2023 Ford Escape Colors for Its Interior and Exterior

Hopefully, the latest model year to have more outstanding 2023 Ford Escape colors. Here are some awesome colors that will be in the new Escape.

Ford released the 2000 Escape as a compact crossover SUV. Now, the latest 2023 model year will be ready. People are expecting the latest model year to have more outstanding 2023 Ford Escape colors. However, speculations are in the air, particularly about the colors and the other details.

New 2023 Ford Escape
New 2023 Ford Escape

Right now, the current model year Ford Escape has 10 different trims, some of them are the S, SE, SE Hybrid, and SE Plug-in Hybrid. Some others are the SEL, SEL Hybrid, and SEL Plug-in Hybrid. Three other trims are the Titanium, Titanium Hybrid, and Titanium Plug-in Hybrid.

Options for The Exterior 2023 Ford Escape Colors

Ford will offer some exterior color options to consider. You need to know the entire color options so that you can start discussing the best color with your loved ones. Right now, the 2022 Escape has 8 different exterior colors. Those colors are expected to be the 2023 Ford Escape paint colors. Here they are.

  • Atlas Blue Metallic
  • Star White Metallic
  • Iconic Silver Rapid
  • Red Metallic
  • Iced Blue Silver
  • Stone Blue
  • Carbonized Gray
  • Agate Black

Three of those colors, the star white metallic, rapid red metallic, and stone blue are not available for free. To use one of those three exterior colors, you need to prepare some extra cash. Choose the other five available colors if you don’t want to add more to the bills, those five exterior colors are free.

For the rapid red metallic and stone blue, the extra cost you need to pay is USD 496. And if you choose the star white metallic, there will be an extra USD 795 on your bill. Keep in mind that those eight colors above are from the 2022 model year. Probably there will be new colors for the new 2023Ford Escape.

2023 Ford Escape
2023 Ford Escape

2023 Ford Escape Colors Available for the Interior

Unlike the exterior colors, Ford only prepares a few options for the interior colors. The current model year of the Ford Escape comes with two different options for interior design. Each interior design brings a different look to the interior of the SUV. Here are the interior designs of the Ford Escape.

  • Ebony (everything inside the SUV will be black).
  • Sandstone (combination between light and dark tones).

The 2022 model year of Ford Escape has two interior design options. The fans are expecting those two colors will be available for the new 2023 Ford Escape. The Ebony interior design looks more impressive and classier. The sandstone interior design looks softer and more feminine.

2023 Ford Escape Interior
2023 Ford Escape Interior

Cool Feature Inside the New Escape

When you are purchasing a new vehicle for your family, you should consider the features of that car. Speaking about Escape, the 2022 model year has awesome features to consider. One of them is the selectable drive modes that will improve your handling on various road surfaces.

Some modes you can use include Deep Snow/Sand, Slippery, Normal, Sport, and Eco. When you choose one mode, it will modify the stability control of the electronic.

Just like the 2023 Ford Escape colors, fans are also expecting some incredible features in the latest Escape. Hopefully, the new Escape will get outstanding colors, inside and outside.