2023 Subaru Levorg: What You Will Get from This City Wagon

There has been no announcement yet about the 2023 Subaru Levorg. However, that doesn’t seem to stop people with their speculations of its specifications.

We will never find any endpoint about Subaru cars: it’s a brand jam-packed with innovation. While it is suitable for Subaru car lovers, speculations constantly rise even before the actual release date. The same goes as well for the 2023 Subaru Levorg. Not yet announced for its release, Levorg got people wondering what they can expect in the upcoming release. Find out below for more discussion of this car.

New 2023 Subaru Levorg

Will It Be Fully Remodeled?

It is hard to determine whether Subaru aims to put an end to the current model of Subaru. We’ll only know until it is announced officially, so for now, we can only speculate what may happen to their 2023 Subaru Levorg.

We believe that we will see the current model in the upcoming release, but there will also be some improvement. As we obtained from sources, its exterior may get the most makeover—being one aspect that attracts attention.

The wagon will have a unique city wagon look infused with a small amount of ‘aggressive’ face in it. Well, the hexagonal grille still gets attention with the two sharp headlights. The headlights, too, got something fascinating to look at: each got a slanted type, with a small corner part of the body stabs the headlight inward. This one can be skippable, yet it seems to exist on the upcoming Levorg.

First launched in 2014, Levorg is hoped to get a complete remodel in 2023. While that needs to be agreed by the carmaker first to happen, we don’t see any significant improvements still to expect from its exterior aspect. It is said to have a more stylish design, yet not much aside from the ‘frontier’ that got altered. Remind you; it’s just speculation from us.

But it would help if you weren’t disappointed; some improvements can also be seen from its interior aspect and its engine. We hope the other two factors won’t disappoint you if the exterior part doesn’t satiate you.

New 2023 Subaru Levorg

2023 Subaru Levorg Engine

Again, the carmaker has yet to announce any words to clarify this information. We speculate that the engine will be renewed with more robust power and better torque. This improvement can also be seen from the Levorg STI, which gets boosted with a solid 400 HP power production capacity.

So, what kind of engine will we have for the upcoming release of the 2023 Subaru Levorg? It is rumored that the machine will be renewed with a more robust 2.4 L turbocharged engine. This alone said will ensure us that better power will be well-produced. But the drawback can be predicted as well: the fuel economy is affected. The current number, which is 32.6 miles per gallon, can be lowered due to the increased displacement.

As for the transmission type, we believe that Subaru will still get its Levorg lineup CVT transmission. Although this is said to promote better fuel economy, with the engine being designed like that, we hope there will be a tech bridging both features to work synergically.

Adding to the feature is its EyeSight X system. This system has already been introduced in several other lineups, but in the future release of Levorg, you will have a newly-updated EyeSight system.


What About Its Interior?

The carmaker plans to make the 2023 Subaru Levorg an excellent car with a sophisticated look in its interior. Its interior aspect is expected to improve with an improved selection of materials. Sources mentioned that the better choice of Levorg has to do with the better material selection found in Subaru Outback.

Its infotainment aspect is completed with a large touchscreen panel visible in the current releases of Subaru Levorg. However, if you previously got a car with a horizontal touchscreen panel, you need to be well-prepared for it is a vertical one. Let’s hope that the touchscreen panel provides better access speed.

New 2023 Subaru Levorg

Aside from that, the compatibility of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will surely get a boost along with the upcoming release. Following the compatibility of these leading players of smartphone-car connectivity, the essential USB connection will also be available.

The 2023 Subaru Levorg is said to offer four models on its upcoming release (which we aren’t so sure of). Sources mentioned that this lineup would have a starting price of $37,000+ and go up to $50,000. But with the features to offer, it seems like it’s reasonable.