2023 Kia Optima Specs Predictions and What We’ll See in the Upcoming Release

Have you been eyeing the sedan? If that’s the case, then getting a 2023 Kia Optima should do you good.

If you are a Kia cars fan, then you must have been wondering what kind of improvement you will get from the upcoming 2023 Kia Optima release. Well, you are not the only one that wonders about that. That leaves many people wondering as well what the carmaker will install as a new feature in this sedan. Find out what people are predicting about this car in this article below.

New 2023 Kia Optima

The 2023 Kia Optima, A Great Sedan for a Comfort Seeker

The sedan is widely known for providing you a decent chance of driving cozily. Well, that’s what Kia sees from its Optima lineup. This car model is designed to provide people a great chance to drive without any coziness spilling out.

So, what does the upcoming 2023 Kia Optima brings as the car’s features? There is a lot to offer, but unfortunately, there are no official resources mentioning the car’s much-anticipated specification.

To expect a total makeover is not possible, we could say, but that doesn’t mean you cannot find any new features in this car. While there are no official announcements about the upcoming release, then it is safe to say the information we’ll state here is merely a prediction.

The Exterior of Optima

What can you expect from the Kia Optima front face? Many resources mentioned that this car will get you a sportier look, mainly noticeable in its body ‘creases’, front grille, headlights, and taillights. These aspects are typically the frontiers helping us to indicate whether there are improvements or not in the upcoming car release. That’s it, we predict the exterior of Kia Optima will get a makeover (although not all-over).

What Will We Get Inside?

For a sedan this cool, you should expect nothing but some top-notch materials used in the car. However, we could not say that it would be different than what is available in the current model. Only when the 2023-version of Kia Optima got released that we could get the touch of the interior’s materials.

As for the dashboard parts, we can say that Kia is predicted to offer a simple design. There will not be such complicated design to see in this upcoming release of Optima, which is a nice one if you’re into minimalism.

New 2023 Kia Optima

On the dashboard, you will get a clean, black, look that looks pretty elegant and suitable for a sedan. Dig more and you will see a 12.3-inch digital meter cluster. For entertainment and navigation purposes, there will be a 10.3-inch touchscreen.

Connectivity to USB and smartphones is available just as in the current release. We’re not sure that there will be a new upgrade regarding this, but that’d be nice if it happens.

The car will remain to have four doors with a total passenger capacity of 4-5 people. The armrests, which are located built-in with the doors, are predicted to be padded a bit to provide maximum comfort for anyone enjoying the drive.

Overall, the inner side of the 2023 Kia Optima should not be expected to be a glamorous one. Instead, that’d be safer for you to think about it as impressive in simplicity.

The Engine Specs

As we delve more into the specs, you probably get excited to learn about what kind of engine will this 2023 Kia Optima get to run. Will it be as amazing as the competitors?

It is predicted that this car will have several times (predicted to be 5 trims available). Also, you should expect that there are three types of engines available for this car lineup.

The engines are expected to provide choices of power products ranging from 185 HP with a 2.4 L engine capacity to 245 HP with a 2.0 turbocharged engine with 3 cylinders.

Other sources also mentioned that there will be a trim that provides you an engine with the specs as follows: a four-cylinder engine with 2.5 L of capacity. This engine will be able to provide around 286 HP and 311 lb.-ft. of torque.

Well, those are some details you should know about the upcoming 2023 Kia Optima. If you are looking for a sedan, then this one from the Korean carmaker will make a great car for your little family. Driving your kids to school or with your wife to the grocery, all is great with Kia Optima.