2023 Ford Escape Hybrid Knocks the Door: What to Expect?

The 2023 Ford Escape Hybrid is soon to come in the second half of 2022. What improvement will you notice from this mid-size SUV?

The Ford Escape Hybrid will be one of the answers you will find when looking for a mid-size SUV with a hybrid engine from Ford. You may have interested in purchasing a Ford Escape this year. What will you see from the 2023 Ford Escape Hybrid? Will it provide us a nice improvement worth the wait? Well, let’s discuss it.

New 2023 Ford Escape Hybrid

The 2023 Ford Escape Hybrid Comeback

You may be a fanboy/fangirl of Ford cars and plan to purchase this year’s hybrid vehicle. To be more specific, you are eyeing Ford Escape Hybrid.

Unfortunately, the carmaker has not yet announced any official statement about the release of the 2023 Ford Escape Hybrid. So, it might be worth waiting a bit longer to hear the official announcement, including a glimpse of its specs, price to expect, and so much other information.

However, it should not stop us from predicting what may appear as the feature of this Ford hybrid lineup. After all, it’s just a prediction—nothing is damaging, isn’t it? So, let’s try to decipher what may be the carmaker’s secret when it comes to this hybrid car.

One thing for sure is it may not offer you a significant improvement. But still, you will get a better version of the Ford Escape, be it in its exterior, interior, or engine aspect.

First, let’s talk about its exterior. From the outside, your favorite car may ‘undergo surgery’ for its front façade, especially on its grille and headlights. These are expected: a broader and more prominent grille, trapezoid-shaped lower bumper, slimmer LED headlights, and rectangular fog lights paired with a group of air intake.

While for its rear face, there is nothing significant to notice. It is predicted that the rear lights are the only thing to upgrade by the carmaker. However, we’ll never know until the car is introduced.

Aside from that, mainly the exterior features of the Ford Escape Hybrid will have no different than in the previous release. Or, changes may exist, yet it’s too subtle that we’ll notice it only when the carmaker points it out.

New 2023 Ford Escape Hybrid

Get to Know the Interior

Talking about your favorite Ford car—the 2023 Ford Escape Hybrid, you may not notice significant improvement for its interior aspect if what we have predicted here is false.

Inside the mid-sized SUV car, you will get a more sophisticated technology, especially its infotainment aspect. With the latest upgrade of Ford’s entertainment system, namely Sync 4, you will get more fun with the installed onboard infotainment. Smartphone connectivity is also being upgraded with the coming of this system.

The size upgrade for the infotainment touchscreen panel will promote the car’s interior. For the standard trim, it is expected to replace its outdated 4.2 touchscreen panel (which is too small, especially when compared to competitors) with an 8-inch touchscreen panel. For pricier trims, definitely what you will get is even more significant (up to 13.2-inch).

The cabin is expected to be able to carry 3,000-3,750 lbs. of loads. The maximum number of passengers for this car is five passengers. Behind the rear seats, you will also find a large area enough for your luggage.

Spacious legroom (40.0-42.5 inches) and headroom (up to 40 inches) will also be found in the upcoming release of the Ford Escape Hybrid. Completing the features is the heated seat, especially for the two front seats. This feature will only be available for Escape Hybrid SEL and above.

The Engine for This Car Lineup

Talking about the 2023 Ford Escape Hybrid, you may directly know that this car uses two types of engines. So, will there be an upgrade for the upcoming release? It could be so, but we’re more inclined to believe that the carmaker won’t make a significant change for its engine or powertrain.

Therefore, it will remain as it is now with a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with 2.0 L of displacement, plus an electric motor with a maximum power production of 200 HP. This may be small for such an expected SUV, but its plug-in hybrid variant with 2.5 L displacement doesn’t provide a better option at 221 HP maximum power productions.

Finally, let’s talk about its safety system. As for its safety features, the 2023 Ford Escape Hybrid will offer an upgrade on its monitoring system for its blind spot. Aside from that, its safety feature will also give you safety by providing an autonomous emergency braking system.