2023 Lincoln Corsair Colors for The Inside and Outside

Find all details about the 2023 Lincoln Corsair colors, features, and specs before purchasing any SUV. Here are the details you need.

Looking for a new SUV for your family? Then find all details about the 2023 Lincoln Corsair colors, features, and specs before purchasing any SUV. Compare this vehicle with some other similar vehicles from other automakers. And you will get the best one for the whole family members.

2023 Lincoln Corsair Design
2023 Lincoln Corsair Design

The small luxury SUV, Corsair, comes with an athletic design and intelligent technology. This SUV also offers various ways to express the driver’s style. Some amazing features have been added to the latest Corsair. Find many more details about the vehicle below.

Unique Features Inside The New Corsair

You are about to see some new features inside the new Lincoln Corsair. For example, the interior has an auto air refresh feature that will make your journey a breath of fresher air. The new Corsair also has an effortless and thrilling performance. Three advanced driving assist systems are available.

On all models, Lincoln adds a standard feature called Co-Pilot360 2.1. This feature comes with many more standard features than the previous one from the previous model years. The new Corsair also gets ActiveGlide 1.2 feature to let the driver drive hands-freely.

2023 Lincoln Corsair Interior
2023 Lincoln Corsair Interior

Amazing 2023 Lincoln Corsair Colors Are Available

Lincoln offers eight different exterior colors for the new 2023 Corsair. And for the interior colors, there are five options available. If you want to get the most special SUV for your family, get to know about the available exterior colors first and then choose the best one.

  • Whisper Blue
  • Crystal Red
  • Red Carpet
  • Infinite Black
  • Asher Gray
  • Ceramic Pearl
  • Pristine White
  • Silver Radiance

If you choose silver radiance or infinite black, there will be no extra cost to pay. The other exterior colors require you to pay an extra cost. Which exterior color of the new Corsair you’ll choose?

Interior Color Options for The New Corsair

Lincoln offers five different colors for the interior of the new 2023 Corsair. Get to know about those interior colors so you can mix and match the interior color and the exterior color to get the most beautiful combination. Below are five available interior colors for the new Corsair.

  • Smoked Truffle
  • Eternal Red
  • Sandstone
  • Cashew
  • Ebony

Ebony will be the best interior color for the infinite black exterior. And the eternal red interior color will match the red carpet and crystal red exterior colors. Cashew is going to make the interior of the new Corsair feel warmer and it matches any exterior color.

2023 Lincoln Corsair
2023 Lincoln Corsair

Is Customized Color Available?

The official site of Lincoln shows that there is a blue interior color available. Is it possible that customers can request a customized color for their new Lincoln Corsair? You may want to visit the official site Lincoln and ask for more details about the customized design.

But without customized design, the available exterior and interior colors are incredible already. The eternal red for example will give you a sleeker and sharper look. And the smoked truffle looks modern yet natural. Which interior and exterior colors do you want?

By learning about the entire 2023 Lincoln Corsair colors above, you’ll know which one is the best for your family. Make sure that you choose the colors you love the most.