2023 Ford Explorer Colors, Interior, and Exterior Design

Meta description: The 2023 Ford Explorer colors are available in around fourteen options. These colors and other upgrades make the new Explorer look fresh and attractive.

Ford’s most popular collection is the Ford Explorer. It seems this mid-size SUV will remain popular next year since the 2023 Ford Explorer has a redesigned look. Rumor has it that the 2020 Ford Explorer colors are the redesigned colors of the previous model.

2023 Ford Explorer Interior
2023 Ford Explorer Interior

The new design is more visible on the Explorer’s fascia, interior, and technology. In addition, the new Explorer will be available in several models such as Explorer XLT, Explorer PHEV, and Explorer Hybrid. Each model has a couple of variants, for example, Limited, Platinum, and ST-Line.

The Exterior 2023 Ford Explorer

Ford will make several improvements in terms of the 2023 Explorer’s features. Moreover, the 2023 Ford Explorer will have a more attractive interior and exterior than the previous model.

2023 Ford Explorer Exterior

The new Ford Explorer has slightly different upgrades in different models. For example, the XLT model comes with 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels coated with carbonized gray paint. This SUV features a unique mesh grille with a similar carbonized gray accent to match the wheels.

Meanwhile, the new Explorer Timberline will have a more attractive trim thanks to the all-terrain tires and lifted suspensions. It is perfect for those who are interested in off-roading. It seems that all the new models will have dual exhausts with chrome decoration.

The 2023 Ford Explorer also features a shorter entrance overhang and LED lights in a sophisticated and distinctive design. Ford will also add a honeycomb contemporary grille on the entrance.

2023 Ford Explorer Design
2023 Ford Explorer Design

2023 Ford Explorer Colors

The 2023 Ford Explorer exterior colors are available in many options. Some of them are dark and others are bright. Below are the color options of the new Ford Explorer.

  • White Platinum
  • Star White
  • Oxford White
  • Rapid Red
  • Rich Copper
  • Iconic Silver
  • Burgundy Velvet
  • Ruby Red
  • Agate Black
  • Blue Metallic
  • Silver Spruce
  • Atlas Blue
  • Magnetic Colors
  • Cinnamon Glaze

Some of the 2023 Ford Explorer colors above are more affordable than the others. Buyers will not need to spend lots of money on a new Explorer with Agate Black, Atlas Blue, Silver Spruce, Magnetic, and Oxford White.

However, buyers will need to pay extra cash for particular colors. The new Explorer in Star White color costs an extra $595. Meanwhile, Rapid Red or Rich Copper Explorer costs an extra $395.

The Interior Design 2023 Ford Explorer

The 2023 Ford Explorer boasts a comfortable cabin. It is spacious with an easy-to-shift seat on the second row. Ford will improve the passengers’ riding experience by adding several new features to this mid-size SUV.

Some of the new features are a heated steering wheel, a heated seat, and a larger infotainment display screen. It will also come with a modified center console.

2023 Ford Explorer Interior
2023 Ford Explorer Interior

Which 2023 Ford Explorer Colors to Choose?

The large choices of the new Explorer colors can make buyers feel confused in deciding which one to buy. However, choosing the right explorer color is not complicated to do. Buyers only need to consider their personal preferences and budget. If they can afford the more expensive color, then go for it.

The 2023 Ford Explorer colors are the redesigned versions of the 2022 Ford Explorer colors. They are more attractive than the previous colors. However, buyers must spend more money if they want to buy the new Explorer in Star White, Rapid Red, or Rich Copper color.