2024 BMW Alpina XB7 Specs: How Fast is the Alpina XB7?

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2024 BMW Alpina XB7 Specs: How Fast is the Alpina XB7?BMW September of this year announced the new Alpina XB7, based on the similarly-updated BMW X7 sport-utility with a modern mild hybrid engine. Canada will receive the top-performing version as a model in 2024 which will be available for sale in 2023.

2024 BMW Alpina XB7 Changes
2024 BMW Alpina XB7 Changes

Although the new X7 boasts 560 horsepower with its M60i trim. The XB7 is expected to use a 4.4L bi-turbo V8 that produces 590 Lb-ft of torque. Canadian prices will be released prior to the launch date, however, prices already confirmed north of the border will start at $150,000.

Like the update on the X7, The updated XB7 comes with a fresh front bumper with an illuminated grille, as well as horizontally split headlights with the four oval tailpipes that fit inside the rear fascia. There is seating for either six or seven.


The brand-new engine can go from 0 mph to 96 km/h within 3.9 seconds. It has a top speed being 229 km/h. The 590 lb-ft of torque peak at 1 800 rpm. The two turbochargers twin-scroll are powered by an exhaust manifold with a cross-bank design as well as external water coolers and oil. The mild hybrid engine utilizes a 48-volt starter generator that is incorporated into the automatic transmission with eight speeds.

All-wheel “xDrive” is standard, with an electronically-variable limited-slip rear differential calibrated to Alpina specifications, along with air suspension that can be raised or lowered by as much as 40.6 mm, and Alpina-specific dampers and stiffer rear axle bushings to reduce body roll. Active rear steering is able to move the wheels 2.3 degrees towards the left to facilitate slow-speed maneuvering or to the right to facilitate speedier cornering although it’s the largest and most heavy family-hauler.

Brembo brakes are standard and the wheels available are 21 inches with all-season or summer run-flat tires. Or a 23-inch forged-alloy 20-spoke wheel with Pirelli Performance summer tires.

Like the X7 and X7B, the XB7 comes with the most up-to-date version of BMW’s iDrive information system. It will also come with a feature that allows you to park your car self-initiated as well as trailer reverse assistance. Its “Maneuver Assistant” can store 10 of the destinations you frequently visit and when you get there – like, for example, at the gate to your driveway, it utilizes GPS data as well as the memory of previous inputs to the steering to enter it and park the vehicle, taking care of control of the throttle, steering brakes, as well as gear shifts.

In addition in the Alpina version, this sport-ute model will feature an iDrive glass iDrive controller knob, a lighted Alpina door sills, a gear shift lever Alpina sports steering wheel, and leather seats with signature green and blue stitching.

Alpina was created in 1965, as a family-owned business that worked with BMW in the development of high-performance versions of the production cars. Alpina was officially registered as an automaker that was independent within Germany at the time of its registration in. A few months earlier in 2022, BMW stated that once its collaboration agreement with Alpina’s independent business will expire at the close of 2025, they have reached an agreement that Alpina is to be sold to BMW Group. BMW Group.

For keeping the XB7’s 3 tons of weight within control, Alpina changes out the dampers that make up the X7’s air suspension system. It also tunes the electromechanical anti-roll bars in order to alter the balance of the XB7 in comparison to the normal X7. In addition, the suspension system can be adjusted to adjust the riding height by 1.6 inches, in any direction. When speeds are lower than 19 mph ride height may be adjusted by 1.6 inches to allow for additional clearance. When in Sport mode, at speeds of 100 speed, the ride height is reduced by 0.8 inches from its regular height. Simply switch to Sport Plus mode or hit at 155 mph, and your ride height drops to 1.6 inches to create the lowest weight distribution. The suspension design is created to perform to its maximum when you are at this level by putting an additional negative camber that will provide more efficient driving. These tires are 285/45ZR21 on the 21-inch Dynamic wheels of Alpina perfectly positioned that will give the most contact for those fast-curving situations.

