Will 2023 Toyota Celica be Present after 16 Years of Absence?

After 15 Years Of Being Absent, It’S Possible That The 2023 Toyota Celica Would Be Present And Available

There is a reason why Toyota is working on its upcoming 2023 Toyota Celica. 16 years have passed since the company produced high-performance sporty rides, so Toyota is thinking about reviving such a line again. After the rumour about the new Supra has been confirmed, the company is said to working on the Celica. It’s possible that they are going to rename it to MR2.

2023 Toyota Celica

Celica’s Origins and Historical Development

Celica was first introduced in 1970. It was designed to compete against Ford Mustang. That’s why it was coming as a sporty model. And the ride itself was coming as both a fastback and a coupe, designed to improve not only style but also sporty performance. The company decided to discontinue it in 2006. It means that Toyota hasn’t been dealing with Celica for around 15 years.

The Updated Celica

According to Assistant Chief Engineer, Masayuki Kai, they have a big project that involves both Supra and Celica. They do want to revive both Supra and Celica although the major focus would be Supra since it has the biggest demand. Although they haven’t been sure about the exact details, it is possible that the Celica would be coming as a compact coupe with an all-wheel driving system, which would be perfect with Toyota Supra and GT with their rear-wheel driving system. But then again, it’s possible that they are going to make the 2023 Toyota Celica into a completely different model. After all, they still need to wait and see what Supra production is going to bring them.

According to Kai, they have to be extra careful about developing sports cars, especially since the process itself would be too costly. Today, producing sports rides have become extremely costly. Not to mention that a small sport ride needs tons of certain (and specific) components that you can’t really share with other models. For instance, the suspension components on Supra can’t be installed on a sedan like Corolla or Camry. This is another reason why Toyota is working together with Beemer on Z4 and Supra. The partnership makes the project somewhat bearable and cheaper.

2023 Toyota Celica Redesign

Engine and Performance

With Toyota’s effort to bring back Celica’s name, they are focusing on the proper powertrain. Rumour has it that the Celica won’t be coming with electric power. Instead, they are going to use a hydrogen combustion engine, which is still under development stage. Basically, it is hydrogen fuel. But the details about the engine is still unclear so we can’t really depend on the rumours out there.

Toyota’s Future Plan

Bringing back the Celica is one of the company’s efforts to sell a million fuel cell EVs and powered vehicles before 2030. They have made efforts with Mirai and its hydrogen-powered vehicle. Toyota seems to pioneer the alternative power market in this auto industry. But there’s still more because they want to adopt all-solid-state batteries by 2024. If they really do it, they would make a technological breakthrough. But we still don’t know more for sure, so we need to wait for further updates on the 2023 Toyota Celica.