2023 Dodge Avenger Rumors and Specs Prediction (If It Weren’t Discontinued)

Although It Has Been Discontinued In 2014, The Talk About 2023 Dodge Avenger Seems To See No Recess. What Can We Expect From This Car If The Brand Is Still Continued?

It is unfortunate that the 2023 Dodge Avenger does not seem to exist in the future. This is because the carmaker itself stated that the Avenger will not be manufactured anymore (a.k.a. discontinued). The discontinuation has been going for quite a long time since 2014, yet people are still curious and start assuming what kind of Dodge Avenger they will see if the carmaker still continues the production. Hence, that is exactly why this article is written: to give you an insight into what features the Avenger will have in 2023 (if they still exist).

2023 Dodge Avenger Concept

Assuming the Discontinued Car: 2023 Dodge Avenger

Playing assumptions is fun. Moreover, if the thing you are assuming is something with high value such as cars or houses. But this time, let’s talk about the 2023 Dodge Avenger.

This car has been discontinued in 2014, yet there are still many people who would love to see its most modern version—hence, keep in mind that this article is only written according to people’s opinion only. There is no official announcement regarding the release of the 2023 version of Dodge Avenger.

According to sources, it is estimated that the main look of Dodge Avenger won’t be that much different than what you can see in the previously designed Avenger. If there is a kind of improvement, that will be a minor one like the use of a more modern look, larger bumper, and even a body with more colour options. That said, the look is expected to provide this car with a more aggressive look.

It is also said that the 2023 version of Dodge Avenger will have an 18-inch rim. Another shot will be able to notice from its backside, as it will be redesigned as well by adding another exhaust pipe. Therefore, people assumed that there will be two exhaust pipes made from chrome.

Not only its look which is getting redesigned, but its ‘inner aspect’ is getting a makeover, too. With a better fuel-saving feature, you can expect to combust less fuel. It is expected that the feature is ready to let you drive 40 miles (64 km) with one gallon of fuel.

The Interior Fresh Look

Dodge Avenger is known for being a cool car with many top-notch features, stylish, yet also elegant design. This is also powered by its interior which is designed so well for your comfortable drive.

It is not surprising that the car will have a cab made from high-quality material. The cabin is made to be ample with spacious legroom. Driving for a long time will not be a burden with ergonomic seating.

As for its steer, it is dressed in leather to boost its exquisite look. Not to forget, you will be able to have a touchscreen centre console. This touch screen console will enable you to control many aspects of your 2023 Dodge Avenger way easier than before.

To top the cake, the car entertainment feature is also prepared so well. Aside from its touchscreen console, you will get to have Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Audio speaker and navigation will make this Dodge Avenger more modern.

2023 Dodge Avenger

The Engine Upgrade

According to sources who are assuming that the car will be using a stunning engine as it is designed to be a power for a common day-to-day drive use. Therefore, the use of a V6 engine is made as a good decision which will enable the car to go with a maximum power of 273 HP.

The aforementioned engine is made possible to run such power because the engine has a 2.4-L displacement. If the 2023 Dodge Avenger is soon to be released, typically the carmaker will make another kind of engine with different sizes of displacement, such as putting a 3.6-L that produces 260-lb ft of torque. Indeed, this one will be able to produce a more powerful car at a comparably higher price.

It is unfortunate that Dodge will no longer bring Avengers‘ back to life. Despite it being a loved-by-many car, now we can just make predictions about how the 2023 Dodge Avenger will look like. While most of the assumptions seemed achievable, given that Dodge would always bring the best for its customers, we can just see this lovely sedan only in our assumption. But who knows about the future?