To get the vehicle’s 6,000-pound weight to stop requires an array of Brembo fixed four-piston brakes in Alpina Blue and “Alpina” lettering grabbing 15.5-inch rotating rotors in the front, and 15.7-inch wheels in the rear. You could also decide to make your XB7 more stylish with 23-inch wheels in the classic 20-spoke style in Anthracite. In addition, the larger wheels actually weigh 7 pounds lighter and come equipped with Pirelli tires of 285/35ZR23 for the front and 325/30ZR23 rear.

Inside the interior, the XB7 comes with a glass Alpina information display control dial and a blue-illuminated gear selector, illuminating door sills, and a unique steering wheel that is finished with Lavalina leather, with the stitching of green and blue. The gauge clusters of the instrument panel are accentuated by Alpina blue that changes to Alpina green when you are in Sport as well as Sport+ mode, and you can choose between three trims: Myrtle luxury wood, piano lacquer, and Natural Walnut Anthracite. 2024 BMW Alpina XB7 Specs

2024 BMW Alpina XB7 Specs
2024 BMW Alpina XB7 Specs


The mid-cycle upgrade for BMW’s biggest SUV The X7 in the spring of this year, brought stronger and more powerful engines, as well as the front of the vehicle was redesigned that has squintier lights encased in the huge front grille. This year, BMW is revealing the highest-priced and performance model of the X7 and has given it the name 2024 Alpina XB7 with the same visual improvements and the strongest engine of the X7 range.

The XB7 remains to run an optimized variant of twin turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8 that is inside the X7 M60i however, while the original XB7 produced 612 horsepower the new version increases that number up to 630 ponies. The torque remains the same, 590 pounds-feet, which is a 37-pound improvement over the M60i. BMW states that its peak torque occurs at 200 rpm sooner and is at 1800 rpm which lasts up to 5600 speed. The X7’s latest V-8 comes with a hybrid assist of 48 volts that boosts engine performance as well as efficiency. the version offered by Alpina of the 4.4-liter is also equipped with a distinctive cooling engine.

The motor comes with an automatic transmission of eight speeds that includes a 48-volt starter generator as well as an all-wheel-drive and an electronic slip differential in the back axle. BMW states that it is the XB7 is capable of reaching 60 speeds within 3.9 seconds and covering the quarter-mile in 12.4 seconds. These are impressive numbers even for a car that has a curb weight of around 6000 pounds. The top speed can be around 180 mph when the XB7 is equipped with the Performance tire package and 21-inch wheels. Both are available without cost.

The XB7 runs on a suspension that is air-filled with distinctive Alpina dampers. The SUV has the ability to increase the height of its suspension to 1.6 inches below the speed limit of 19 speeds. When the car is in Sport mode, or traveling at speeds of more than 100 mph reduces the XB7’s ride height by 0.8 inches. While Sport+ mode, or crossing the 155-mph limit reduces the XB7 by 1.6 inches. However, we’re not certain of the exact location American Alpina owners could attain these speeds in their huge SUVs.

2024 BMW Alpina XB7 Interior
2024 BMW Alpina XB7 Interior

BMW has also stated that it is the Alpina features reinforced struts for torsion with increased stiffness, and more rigid rear axle bushings as well as the M60i’s electromechanical bars to prevent roll are believed to help reduce body roll. Rear wheel steering, as well as the M60i, is able to be used to move the rear wheels about 2.3 degrees in any direction. Braking power is supplied by four-piston fixed Brembo brakes that clamp on 15.5-inch discs in front, and floating calipers fitted with 15.7-inch discs on the rear. The calipers have been painted blue and have “Alpina” written in white. BMW states that the XB7 is capable of reaching 60 speeds in 3.9 seconds and reaching a top speed of 180 mph.

The XB7 can be purchased with two wheels. 21-inch Dynamic wheels may be equipped with 285-width summer or all-season rubber on all four corners. The 23-inch, 20-spoke Classic wheels are the standard model and have Pirelli summer tires. The wheels come have staggered configurations with 285-width tires in on the front and 325-width ones at the rear. The other design modifications on the XB7 are a brand new front bumper featuring the air intakes carved out and the rear bumper is body-colored.