Will 2024 Chrysler Atlantic Be Released?

Will there be the 2024 Chrysler Atlantic? If you think you want to purchase this car, make sure to check this article below.

People are wondering will the 2024 Chrysler Atlantic make its release. Well, so far, there is not any news regarding the release of the Chrysler Atlantic. Therefore, it is pretty hard to answer whether the Atlantic makes it release as a 2024 production. The car is a retro concept car that was made only in 1995. So, it can be difficult to imagine whether this car will make its comeback or not.

2024 Chrysler Atlantic
2024 Chrysler Atlantic

2024 Chrysler Atlantic Overview

If you search Google about Chrysler Atlantic, you may see that the car is not like another sedan: its design is unique with a low hood and curved boot and front. It looks like a car you would only see in animation movies, but it is real.

As mentioned earlier, the car was produced only in 1995. The car was designed by Bob Hubbach.

However, do you know that a user in Behance made a rendered version of this car as an SUV? Although it went far from the original Atlantic, it is still amazing to see the massive transformation from a concept car to being turned 180-degree as an SUV.

Despite the major change, if the car is truly reintroduced as 2024 Chrysler Atlantic, we believe that the car won’t be that far ‘astray’. It may remain a concept car, yet made to befit the current car style.

Therefore, there would be no retro Chrysler Atlantic anymore—except if the carmaker chooses to do so.

2024 Chrysler Atlantic Interior
2024 Chrysler Atlantic Interior

What the Car Has Back Then

You may wonder what the so-called concept car has to offer back then. Well, one thing that is amazing when it comes to the talk of Chrysler Atlantic: it has a unique appearance.

What we call a ‘unique’ appearance is the car’s curved look. It also has a retro look. The design is said to be similar to what the 1930s Bugatti Type 57S Atlantique had. Some parts of it also had been made similar—inspired by Talbot-Lago T150 SS Coupe which was popularized in 1938.

The car only has a one-row passenger seat—making it perfectly called a coupe instead of a concept sedan.

Regarding the car’s body and engine, it is said that the car is using the front engine. While for the drivetrain, you can drive the Chrysler Atlantic with a rear-wheel drive drivetrain configuration. The car is using a modified platform named Chrysler SR.

What about the car’s engine? Back then, the car is using a powertrain of 4.0L straight-8 which is based on a 2.0L Chrysler Neon engine. With this engine to use, the power which can be produced is 360 HP (estimated).

The 2024 Release of Chrysler Atlantic

Is it possible that this concept car is made as SUV? All is possible, but only with the carmaker’s approval. However, it is more of a ‘no’ since the car is a concept car—not a car made for commercial purposes.

But if by magic, Chrysler decides on producing the Atlantic as the 2024 Chrysler Atlantic, we believe that the car will have a more functional design. It can be designed to be a luxury sedan just like Chrysler 300.

It may also have its outer and inner sides polished with luxurious details possible. This will make the car gain popularity as a luxury car. Ready to compete with competitors? It can be so.

What about the engine? The EV concept developed by Chrysler can be included in the 2024 Chrysler Atlantic. Surely, this will make the car grabs the attention of many. In addition, the EV system will make the car the first car to receive the EV system made by the carmaker itself.