2023 Subaru Forester Colors, Features, Estimated Price, and More

The 2023 Subaru Forrester colors consist of 10 color choices. There is a new color available, i.e., Sapphire Blue Pearl color. It replaces the Dark Blue Pearl color.

Subaru has opened the 2023 Forrester order book. This car manufacturer will start manufacturing the new Forrester in October 2022. In addition, Subaru predicts that this SUV will be ready at car dealers at the end of 2022. 2023Subaru Forrester colors will be available in many choices.

2023 Subaru Forester
2023 Subaru Forester

You will see that the 2023Forester model will only have minor changes compared to the 2022 model. Despite the minor changes, the design of its exterior and interior doesn’t look outdated. In addition, the new Forester will boast comfort and great driving performance.

2023 Subaru Forester Colors

Subaru offers a range of attractive exterior colors on its latest Forester. In addition, this company will discontinue the Dark Blue Pearl color on its Sport variant. However, Subaru will replace the discontinued color with Sapphire Blue Pearl color.

Below are the 2023 Subaru Forester Colors.

  • Sapphire Blue Pearl
  • Horizon Blue Pearl
  • Cascade Green Silica
  • Magnetite Grey Metallic
  • Autumn Green Metallic
  • Crimson Red Pearl
  • Brilliant Bronze Metallic
  • Ice Silver Metallic
  • Crystal Black Silica
  • Crystal White Pearl

Aside from the main colors above, the 2023 Forester’s exterior also features color accents. The Subaru Forester Sport, for example, has eye-catching orange accents. Meanwhile, the other variants have black or silver accents.

2023 Subaru Forester Interior
2023 Subaru Forester Interior

2023 Subaru Forester: Features, Engine, and Design

The upcoming Subaru Forester is more or less similar to the previous year’s model, in terms of features, engine, and design. However, certain variants will have new auto-dimming rearview mirrors.

The 2023 Forester has excellent safety features. The features of the base model are AEB, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, autonomous emergency steering, etc.

One of its best features is the facial recognition camera. It will detect the driver’s distraction or drowsiness.


Different 2023 Forester variants, of course, will have a different engine. The non-hybrid ones will come with a 2.5L non-turbo flat 4-cylinder engine. It can produce 136 kW of power.

Meanwhile, the hybrid variants will come with a 12.3 kW electric motor and a 2.0L 4-cylinder petrol engine. It also comes with a lithium-ion battery pack. The combination of this engine and the electric motor produces 112 kW of power.

Exterior and Interior Design

The exterior and interior design of the 2023 Forester is almost similar to the previous one. The exterior has a rugged look that makes the SUV seem capable of tackling every kind of road condition. Inside the SUV, the cabin is comfortable and spacious.

2023 Subaru Forester New
2023 Subaru Forester New

The Price of the the2023 Forester

Due to increased production and logistic cost, the price of the upcoming Forester will be more expensive than the previous year’s model. The price rise ranges from $1900 to $2150 in Australia.

The most affordable variant is Subaru Forester 2.5i AWD. Its price starts from $42,638 in Australia. Meanwhile, the most expensive Forester variant is the Subaru Forester Hybrid S AWD. It costs at least $54,571. Moreover, particular Subaru Forester colors may cause the price to rise higher.

The 2023 Subaru Forester will be available in the car dealerships shortly. This SUV will show minor changes. The 2023 Subaru Forester colors, for example, will be available in ten choices with only one new color replacing an old color. The new color is Sapphire Blue Pearl.