot without having to affect the car itself.

That being said, the limo’s appearance is far from the sole challenge encountered by the crew. In 2029, it was expected that self-driving technology would advance so far that it’d not be weird to catch the sight of driverless cars wandering around. The team had a notion that cargo transport would be the first industry that embraces completely autonomous driving, as reflected in the corporations-funded mercenaries as the primary villains in the film. This emphasized the idea of an actual future set further by the viewers.

2024 Chrysler E8
2024 Chrysler E8

The Impact of the Chrysler E8 Appearance on the Brand

Fun fact, car brands made out four out of five noticeable brands in Logan. Aside from the fictional Chrysler E8, other automobile brands viewers can spot are including a Ford Bronco, a Dodge Challenger, and a Ram 1500 Rebel. While the movie is set in 2029, the majority of the cars used are from the present. The particular car that was picked to appear more futuristic was the 2024 Chrysler E8.

Overall, the E8 makes a total of more than 6.5 minutes on screen with its logo displayed clearly for the most part. The brand name Chrysler is also mentioned to refer to the car twice.

The brand messaging sent by this certain product placement is arguably conflicting. On one side, the limo is used to carry partygoers across Las Vegas. That being said, the majority of the car’s screen time concludes in long-distance automobile chases. The E8 limo also doesn’t remain in flawless condition across the film.

Still, from the perspective of brand visibility, the 2024 Chrysler E8 makes a great success for Chrysler as the brand raked product placement advertising value of more than $2 million, merely during the opening weekend of the movie. This cements the brand as an early runner in grabbing the title of the most visible brand of the year. Not to mention, in the previous year, Chrysler vehicles also appeared in several movies like Bad Moms and Ride Along 2.