2024 BMW i5 Touring Review & Specs

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2024 BMW i5 Touring Review & Specs -In the next months, BMW will debut the eighth generation of their 5 Series, designated as the G60, along with their very first i5 model. It has been officially stated that Bavaria will produce an M Performance version of their response to the Mercedes EQE, and it is commonly assumed that this model will be given the suffix i5 M60. The manufacturer with headquarters in Munich has previously revealed that a 2024 BMW i5 Touring would be available for purchase in 2024. In the meanwhile, our automobile photographers have seen the electric wagon undergoing testing in northern Europe.

2024 BMW i5 Touring
2024 BMW i5 Touring


It seems that we are looking at the more powerful i5 M60, based on the massive front brake and the red calipers that are located at both axles. We may deduce that it has the M Sport Package at the very least due to the fact that the M logo is partially obscured by camouflage on the front fenders. The “world’s most powerful letter” is also emblazoned on the two-tone wheels that have winter tires wrapped around them. When we looked at the prototypes more closely, we saw that one of them had sporty-looking side mirrors. These mirrors used to be exclusive to the full-fat M models, but in recent years, they have made their way down to the M Performance vehicles.

If you’re asking why the overhangs are so long for an electric vehicle, it’s because the CLAR platform used by the i5 and the platform used by the 5 Series with a combustion engine is identical. It is obvious to tell that BMW has taken a conservative approach to the design of the next generation of the 5 Series Touring, despite the fact that the prototype is tightly disguised. The luxurious station wagon, which goes with the code name G61, has a front end that is reminiscent of the E60 and has headlights that are integrated into a single cluster and flank a traditional kidney grille.

These test cars featured the production body that was intended to be used, complete with flush door handles and broad taillights. For added convenience, let’s keep our fingers crossed that the German manufacturer will keep the distinct glass opening in the tailgate. It features a large greenhouse, as is typical for a wagon, which provides a superb view of the outside world. Both of those labels that say “Electrified Vehicle” plus the fact that the grille is covered up indicate that we are dealing with an EV.

We get a glimpse of the inside of the cabin in a few of the pictures, giving us a look at the top portion of the newly redesigned dashboard. The iDrive 8.5 infotainment system will make its debut in the 2024 BMW 5 Series. This system will have side-by-side displays, much as it does on practically all of BMW’s other models, but it will have the most recent version of the software. You may anticipate the center console to have a limited number of traditional buttons since access to the vast majority of functions, including those pertaining to the HVAC system, will be shifted to the touchscreen. Both the central display, which is 14.9 inches in size, and the digital instrument cluster are 12.3 inches in size in bigger versions, like the 2 Series Coupe.

Not only will the next-generation BMW 5 Series Touring have the electric propulsion system of the i5, but it will also signal the return of the M5 Touring. This quick estate, which has been given the codename G99 (the M5 Sedan is known as G90), is not expected to be released until around the year 2025 and may make its way to the United States, which does not offer the smaller M3 Touring.

2024 BMW i5 Touring Interior
2024 BMW i5 Touring Interior


This year will see the rebirth of the BMW 5-Series, and the introduction of an electric i5 means that it will be the most significant update to the mid-size sedan in its entire 51-year existence.

Of all, as these photographs serve to remind us, the reincarnation process is not limited to only the automobile. BMW is committed to creating another generation of 5-Series wagons and the i5 will also be available in a more practical body form. This is despite the fact that SUVs have become more popular in recent years.

Even if BMW hadn’t been so kind as to affix “Electrified Vehicle” test labels to both doors of this test vehicle, we’d still be able to tell that it’s an i5 and not a conventional 5-Series. In the same way, as the new 7-Series and i7 share the same basic body and ride on the same CLAR platform, the electric i5 has no tailpipes in the back and a blanked-off grille because it has no need for cold air in the nose. While both will share the same basic body and ride on the same CLAR platform.

The image below just provides a brief glimpse of the optional four-wheel steering that is included in the i5, which is referred to as the Integral Active steering package by BMW. This technology has been offered on the 5-Series for many years, although the most recent iteration of the automobile has a restricted range of motion for the steering wheels in comparison to other competing systems. We know that BMW is working on a more sophisticated design that provides greater rear-wheel articulation for enhanced low-speed agility since this information is available via patents; nevertheless, it is possible that this design may not make its debut until 2025 when BMW’s Neue Klasse electric platform will be introduced.

2024 BMW i5 Touring Concept
2024 BMW i5 Touring Concept


It is likely that this vehicle is a high-performance M60 variant equipped with a dual-motor system and all-wheel drive based on the brakes that are installed on it. If it uses the same motor as the iX M60 SUV that is currently on the market, it may have 610 horsepower and be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 3.8 seconds. The top speed would be 97 kilometers per hour.

The iX is also available as a 516 horsepower (523 PS) xDrive50 or as a 322 horsepower (326 PS) xDrive40, and we’d anticipate both of those choices to be offered in the sedan and wagon in order to suit customers who aren’t too concerned with horsepower ratings. Fans of mid-size BMWs who are not yet prepared to make the leap to an electric vehicle will still be able to get the same basic package as the traditional 5-Series, which will be powered by mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) engines, diesel in Europe, and an M5 with more than 700 horsepower (710 PS).