2024 Buick Verano Prediction

You may wonder what the 2024 Buick Verano will offer you. This time, just find out the answer to it in this article below.

When it comes to the talk about the 2024 Buick Verano, it is unfortunate that there are not any official details published by the carmaker itself. Well, since its discontinuation in 2017 for the United States market, the Buick Verano has been continuously produced for the Chinese market. So, when it comes to talking about Verano, it seems correct if we are referring to the Verano which is manufactured in China.

2024 Buick Verano
2024 Buick Verano

2024 Buick Verano Overview

If we are talking about Buick Verano, we may not find many resources from the Buick United States. Why so? It is because Buick in the United States has been discontinued since 2017.

So, how will the 2024 Buick Verano look? It is still a mystery. Even the 2023 version of Buick Verano hasn’t been revealed still. That makes the 2024 version of Buick Verano still hard to know.

However, since it is difficult to imagine how it will be, it is safe to say that the car will look like its 2023 version. According to sources, the 2023 Buick Verano will only be produced in China—hence it will be most likely that you cannot find it in the U.S. market.

2024 Buick Verano Engine

Although it would be great to find this low-budget car to be produced with an electric powertrain, well, no, it won’t be a house of any electric powertrain. Sources mentioned that this entry-level compact sedan will be using a fuel-powered powertrain.

Then, what is the detail of this car’s engine? According to sources, the car is expected to be using an I-4, LAH, 1.5-L engine. This engine is said to come as the eight generations of Ecotec engine. When used, the maximum power production will be predicted to be around 181 HP. While the torque is said to be around 184 lb.-ft.

Regarding the car’s drivetrain and transmission. Just as the American version of Buick, the Buick Verano for Chinese markets is said to come with front-wheel drive as the standard. All-wheel drive drivetrain is possible to be added under the hood. However, it means you need to add more bucks to have the car upgraded with that kind of drivetrain.

Why so? It is said that the change of the drivetrain comes packaged with a slight change on its engine as well as its transmission.

New 2024 Buick Verano
New 2024 Buick Verano

Buick Verano Exterior and Interior

The design of the 2024 Buick Verano and its 2023 version may not be much different. It is predicted to share a sporty look, which also comes pretty modern. The carmaker even says the 2023 Buick Verano is targeted for Gen Z. That said, it means the design will probably be quite similar to cars these days.

The car will still be a four-door sedan whose size isn’t that big or small. The cargo space may not be the best feature of this car, yet it is quite safe to say that average people will still feel comfortable entering this car.

Inside the car, we are sure Buick will provide you with the best that can be gained with the price, which is predicted to start from US$20,000+. We are sure there will be differences in its interior given the car is coming in various models. But as a rule of thumb, you will get this car to be a comfortable car despite its relatively cheap price.

We are also sure that the car will be equipped with the best tech stuff to make sure users can enjoy music from the system while driving. Smartphone integration, audio system, as well driver assistance features will surely be made ready in the 2024 Buick Verano to fit the standard of today’s passenger car, especially sedan.