2023 Nissan GTR, Predicted Features of the Upcoming Generation of Supercar

The GTR lineup has gone through plenty of changes throughout its life. This time, here are some of the mechanical and overhaul predictions of this iconic automobile.

The 2023 Nissan GTR, according to Japanese automotive media outlets, is currently sitting at the stage of planning and going through designation. Carrying a code of R36, a complete redesign of this flagship Nissan’s sports car is reported to be at work. Still, judging from the manufacturer’s history, it’s very likely that the model will sport an appearance inspired by various bits of the prior generations while getting spiced with futuristic additions.

New 2023 Nissan GTR

The Long-Awaited Upcoming of Nissan GTR

The last release of Nissan GTR, the R35, was launched in 2007, so, understandably, the hype of this model is massive for sports car enthusiasts. The news of complete redesign for this Nissan’s flagship sports car has been around. The GT-R nameplate model is currently on its third generation, after the 1969 – 1974 generation as the first and the 1989 – 2002 generation as the second.

Considering that the platform has existed for 15 years now, it is one of the vehicles with the most extensive production cycle from this manufacturer. Many upgrades and improvements were made over the years to keep the model relevant. However, Nissan has decided that the time for reshaping beyond new wheels and facelifts has come, and it will be the 2023 Nissan GTR.

The dilemma of the Powertrain Choice

Prior rumors and buzzes signify that the manufacturer is working towards an application of a mild-hybrid powertrain. However, at this point, there’s still the possibility that a gasoline turbo engine is going to be chosen. The main deciding factor by Nissan is determined by getting a nice balance between accelerated sports car designs and catching the emission standards.

Philip Klein, the Product Planning Executive of the automaker company, has stated that Nissan indeed prioritizes driving experience, but it also plans on following the emission regulations. As its engineers are already working on the upcoming GT-R, there are a set of possible configuration alternatives, such as gasoline-only, hybrid, or completely electric versions of powertrains.

Previously, it was also revealed that Kazutoshi Mizuno, the mastermind behind the GT-R, was the one who planned moderate hybridization during the beginning of R36 development. Following this revelation, it was also reported that the model would sport a heavy improvement from the R35 – be it in terms of new components, calibrated suspensions, or chassis.

New 2023 Nissan GTR Release Date

More Futuristic and Stylish Design to be Expected

Currently, except for rumored concept images of the 2023 Nissan GTR when you roam around the internet, there are no available official images that display the appearance of R36. However, its exterior design is said to follow the concept of the Nissan Vision GT. As cited in the Japanese newspaper, it is plausible that the highly anticipated new GT-R may bring several o35 features instead of being designed from scratch – and it is pretty much confirmed that the possibility of hybrid engine incorporation is not likely to happen.

Some exterior predictions from trusted sources state that the upcoming GT-R will boast fresh tract tires, a more futuristic LED headlights design, a lower gravity center, and a broader grille. There’s also a high likelihood that the sports car model will retain the famous dual tail lights set while presenting a modernized and more elegant design.

In terms of the 2023 Nissan GTR interior design, the officials have revealed nothing yet. The latest GT model involves linear strips that offer a luxury sense of sports cars, but the incoming model probably incorporates more curves to better futuristic feelings. It is also predicted that R36 will be equipped with more advanced technology, entertainment systems, a digital dashboard, and safety features.

Uncertain Release Date for Now

The forthcoming model is previously said to be launched in early 2023. However, the release date should not be taken rigidly, as it may be subjected to adjustment depending on the development and research timeline of R36. The world may expect a debut date and new images before the pricing number is released when the version is almost ready to be introduced.

Therefore, it’d be wise to say that the launch of the 2023 Nissan GTR to dealerships will not be accelerated. Some challenges are yet to be solved by the automaker company, such as powertrain decisions, emission regulations, and new design implementation.